Dear One And All

lettersMy Darling,

I am writing to you in the hopes that you actually don’t need to read this. This should only be read if all of a sudden I disappear along with millions of others and you’re still here.

First and foremost, I want to say that I love you as much as I am humanly able to love. I don’t ever plan on leaving you. And if I suddenly do, it was not by my choosing that I am gone. My hope is that we will both be suddenly gone from this earth when God calls us up. Then this letter won’t matter because we will both be in heaven and will care not for earthly concerns.

If there is anything I can say that would comfort you as a time like this, it is that Jesus loves you. And wants you to be with him in heaven. I believe that you have had a rough life and have been at times short on faith, but please remember that Jesus loves you and wants that none should perish but that all have eternal life.

I believe that Jesus led me to you. For what reason, I sure do not know. But I do believe that he has. And maybe it was for this moment. Maybe he knows that you are still unsure of your spirit and need me to guide you. I hope up to this point, that I have at least done something to help make your life easier. I hope that by reading this, you will at least feel some comfort in the knowledge that I will still love you and am praying for you and I hope that you will come to accept Jesus into your heart as I have.

Life for you now is going to get quite difficult. But I know you’re strong enough to take whatever happens. I know that you realize what’s at stake and are now preparing for the coming 7 years. Please know that if I could take your place and suffer for you, I would. But, Jesus may have other plans for me. I have a web site that I think you should look at. I don’t know how long after the disappearances this web site will stay up but go there and read everything you can. Maybe even print out all it’s pages to keep with you as a guide. Here is the web address:

You will know you are at the correct site if you find the words “Rapture Ready” in big bold red letters. There are other sites that you might find helpful and the links to those sites can also be found here. There is quite a bit of good information for you to help you in these dark times. My Love, please read them and take them and the bible at face value. Things will happen as the bible says they will.

If there is any advice I can offer you now, it is to get my bible. Read it from cover to cover to see what God has planned for the world. See what has been, what is about to transpire and what will come in the end. I was extremely excited when you discovered the “Left Behind” Series. And I was glad that you shared with me what you were reading. I was happy to share those books with you. I was hoping some day we could sit down and really discuss the messages that were in those pages. I believe that even though those books were written as fiction, that in some form, this is how things will be after those who are to be taken are “caught up”.

I also have one HUGE request my beloved. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THE MARK! If there is anything that you do or don’t do, PLEASE do not do this. Let them kill you instead of taking this mark of the beast. Accept this fate and please ask Jesus to come into your heart. Give your soul to him and proudly proclaim that Jesus is Lord. If you do take the mark, you will not be able to take your place in heaven. There is nothing anyone can do for you if you do. And before this is a requirement, please pray to accept Jesus into your heart. It is the best thing you can do. Jesus will look out for you and even though this may not seem so, he will do this. You will find his promise in the bible. Please read it.

I am praying for you now and in the future. I hope that as Jesus sets up his 1000-year kingdom on this earth, that we can be reunited. And we can start a new life together under the kindly direction of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I love you my darling, and I wish I could be with you to protect you. I will be looking for you at the Glorious Return of Jesus Christ to this earth. I prey I will find you.