Dear Loved Ones

lettersThis is a bittersweet letter for us to write…we love you so…forgive us if we did not talk to you even more about Jesus than we did. We tried many times over the years: through just talking, helping you without grumbling whenever we could….but somehow, the walls were always up with both of you…a hardness we could never get past.

But do know, dear loved ones, that we did pray…we stormed Heaven’s Gates for you…we fasted and we prayed…so do know, that even though we are not there, God will honor those prayers and Scriptures claimed for you on your behalf..these are still at work in your life. God’s Word will not come back void. He has promised us this. Please remember this as you go through the coming days…you are surrounded by prayers said on your behalf…God will hear you if you get down on your knees and pray.

Do not listen to remarks that aliens have taken us away….that is a lie straight from the pit of hell…do know that we are with Jesus..we have been taken away as His Bride…We are now at the Wedding Feast! The Rapture has occurred! You both will discover, the world will discover, that the only common denominator against all of us missing people is that we all have a personal faith in Christ…Understand that many individuals, (we hope both of you included) will now begin to have an interest in the Prophecies made of the Rapture and begin to look to their Bibles for the answers! Believe us, your Bible is the only book you need now…nothing else…no videos, no tapes, no pc’s…only your Bible.

You will have to understand and now gain an acceptance that you are living in “supernatural times”…events of good and evil will begin to unfold before your eyes…For what has happened, Loved Ones, is that God has removed His Church from the world…but now, now you will see the Holy Spirit’s Work on Earth with even greater power than before…you will see countless conversions during the Tribulation. Yes, loved ones, you are in the Tribulation.

You are in the beginning of the first half of the Tribulation. The Tribulation will last for 7 years…both of you may live through it to see Jesus return or you may not…Either way, it is still not too late to repent and ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior! Our prayer is that you both will be surrounded by others who have been left behind and now desire to have a relationship with Jesus…..Believe us…they will be out there.

So by now, both of you must be frantic …the house is empty..maybe some of your other friends are gone…your world must be turned upside must be terrifying…..(my heart is aching and I am crying now as I write this letter from us…we love you both so … we … I must stop this and continue….) Yes, by now we know you are both frantic…but do not despair…it is not too late for anyone left behind….with Jesus while we live and breathe, it is never too late to repent and accept Him as Lord and Savior!

From what we understand of reading Scripture…please go into our room…you both will find our Bibles on our nightstand. It is very important now for both of you to read your Bible…it is your only chance for understanding your survival..both physically and spiritually.

Revelation tells us that their will be an “edgy” type of peace for the next three and a half years…but do not be lulled into this false peace…I don’t have to tell you where to go in Revelations…you know where this Book is in the Bible…throughout the years, we have asked the Holy Spirit to keep convicting you of all the Sunday School lessons you both had…of the discussions we had at home of Scripture….we are confident, now in your time of need, that the Lord will honor these prayers of long ago…we know that you both are now remembering Scripture long buried in your hearts and minds. We Praise God for this. God’s Hand has always been on your lives…just reach out now and take His matter what comes!

Since the Rapture has occurred, everything is turned up-side down and chaos is the rule of the day, the anti-christ will now assume power to bring “peace and normalcy” into the world. He will be successful at this… The world will hail him as its savior…DO NOT BELIEVE THIS…SEE HIM FOR THE EVIL MAN HE IS! Do not assume that your life will be as it was before…it will not be…that life no longer exists for either of you…understand that! This new world ruler will rule with an iron hand that will make Hitler look kind in comparison.

You will see horrible things slowly begin to happen. It will be common to see things on the streets you often watched in “adventure movies”…people being murdered in front of your eyes..witchcraft abounding..a man may decide to rape a woman he sees and do it right in front of your eyes…who will be there to stop him? Rebellion against God will be rampart…you will witness humanity in its most perverse form.

