Demon Activity In The Last Times – By Arthur Zepp

Chapter 6

How Demons Enter

The first step on the demon’s part to gain possession Is termed attacker obsession. It is defined as the “state or act of being influenced by an evil spirit, as in demonology.” It is also “the continued or continual recurrence of a fixed idea or delusion.”

Possession results from persistent attack until entrance is gained by the demon. Possession is the act of occupying.

Another step in securing possession of the human being for a resting place by the demons is the use of a well known law of the minds: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The intended victim is led to dwell much on the desired state. The mind is continuously bombarded with demoniac onslaughts seeking to intimidate, break down the soul’s defenses and secure entrance. Paul describes it as a process of terrifying by the demon: “in nothing terrified by our adversary” — singular number. Then he adds, “which is to them (plural) an evident token of perdition.” Satan is the leading adversary but he employs (them) demons, in obsessing, or attacking the world and harassing the Church.

When attacked by the strange, persistent obsession, in the first stages, a resolute refusal of entrance to demons in Jesus’ Name, is all sufficient to keep them without. We must not only resist Satan, but also and especially resist demons.

Again for demons to gain possession, they must have ground, a point of entrance. Paul terms it giving place to the devil. “Neither give place to the devils.” Disobedience is the great source of demons gaining entrance. “The God of this world has blinded the minds of them that obey not.”

Much of the so-called backsliding is by the entering in again of the former evil spirit, accompanied by reinforcements of seven other evil spirits worse than himself, so that the last state is worse than the first. Yet the faithful Christ will rescue His own.

Under the writer’s observation a young man was remarkably converted through the influence of a praying mother. He published broadcast by tongue and pen in most beautiful language his gratitude to God and glowingly eulogized his mother’s character and influence. Today his widowed mother is left to struggle along as best she may. He hates and repudiates the things he learned at her knee, and, though receiving a salary of over five thousand dollars annually, refuses to aid the struggling mother. Who but evil spirits could so harden a human heart to the love of God and natural affection? This case is more than ordinary backsliding. It is that of demon possession. Truly the last state is worse than the first.

To punish the faithful horse, to curse those who willingly bear our burdens, to rail at the devoted, faithful wife, is doubtless the outcome of a sinful heart plus-domination, possession and influence of hateful, malignant demons, who have found a home in that heart and drive its owner at their will. Oh, that all such by prayer and faith may recover themselves from that malicious one who has taken them captive at his will!