Dear Tribulation Saints

lettersI’m writing to you to explain what the government and talking heads will try to explain away. The millions of people that have disappeared were not taken by some UFO in the sky and they weren’t vaporized into nonexistence by whatever sub-molecular theory physicists have gravitated towards.

What you’ve witnessed, what even time cannot reduce in significance or splendor, was the rapture into heaven of every born-again person who had an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Good news for us, but better for you. Can any other unbeliever throughout the centuries after Jesus claim to have received such an obvious second chance than yourselves? Of course with every good comes a bad.

You must not only live through the most tomultous time in human history, but you must face a man who will eventually become possessed by Satan himself. This man, the Antichrist, will have two reasons for living–to kill those who trust in God, and to have the rest bow down in worship before him. For your eternal future and everything else you hold sacred, please do not become a part of this second group.

He will distinguish between groups by making those who worship him take his mark. No matter what, no matter the torture or lives being held over you–DO NOT ACCEPT THIS MARK! To do so damns you to a hell that doesn’t contain red-suited devils with horns and tails, to do so damns you to an eternal torment and separation from God and everything else that is good. It always better to lose your life than your soul.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The Antichrist will make his arrival by signing a seven-year peace treaty with Israel. From the time of this signing, you can determine the physical coming of Jesus Christ at 2520 days (seven biblical years). Halfway through this covenant the Antichrist will declare himself God, instigating a series of judgments similar to those used by Mosed to free the people of Israel from Egypt.

All of this is in the Book of Revelation–read it! I recommend you buy a Bible before they become outlawed. I also recommend you buy a water purifier, lots of canned goods and everything else you’ll need in the coming years to sustain yourself and fellow believers.

Don’t worry, God does not hate you. These events are preordained and being done to rock that false sense of security you may have been living with. Repent of your sins. They will be forgiven, large or small, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ into your heart. He loves you more than you could ever imagine.

And watch the sky, we’re coming back, trailing Jesus in numbers you saints will more than surpass. You now know when.

God Bless and trust in him as you have no other.