Eventually, buying and selling will become very hard…even for the simplist of things..such as food. In order to buy, you will be demanded to take a universal mark…DO NOT DO THIS! The mark will make you recognizable as belonging to the anti-christ. We do not know how this mark will come to the world…it can be in an implanted micro-chip under your skin (like the one the veterinarian wanted to implant into Lilly’s neck and we said, “No”…remember?)Or, it could be something in the hand…remember when Daddy was shopping at Wal-Mart and the woman ahead of him at the check out line simply waved her hand over the scanner and up popped her Master Charge account? Remember Daddy telling us about this? It wasn’t that long ago…maybe a year ago or so…we told you both about that and you laughed at us…do not laugh now. It is real, evil and deadly.

To try and help you both for now, please go and look in the box behind the china cabinet…Daddy and I have deeded the house over to both of you…it will give you a place to live…for now. Also in that box you will find cash…we put in as much as we could…We don’t know how long our form of currency will be good…but it is there for your use.

The Holy Spirit also inspired me to do a lot of extra canning this summer… look down cellar in my canning kitchen…you will find enough vegetables, beans and other stuff that should last you both for a year or so. Try to save it for as long as possible. Daddy and I would suggest that you buy as much canned food as you can .. it might be wise to see if you can find a secret place to store this…as we told you before, buying and selling even of food will become hard..especially for those who do not accept the “mark”. People will become scavengers of food…they will kill for food…You might even put other provisions into this secret place…think of medicines, extra clothing,(make sure you have extra clothing for men, women and not forget that you will meet other people who are now searching for Jesus…you will become as the First Century Church where the Christians had to hide in order to meet..these people will need help too…) bandages..blankets, batteries…don’t forget the oil lamps throughout our house….the oil for them is underneath the kitchen sink…hide these as well…

As you read in Revelations, you will see that there is this “false” peace for three and a half years…at the end of that time…if you are still on earth, the world becomes even worse…as we said before, man’s perversity becomes even worse…you will see the anti-christ die and rise again from the dead…do not be deceived…HE IS NOT OF THE LORD…it is at this time satan will inhabit him… ….satan was known as Lucifer in Heaven (read what he looked like before his fall…last chapter of Ezekiel…he was beautiful, he was loved by God..but Lucifer wanted what belonged to the Father) the anti-christ with satan in him, will now begin to perform counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders…he will try to deceive those who are perishing….Kings and governments will bow to his wishes…once he has full control…he will then begin the largest killing of Jews and Christians known to mankind…He will seek and destroy those who do not accept the mark and worship and bow down to him.

The longer you refuse the “mark” the more hated you will become by those who have accepted it…for they belong to the devil…you will be will be persecuted…but do not give up…DO NOT BE AFRAID…Remember 2Tim 1:6..”For God has given you a spirit of Power and not of fear…” Simply put, loved ones…you can face whatever is coming after you. Have assurance that God still loves you … He has never stopped…just repent and ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior….Remember your bodies are only temporary…eternity is forever. Have assurance, that even though we are with the Lord right now, we are continually interceding for both of you…and as we intercede, Jesus stands before the Throne of His Father petitioning for both of you…it is up to you, however, to make Jesus Lord in your lives…for that is the only way back to the Father…

By now, both of you will have figured out that there are three kinds of people left on earth: those who are following the anti-christ, the Tribulation Saints (those who have accepted Christ by faith and those who have returned to Christ) and the still undecided . Which one have you become?

During this last three and a half years both of you will see things in Nature as never seen before…horrible meteorite storms, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes..hurricanes, sickness…water turning bad…ocean life dying beyond belief…but take heart…should you survive these things…remember, God is in Control…

Loved Ones, all we can tell you now is not to be afraid…to repent…live your lives with Jesus in the Center of the them….spend your time in prayer..and always help others now who are searching for the Lord….know that until we meet again, we are continually praying and asking Jesus to intercede for both of you before His Father’s Throne…

With all our love and praying that we meet both of you in Heaven as Tribulation Saints…

Mom and Dad