Dear Friends

lettersI call you friends, in the same manner as Jesus did with us:

Well you’ve found yourself still here on earth after some people you know have vanished and your looking for answers. This is a heart-to-heart letter just for you from a person who is either dead by now or has vanished with the rest. My name is Jamie, I’ve been a Christian for about 9 years, Im an American woman, and I’ve never been one to stick to the generally accepted rules of polite conversation. I tell it like it is, truthfully and hopefully not offensively…but the truth usually offends anyway…so be it.

You’ve probably figured out by now that most of those who vanished claimed to be Christians and called this event “The Rapture”, so I won’t get into all of that. My purpose with this letter is to help you to live and get to know Jesus Christ a little better through my own experience as a believer in Christ and all the struggling and learning that I’m going through now as I write this letter to you.

I would do you no favor by telling you that the Christian life is easy and carefree especially now in the time you are living, but there is joy and peace beyond your understanding even in the midst of troubles and trials available to you if you truly do trust in Jesus.

Once you decide to believe in Jesus, that is to believe that He died for you so that you could be forgiven for your sins, tell Jesus your sorry for your sins and make a conscious decision to not obey those sins anymore(this is called repenting), and ask Him to be your Lord and Savior…your journey has just begun. This doesn’t mean that you will behave perfectly from now on, you will mess up and sin as all humans do, but then you can turn to Him and know that He will forgive you.

I have to say that the times you are going to be living in now that the church(believers in Christ) is gone, is going to be interesting but brutal. You are in a position to read the bible and see those things described in it coming to pass before your very eyes, day to day and moment by moment. Read these books especially to see what’s going to happen: Daniel, Ezekiel, Matthew, II Thessalonians, Jude, and Revelation.

But right now what I want to talk to you about is your faith. Your faith in Jesus Christ is whats going to get you through to the end, so this is my focus in this letter. When I first got saved I found that I had a great quantity and a great quality of newfound faith. I used to worry about how I would fare if I ever had to rely upon that faith in the severest of ways such as giving up my life for it, or seeing family or friends losing their lives for it. Would it prevail? Would I mess it up and give in to denying Christ to live for the here and now, in the relatively short span of life that I might live out?

These thoughts plagued me for years until I realized that faith is a choice. You can choose to have faith in Jesus, to believe the bible, to trust Him in much the same way that you make a hundred other choices everyday, even in the most dire of circumstances. While I have not, as yet, had to exhibit this kind of faith in that I have not lost a loved one for it or had to face giving my life for it, there are many of my brothers and sisters in Christ that don’t have the luxury of living in the USA who have endured jail for their faith, beatings, tortures, and many other brutalities, and even losing their lives for it. And each one of these beloved Christians have all had to keep choosing faith in Christ to endure all of these tribulations

Please know that Jesus truly does love you and has your best interests in mind at all times and He knows every thought you have or ever will have and He wants you to choose to believe in Him freely. That is a God given freedom that all Christians have, that no circumstance or person can ever take away from you. Whether you realize it or not at this time, you, as a new believer in Christ, have now been put on the fast track to spiritual maturity that few Christians have ever experienced.

You don’t have time to be wishy-washy, you have to make some serious decisions now. At this desparate time you find yourself in you need to firmly decide that you will have faith in Jesus no matter what you hear, or see, or even feel. What is the alternative? If you do not keep having faith in Christ, if you do give in to hunger, pain, suffering, loneliness, or even threat of death and deny Christ what will be the point of living after that anyway…knowing that you will eventually, and probably sooner than later, die anyway and be going to a lot worse place than you are now?

So even though you will find that your newfound faith is tested severely, lots more severe than mine was ever tested I’m sure, don’t give up, never give in. In those moments God Himself will strengthen your faith so that you will be willing and able to give up everything, even your life so that you will be with Him. All you have to do is pray(talk to God), and He will supernaturally help you.

My other advise to you is to start reading the bible, especially the New Testament, and pray, and pray, and pray, and yet still….pray. Try to find some other Christians who believe now like you do. You all can help each other and you need each other. Be careful in this however as it will get to the point that many people will turn you into the authorities for being a believer in Christ during the coming years, and think that they are doing the right thing in doing so. If I can convey anything else to you my prayer is to give you some hope.

Jesus is the source of all good things, things like faith, happiness, peace, love, etc…all those good things that people desire to feel and experience. Without Jesus you could never truly have those things, and the people who do not have Him will soon go to hell where they will be eternally separated from Jesus, and will never again experience anything good…not even laughter or hope nor will they ever have any satisfaction. So no matter what happens to you in your body, no pain, and no suffering while on earth can ever even be compared to what awaits you at your death or the return of Jesus Christ, whichever comes first to you.

So be happy, be joyful, if you are in Christ, because this life is only temporary and the best is yet to come. See you there.