David Breese

David William Breese was born in Chicago, Illinois, on October 14, 1926. He, his three sisters, Betty, Mary and Marg, and his foster brother, Bob, were raised by David and Ruth Breese.

As a young child, Dave watched as his older sisters became involved in a Christian youth club. When he was sixteen, his sisters, still involved in their club, held a meeting at their home. Having no interest in their “religion” and wanting to steer clear of their activities, Dave hid in the basement. One very assertive club member sought him out in that basement and persuaded him to join them upstairs. There, he had the privilege (he didn”t think it was a privilege at the time) of hearing Virginia Latham teaching about the book of Romans. Dave had never heard the Gospel presented in such a way before.

After that night, Dave continued to ponder all that he had heard. Several weeks later, on a rainy Chicago night, while taking a walk, a teary-eyed David W. Breese looked up to heaven responded to Jesus with that wonderful, life-changing “Yes”. He would never be the same again! Following that night, Dave was known for the quote, “Good things happen on rainy nights!”

Dave attended an all-boys school called Lane Technical High School with 8,000 other young men. Fascinated by airplanes and flying, he entered Pre-Flight Training at Lane Tech, hoping to serve his country in World War II. But, God had other plans for him! Dave Breese was to become a warrior for Christ, a servant in God’s army. After high school, Dave went on to college and graduated from Judson College, in Elgin, Illinois and from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Lombard, Illinois.

Breese married Carol Flaming and was later blessed with two beautiful daughters, Lynn and Noelle. Their family blossomed to include two sons-in-law and many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

It is true that Dave was very successful at spreading the gospel, but it was never easy! His children tell stories of Dad making radio programs on a simple tape recorder with a blanket over his head, to absorb the noise. The family jokes that his radio spot was not limited to air-time availability, but rather to the amount of available oxygen under that blanket.

While Dave was never enamored by material things, his passion for flying never waned. God honored that desire, and Dave eventually earned his multiengine rating. It proved to be a skill that served him well, as he flew himself to speaking engagements all across the country. It is true that he loved to fly, but his true passion was to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to lost people. How great God was to allow His servant to combine two of his great passions into service for Him!

He went on to help form the organization, Youth for Christ, and served there for 13 years. He was also extremely influential in developing the AWANA Youth Association. In 1963, Dave Breese founded the Christian Destiny Ministry, in Hillsboro, Kansas. He spent 13 years as a speaker for the broadcast, “Pause For Good News” produced by Back to the Bible. And Dave was well-known for his radio broadcasts, “Dave Breese Reports” and “Dave Breese Reporting”, and the telecast, “The King is Coming”.

His radio network grew to over one hundred stations and spanned much of the United States. Later, he became President of the telecast”s parent company, World Prophetic Ministry, reaching across the United States and into 57 other nations around the globe. World Prophetic Ministry, located in Colton, California, was founded by Dr. Howard Estep for the purpose of preaching the Gospel and proclaiming the Second Coming of Christ. The television program, The King is Coming, was part of an expansion effort that Breese took on after taking over from Estep. Breese also served on the boards of The National Religious Broadcasters and the National Association of Evangelicals. He had strong political ties and was involved with policy-makers and statesmen of all kinds.

David Breese authored many books during his ministry. Among them are, Satan”s Ten Most Believable Lies (1987) written with David Breese; Living for Eternity: Eight Imperatives from Second Peter (1988); Seven Men Who Rule the World From the Grave (1990);The Triumphant Return of Christ (1994) co-authored with prophecy giants Ray Brubaker, John Barela, David A. Lewis, and William T. James; and Raging into Apocalypse(1996), essays about the direction the planet is headed; The Marks of a Cult: The Warning Signs of False Teachings (1998) written with David Breese; Dave has also written several commentaries on the prophetic books of the Bible and Dr. Breese is a featured writer in the Tim LaHaye prophecy Bible.

One of his earlier works, Satan’s Ten Most Believable Lies, describes ten of the enemy’s false doctrines. Each chapter describes a satanic lie and then compares it to the truth found in Scripture. The purpose of this book is to give the believer the power and confidence to exert an active, strong resistance against the devil.

Seven Men Who Rule the World from the Grave uncovers the influence that seven men, though now dead, still have on modern thinking. Charles Darwin, was a proponent of evolution; Karl Marx, developed modern communism; Julius Wellhausen, initiated the philosophies of higher criticism and modernism; John Dewey, redefined the entire educational system with “new thinking”; Sigmund Freud, believed in the driving force of sexual instinct; John Maynard Keynes, advocated polices which opened the door to deficit spending and governmental activism; and Soren Kierkegaard, forerunner in existentialism, all have had a large part in shaping modern thinking and their influence reaches from far beyond the grave. These men had philosophies that were dangerous and anti-Christ and this book attempts to reveal how those philosophies are present today in schools, businesses, homes, churches and governments. Dr. Breese gives great insight into satan’s strongholds.

Dave’s writings stand up very well against the passage of time. Most prophetic books quickly become dated by their frequent references to current news events. However, Dave’s main reference point is prophecy, the news of tomorrow. Therefore, the books he wrote in the early 80’s are just as timely today as they were back then.

After years of working hard at recording his doctrines and thoughts, preaching the gospel at every opportunity, traveling over 100,000 miles each year to conferences, colleges, universities, evangelistic meetings and debates, David Breese suffered a stroke. It seemed as though his busy schedule had finally taken its toll on his body.

It didn’t stop him, though. After his stroke, Dave continued to proclaim the Gospel message through his writings and publications. Today, his teachings of the hope and salvation found through Jesus Christ can still be heard around the world via audio and videotape. That marvelous message continued to burn within Dave until the day he went to be with the Lord, on May 3, 2002.