Donald Perkins

Evangelist Donald Perkins and his wife, Marie, reside in Southern California with their daughters, Tramaine and Bethany. They are committed Christians and ministers, having served in some type of ministerial role for over twenty years. Donald Perkins is an ordained Minister. He served as Assistant Pastor at Christ the Deliverer Assembly, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has also served with two nationally known TV ministries. He is a staff instructor on Bible Prophecy at the Immanuel Bible College in San Diego, CA. and a guest instructor on Bible Prophecy at Ecola Bible College in Cannon Beach, OR., Cathedral Bible College in Escondido, CA. and Heritage Christian College in El Cajon, CA.

Evangelist Perkins is founder and president of According To Prophecy Ministries. “According To Prophecy Ministries is committed to providing sound and balanced teaching in God’s prophetic word to the Body of Christ through Bible Conferences in local churches, printed media, Television, Radio, and now the Internet. Our message is to focus men and women on the Blessed Hope of Jesus Christ and His Imminent Return” (

Perkins is a much sought-after speaker. His teachings of God’s plan for mankind as it relates to prophecy are vividly explained with the use of prophecy charts and other visual aids including a multimedia presentation, Journey to Jerusalem. He can be seen on According to Prophecy Ministry’s weekly TV program, “Your Future in Bible Prophecy”.

Donald Perkins is a contributing author, along with fifty-two other Bible Scholars including Tim LaHaye, Tommy Ice and Joseph Chambers, to the Dictionary of Premillennial Theology (Kregel publications with Tyndale Theological Seminary and Bible Institute). The Dictionary of Premillennial Theology is “A Practical Guide to the People, Viewpoints, and History of Prophetic Studies”. It is a collaboration of experts in the field of Bible prophecy coming together to present a historical and topical dictionary of premillennial theology. Evangelist Perkins’ contributions to the book are on the subjects of Hell, Christ’s First and Second Advent and The False Prophet in Revelation.

Perkins is also a member of the Pre-trib Research Study Group, founded by Dr. Tim LaHaye. The Pre-Trib Research Center is a “think tank” committed to the study, proclamation, teaching and defending of the Pretribulational Rapture and related end-time prophecy.

On According to Prophecy’s website,, Donald Perkins explains his views of the Rapture and the second coming of Christ in his article, Rapture of the Church, “I believe the reason there are so many views on the Rapture is because many Bible students don’t know the difference between the Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ. These are two separate and distinct comings of our Lord. At the Rapture of the Church, Christ will not touch the earth, but will be met in the air by the saints. (IThess. 4:17.) At the Second Coming, He will touch the earth at His coming. (Zech. 14:4; Acts 1:11.) At the Rapture, He will come as a deliverer of the Church in joyous splendor. In the Second Coming, He will come back to deliver Israel physically and fight against the anti-christ and his fouls (Rev. 19:11-21).

Perkins asserts that one of the “signs of the times” that many people ignore or dismiss is the worldwide preaching of the gospel. God has raised up ministries like According to Prophecy and many, many others that are going to the uttermost parts of the world to preach and spread the Gospel. With the rise of technology, such as the Internet, the Gospel can now reach the world at a more rapid pace than ever before, thus fulfilling the prophecy.

“I am honored and privileged to serve the “Body of Christ” and the world in the office where God has placed me, to proclaim hope for the future through Bible prophecy. In my endeavor to proclaim the prophetic truth, it is my heartfelt desire that the message God has given to me will encourage, strengthen and convict both believers and unbelievers and stir in them an urgency to prepare themselves to meet a HOLY GOD” (Donald Perkins, excerpted from