FAQ :: Are UAVs used in the U.S., the UK and Russia?

The United Kingdom launched a program in 2007 to provide all 43 police departments with UAVs. The Home Office will fund the project.[1]Protestors in Bolotnaya Square, Moscow thought they were being surveilled by a Micro-UAV and one protestor tried to shoot it down with a signal flare gun. The drone belonged to a news website which was streaming pictures and video of the protest. [2]

If a news website can buy a surveillance drone what will keep the police from buying them? Nothing. Many police departments in America are using them as well as in England. Eventually the police and military in every nation will be using them.

Corporations will also use them for security purposes. In a decade or so UAV drones will become a strategic form of surveillance by Big Brother. You will see them hovering over office complexes, shopping centers, public parks, beaches, stadium parking lots and just about every place where there are large crowds.

Be sure you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior so you are not on earth during the Tribulation years when Big brother will be everywhere. There will be no place to hide.


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