FAQ :: Are the Jehovah’s Witnesses a Christian organization?

Jehovah’s Witnesses have a number of beliefs that conflict with the Bible. Many of their doctrines are so full of grievous errors that it’s not possible to call them a true Christian organization.

For example, the JWs teach that there is no salvation outside of their membership. They actively proselytize Christians, as they consider Christianity the “false religion,” the “harlot,” and “Babylon,” which are all referenced in Revelation as the false prophet and the ecumenical one-world religion.

Jehovah’s Witnesses deny the deity of Christ, His physical resurrection and His visible return. They teach that the first creative act of the Father was to create the spirit being, archangel Michael, who later donned a physical body to be seen by his followers in the persona of Jesus. Additionally, they hold that as Jesus, the archangel was a perfect man who became the Messiah at the time of his baptism. The resurrection of Jesus is said to be a spiritual one, not a physical one.

They also deny the deity of the Holy Spirit as well, describing it as an “…impersonal, invisible, inactive force that finds its source and reservoir in Jehovah God” (Let Your Name Be Sanctified, p. 269).

JWs claim eternal life is a reward for doing good works. This why they are expected to spend five hours per week in door-to-door visitation and are responsible for selling subscriptions to The Watchtower magazine each month.