How We Escaped – By Elmer Shelhamer

Chapter 6

How I Escaped Marrying The Wrong Girl

With that powerful conversion, I quit not only sinful things, as swearing, drinking, dancing, tobacco, and cards, but also joking, flirting and wearing of jewelry. The thought of girls hindered secret prayer. When in church I became too self-conscious if I perceived that they were looking at me. I soon flung this to the winds for I was too young to even think of matrimony and could not afford to trifle with another’s affections. Of course it was natural to love someone, especially a sincere Christian, since I had severed with one stroke all connection with the world.

When I left home and went a long distance to college in quest of an education, I surely had a battle for six months with homesickness and the only relief was to write each week to mother and to one of those fine girls.

Finally after getting the victory over homesickness, I decided I did not need the “creature love” of a fair maiden. So, I requested her to stop writing, for a while at least. I saw that this friendship might ripen into an engagement and mar God’s first plan. It now began to dawn upon me that I was not only to be a preacher but perhaps a publisher. If so, I must have a companion my equal or superior intellectually and spiritually. She, should be able to sing and speak well in public, as well as be a good housekeeper. I never dreamed then that God was about to thrust me out without salary, to edit a paper and publish over fifty books and millions of tracts and pamphlets costing over $75,000.00. Yes, I just escaped what many have fallen into — a matrimonial snare that would have crippled me for life!’ Oh, precious young people, let me exhort you! Avoid haste! Seek Godly counsel!! Above all, insist on each having a rich sanctified experience!