FAQ :: Do AlphaDog and a cheetah robot exist now?

Yes. One recent creation with obvious military potential is the Boston Dynamics LS3 AlphaDog, a four-legged, autonomous robot that can follow a soldier like a cross between a faithful hound and a pack mule. This incredible machine can stand upright, walk for 20 miles without a break and carry up to 400 pounds.

Another impressive design from the Boston Dynamics stable is a robot cheetah which, funded by the US Military, has set a new speed record for legged robots by sprinting at 28.3 mph – faster than Olympic sprint champ Usain Bolt.

At the other end of the scale is the Kabutom RX-03 – A large beetle shaped robot designed in Japan. The hulking Kabutom measures 11-metres in length and weighs a hefty 17-tonnes. It can walk with its six legs and is powered by diesel engines and blow smoke from its nose. [1]

Within just ten years the world will be awash in drones. Within 30 years it will be virtually impossible for anyone to go anywhere without being watched by drones or spycams which will be virtually everywhere. Do not forget the all-seeing spy satellites that can presently watch every square inch of the globe if need be.


[1] Angela Moscaritolo. “DARPA’s Robotic ‘AlphaDog’ Could Give Soldiers’ Gear a Lift.” 9.12.2012. www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2409628,00.asp.