Dear Husband And Family

lettersDear Husband and Family:

If you’re reading this, then I, along with our kids, have probably vanished. Trust me, I’ve vanished into thin air – literally! I didn’t run away, I haven’t been hurt or killed. What has happened is what is known as “God’s Rapture”. You may be getting some sort of political spin on how the “silly Christians” went away, or some nonsense about UFOs. CNN and the local news will have several different takes on what happened. In fact, there will probably be some heavy hitting “christians” still here (I’m guessing the Pope will not have been raptured, for starters, as well as some televangelists) insisting that this didn’t happen. Don’t believe any of it. I have put together some information here, and have left several resources in our little library, that will explain what has happened and what is yet to come to pass.

I highly recommend that you start reading a novel, part of a series, entitled “Left Behind” by Jerry Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. The authors started this series in the mid-1990s and it was extremely popular. The books are fictional, but are based on intense study of the prophecies of the Bible. Reading “Left Behind” first will give you a broad understanding of the times to come, written in very simple language. Once you get a handle on that, please pick up your Bible and start reading. Start with the Gospels and go forward. Pop over to Isaiah and Daniel – there are many many prophecies foretelling all of these events.

I love you so much, I really pray that you think seriously about this event and begin searching for the truth about it. First off, let me back up my assertion that we’ve been “raptured” with the following verse: “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air and sol shall we ever be with the Lord.” (1 Thes. 4:16-17).

There are some things that you need to do to prepare for the events which will unfold. The very fact that you are reading this means you are looking for answers. Please, please believe me when I tell you that what has happened has been foretold for two thousand years. Please also believe me when I tell you a little of the things that will come to pass in the next seven or so years.

First of all, a very charismatic, very smooth, very revered political leader has emerged in the global political front. As I write this, he has not yet been identified. However, the Bible foretells that a very powerful man will come into power. During his reign, at least initially, there will be great peace – particularly in the middle east. In fact, things will be going along so well there that the Jewish Temple will be rebuilt (if it isn’t already) and sacrifices in the temple will resume. This guy is trouble. He is the Anti-Christ. At some point during his “reign”, he will want everyone to accept his “mark”. I don’t know whether that mark will have his name, his insignia, his crest, a series of numbers, or any other combination of things. It will, however, be necessary to buy and sell and will signify your allegiance to him. Likely, he will require that the mark (which might even be a chip) be implanted in the foreheads or forearms of everyone. Even little kids. Not taking the mark will make your life extremely difficult because it will be virtually impossible to conduct business without it. DO NOT TAKE THAT MARK!!!! If you take that mark, you will be condemned forever. God is pretty clear on this in his book and will condemn for eternity anyone who accepts the “mark of the beast”. Even if you repent later on, you cannot undo taking the mark. Please, please, if you take no other advice from this note, please heed my words not to take that mark.

This global political leader, this anti-Christ, will ensure that his power spans the globe. Eventually, all world politics will fall within one rubric rather than each nation or commonwealth governing its own affairs. Not only that, there will be an amalgamation of religions – one “world” religion, if you will. Mind, this new, “one world religion” will be very new-agey. It will be very accepting of all other creeds, very forgiving. It might even require you to pray to this new leader or to worship him. Don’t buy into it. It is a sham.

There will be a huge increase in geophysical occurrences – many severe earthquakes, famine, pestilence, floods and huge, huge lawlessness. Look back to the most outrageously bad time in history, say even to the time of Caligula, and this will be much worse than anything you could imagine.

God will send two men to preach repentance to the world. You’ll be able to see them on CNN or any other global telecast. The world will view their preaching as folly and will mock them. Just watch, though. You’ll see that no one can come near them and no one can hurt them. After about three years, they will die. At that point, the world will dance, mangling and mutilating the bodies of the two men. What happened to the body of the American soldier during the Gulf War was nothing compared to what people will do to the bodies of these two messengers. Those men will come back to life after three days. They will be well and whole. No one here on earth will have an explanation for this.

Please, all of the things I have said will happen within the space of approximately seven years. I pray that you read the “Left Behind” series and give it serious consideration. There is a website, the “Rapture Ready” website, that will have all sorts of information, including advice on how to survive. Please find it immediately.

Find a bible and start reading. I pray that you look to God. He is your salvation. This last seven years, if you make it through the whole period, is your last chance to claim Jesus as your saviour. It will likely cost you your life here on earth but will give you eternity in exchange.

You might want to think about finding all of the money you can. By that, I mean hard cash. By the time you read this, I don’t know if a world currency will have begun circulating or not. Regardless, find gold, as much of it as you can. Do it quietly, so you don’t stand out. You may also want to relocate somewhere more remote. Stock up on canned goods, water, a generator, gasoline and oil. You’ll be needing all of these things. I thank God that we had a garden in our little backyard. You’ll need to know how to grow your own food. Find a weapon and ammunition. The lawlessness that will scourge the earth will have seen no rival. You’ll need it to survive.

You know me well enough to know that I am a true believer in Christ. That’s why I’m missing. So are my parents, my brothers and their wives. These are people you have known for several years. Look around you. Think about the lives of the other people you knew who are now missing. Chances are, you can recognize all of them as Christians, true Christians, as well.

Honey, I love you more than words can say. I pray you take this very seriously and ask Jesus into your life at your first opportunity. I look forward to dancing with you in Heaven. I love you.