David Reagan

Dr. David R. Reagan is the Senior Evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries which he founded in 1980. Lamb & Lion Ministries is a non-denominational, independent ministry that “does not seek to convert people to any particular church. Rather, it seeks to lift up Jesus and draw people to Him as Lord and Savior.” The Ministry was established for the purpose of proclaiming the soon return of Jesus. “We do not believe it is possible to know the date when Jesus will return. But we do believe it is possible to know the season of the Lord’s return, and it is our conviction that we are living in that season” (www.lamblion.com). As the host of Lamb & Lion’s weekly, nationally broadcast television program, “Christ in Prophecy,” Dave deals with the prophetic significance of national and international events.

A native Texan, Reagan lives in a suburb of Dallas with his wife Ann, a first grade teacher. Before entering the ministry, Dave had an extensive career in higher education which included the following positions: Assistant to the President of Austin College in Sherman, Texas; President of South Texas Jr. College in Houston; Director of Pepperdine University’s Center for International Business in Los Angeles; and Vice President of Phillips University in Enid, Oklahoma. In the mid-60’s, Dave served as a Fulbright Lecturer at the University of the Philippines and toured all of Southeast Asia lecturing on U.S. foreign policy.

Dave has studied and taught the Bible his whole life and entered full time ministry in 1976. He has authored many religious essays which have been published in a wide variety of journals and magazines and has written many books which have been translated into several languages including: Trusting God, The Christ in Prophecy Study Guide, The Master Plan, Living for Christ in the End Times, Jesus is Coming Soon! (a book for children), Wrath & Glory: The Meaning of Revelation and America the Beautiful? His sermons on cassette tape and video tape have been distributed world wide.

Reagan has been privileged to lead over thirty pilgrimages to Israel with a focus on the prophetic significance of the land. He has also conducted prophecy conferences in Russia, Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Belarus, Israel, South Africa, Mexico, the Philippines, India, and England (including Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland).

David Reagan stands among that rare breed of individuals who are well-known for being dependable sources of reliable information. Dr. Reagan’s is not one to get entangled in erroneous issues like date-setting or conspiracy theories. One of the biggest problems with prophecy speakers these days is their inability to simplify their message to the level of the common person. Reagan has a natural gift for expressing biblical truth in a way that is easy for his audience to grasp. When tackling the issue of people’s lack of Bible knowledge, he used the following story to perfectly illustrate the problem:

A pastor asked a class of Sunday School children, “Who broke down the wall of Jericho?” A boy answered, “Not me, sir!” Upset, the pastor asked the teacher, “Is this typical?” She replied, “I believe this boy is honest, and I really don’t think he did it.” The pastor went to the head deacon. “I’ve known the boy and the teacher for years,” said the deacon, “and neither of them would do such a thing.” Aghast, the pastor went to the Christian Education Board. “Pastor,” said the chairman, “let’s not make an issue of this. Let’s just pay for the damage and charge it to the up keep.”

A likeable, reliable teacher of the word and a lover of the study of prophecy, Dr. David Reagan is an awesome resource for any studier of prophecy–his work is geared toward every level of study, even children. His goal is not to make sure that others know how much he knows, but rather, to make sure that each and every person knows and understands what they should about the Word and about prophecy.