FAQ :: Does Space surveillance really exist?

Space-based spy cameras are so ubiquitous Big Brother can watch virtually every square inch of the planet around the clock. “Every 10 seconds nearly the entire Earth’s surface is scanned by Defense Support Program (DSP) infrared surveillance satellites looking for the telltale signs of hostile missile launches. The Aerospace Corporation has been investigating the feasibility of using this existing capability to detect natural disasters and other related environmental phenomena.”1

Former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chairman Michael Chertoff sought to implement a plan in April of 2008 that allowed domestic law enforcement agencies to use data gathered by spy satellites. DHS planned to create a new office that would expand access by law enforcement and other civilian agencies to data gathered by powerful intelligence satellites orbiting Earth. The National Applications Office will oversee who has access to the data.2 This plan was questioned by Congressman Ed Markey, but not stopped.3

Several agencies have access to satellites cameras capable of reading newsprint. They can request access to the satellites, and use them to track an individual, vehicle, a residence or a business. This was shown in the 1998 movie “Enemy of the State.” It is well worth it to watch that excellent movie. For a comprehensive list of other movies, television shows and old radio shows to watch and listen to go to Appendix F. You can spy on anyone using the CIA’s front company’s satellite software — Google Earth.


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