David Jeremiah

Dr. David Jeremiah was born on February 13, 1941, in Toledo, Ohio. He was raised in a deeply religious and ministry-focused family. When David was 11, his family moved to Dayton, Ohio so that his father, Dr. James T. Jeremiah, could assume the role of Pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church; two years later, he became the President of Cedarville College in Cedarville, Ohio.

Due, in part, to his family’s strong influence and deep commitment, David felt the call of God on his life at a very early age.’ In 1963, Jeremiah received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cedarville College and married his sweetheart, Donna Thompson. He earned a Masters Degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, in 1967, and then returned to Cedarville College to earn a Doctor of Divinity degree, which he received in 1981. He and his wife, Donna, now have four children and four grandchildren.

Dr. David Jeremiah is the Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in San Diego, California. It is one of the largest churches in San Diego County and is also the home of Christian Heritage College and Christian Unified Schools.Jeremiah served as the President of Christian Heritage College from 1988 to 1998, and then became chancellor.

In 1982, Dr. Jeremiah founded Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries, which is a ministry that provides sound Bible teaching through radio and television broadcasts around the country. He teaches on practical issues like family, stress, the New Age, and Biblical prophecy.’ The Turning Point 30 minute broadcasts are now heard on over 1800 stations around the world. In 1999, the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) honored Jeremiah with the Broadcaster of the Year Award.’ Then, in August 2002, he received the Award of Merit from the Western Chapter of National Religious Broadcasters for Excellence in Broadcasting and Faithfulness in Service.

A highly sought-after conference speaker, Dr. Jeremiah is a regular guest speaker at Moody Pastors Conference, Moody Alumni Week and Founder’s Week at Moody Bible Institute. He also does seminars and lectures at Cedarville College, Dallas Theological Seminary, Billy Graham Training Center, Phil Waldrep’s Senior Adult Celebrations and NFL, NBA and Baseball chapels and speaks at events such as Pro-life fundraisers.

Dr. Jeremiah has authored many books.’ His cache includes:’The Truth about Angels, 1996; What the Bible Says about Angels, 1997; Escape the Coming Night, 1990;’ Jesus’ Final Warning, 1999; God in You: Releasing the Power of the Holy Spirit in your Life, 2000; and, most recently, My Heart’s Desire: Living Every Moment in the Wonder of Worship, 2002.

Two of his books that pertain to the scope of this website are Escape the Coming Night and Jesus’ Final Warning. Escape the Coming Night is ‘Shocking and eye-opening but always uplifting.’ It is one of this century’s clearest and most logical commentaries on the Book of Revelation and a vital message for our age (an excerpt from the cover of Escape the Coming Night, 1990).’ Believing that Revelation is both one of the most misunderstood and heavily avoided but also vitally important books of the Bible, Jeremiah wrote this compelling work to help believers understand and realize the truth’s found in this last book of the Bible.

Escape the Coming Night is divided into four parts:

  1. Revelation: Key To The Future helps to decipher the seemingly secret codes of Revelation and paints a portrait of the future.
  2. The World Today: Ruined By Man explains why the world is facing the coming judgment and how believers fit in by examining the ‘last church’.
  3. The World Tomorrow: Ruled by Satan outlines, in detail, the future of the world including and following the rapture of the church.
  4. The World Forever: Reclaimed by God portrays the overthrow of Satan, the Millennium, and the New Heaven and Earth while also giving instructions as to the responsibilities of believers today.

This is a well-written and exciting book’however, there is really nothing that comes as a surprise.’ If you are well-versed on prophecy studies and have a decent understanding of Revelation, you will enjoy this book, but may not feel as though you learned a lot of new information.’ If, however, you are new to the scene of prophecy studies, this book will help you immensely!

Jesus’ Final Warning takes a different approach. “It is drawn primarily from the Olivet Discourse, in the book of Matthew, and focuses mainly on the words of Jesus.” The first part of this book discusses the warnings Jesus gave to not allow ourselves to become deceived, troubled, confused, or beguiled. “The second part describes the instructions that Jesus gave believers to continue to do business, evangelize, encourage each other, run the race in pursuit of the reward, and live in hope–all until the day that Jesus returns.Intermixed with those instructions, are messages of hope and comfort to the believer. And though the heavens shake, though the heaven and earth pass away, not one of His words will ever pass away” (an excerpt from the cover of Jesus’ Final Warning, 1999).

Jesus’ Final Warning is a fresh and unique approach to the study of prophecy. Looking at the future specifically through the words of Jesus brings comfort in the midst of chaos. In these days of confusion, the spoken words of Jesus Christ, while succinct and sometimes difficult to hear, are comforting to the believer and convicting to the unsaved.

Dr. Jeremiah has done a good job of covering many doctrinal issues with his books and has also found a great way to reach many people every day with the Word of God.