FAQ :: Can anything be done about the decline of morality on TV?

It does seem as though very few programs are worth watching-even among children’s programs. The media are thrill seekers out for shock-value, it seems. The first thing you need to do is set boundaries in your own home and stick to them. Decide what you will allow to be viewed and then provide alternatives in the case of resistance. You can keep some wholesome videos on hand to substitute for programs that you have decided not to allow.

Next, you can take your concerns to a new level by writing letters and making phone calls. Don’t give in to the idea that “they” won’t listen to you. Consider that if every family who had concerns wrote a letter or called, that would add up to a considerable voice speaking out for righteousness. You can write the TV stations directly or send your correspondence to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). You can even contact the sponsors who pay to advertise on immoral television shows.

Whatever you decide to do, God has called us as Christians to stand against unrighteousness in this world. Pray that He will direct you to act in the most effective way and that He will use you to effect change.