FAQ :: Could there be other planets with intelligent life on them?

Scientists have been monitoring electromagnetic waves from outer space for many years and so far they have not found any signs of life on other planets. This doesn’t settle the issue. The universe is so vast, finding other life forms is like looking for a proverbial needle in a haystack.

The possibility that there might be life on other planets is strongly opposed by leaders of the creationist movement, such as Henry Morris and David Whitelaw. Their idea was that only God could create life and that He only created it on earth. Therefore we will not find life anywhere else, so the reasoning goes. This view has nothing to do with science–or logic, for that matter. It is bit presumptuous for us to say that we are God’s one and only planet.

The Bible makes no direct reference to this quandary. The fact that Jesus came to earth does seem to point in the direction of earth being the only source of life. If there are other worlds, the question needs to be asked: Did Jesus visit them?

Satan would be a great problem. Because the devil is not omnipresent like God, it’s hard to imagine him pulling double duty on some other planet.