FAQ :: Are there really spy cameras in buses?

In 2007 the city of Honolulu began using surveillance cameras on city buses to “provide a sense of security for drivers and passengers, reduce criminal activity and reduce liability complaints.

Bus drivers opposed the plan. “The cameras really should be to monitor the perimeter of facilities and the people going onto the bus, not to monitor the operator or employees,” said Ron Kozuma, president of Local 996. “It’s like anybody else — how would they feel if they were watched by their boss for 8 hours a day or 10 hours a day. I think that’s unreasonable working conditions to be under. The company has an obligation to negotiate those types of things with the union, which they have not.”

Honolulu joins a growing list of cities with bus spycams that includes San Francisco, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Chicago. [1]


[1] Hao, Sean. “Cameras coming soon to Honolulu city buses.” Honolulu Advertiser. 5.25.2010. www.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/20100525/NEWS01/ 5250336/Cameras+coming+soon+to+Honolulu+city+buses.