FAQ :: Are swarms of Cyborg Insect Drones used today?

The University of Pennsylvania GRASP Lab showed off a network of 20 nano-quad rotors capable of agile flight, which could swarm and navigate in an environment with obstacles. One day the military hopes they may prove a crucial tactical advantage in wars to scout battlefields and search for victims trapped in rubble. They can also be helpful inside caves and barricaded rooms to send back real-time intelligence about the people and weapons inside. [1] [2]

No doubt there are tremendous benefits to such drones but all of this technology is paving the way for intense surveillance techniques that will not only be used by the military, but by various government and corporate groups and individuals to spy on people every where they go.

It is more imperative than ever to be assured of our salvation because the day is soon coming when the privacy of all people will be so infringed upon that there will be nowhere to run and hide to find freedom. The mark of the beast will be a natural evolution with so many other technical advancements infiltrating our daily lives. Millions who are left behind after the Rapture will accept the mark of the beast without giving it a second thought (as if it is just another step forward for mankind). The masses are being conditioned to follow Big Brother’s one-world government agenda.


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