To My Dad And Fathers around the World

lettersIf you are reading this letter after you have discovered that mum, my family and I have disappeared along with millions of other people world wide, then you will unfortunately know that the Rapture I told you about has occurred, (1 Corinthians 15, 51-54 and 2 Thessalonians 2 vs 7), and that we are now in Heaven and a time of Great Judgment of Mankind by God is going to commence.

It was on many a Sunday morning that I encouraged you not just to take mum to church but to go in and be with her as she sat there and prayed for you and all the members of our family so that God would protect and heal us in times of trouble.

I felt terrible sadness that you would not go with her and I prayed many times for God’s Holy Spirit to reveal the truth to you, and I know this was revealed to you by mum’s stand and my constant encouragement for you to acknowledge faith in God’s work, and what Jesus did on the cross for each and everyone of us.

I know you will be experiencing terrible sorrow and longing to be with us right now and the good news is that you can still make the journey along the narrow path that leads to Jesus and eternal life of Love, Peace and Happiness.

The Bible clearly states the no man will come to God except through Jesus, and all you have to do is to ask God for forgiveness, and accept that Jesus died for us all. (John 3 vs 36).

It is through his resurrection and victory over death that we can all have eternal life and avoid the darkness of hell.

The only way to ensure your journey to Jesus and us is correct, is to read the Bible, as this is the only source of the Truth regarding these issues. Only True Christians who were going to church for the right reasons will have been taken at the rapture, and you must be wary of false witnesses and churches during the Judgment Period, ( Matthew 24 vs 24).

Deception will be in all corners of the earth as Satan will now control the earth from the time of disappearance of the Christians, to the end of the seven year peace treaty, which Israel will sign with many nations negotiated by the Antichrist.

This same man, The Antichrist, (Daniel 7 vs 24-26, 8 vs 23-25, 9 vs 27 and 11 vs 36-45), will be energized by Satan and then take control of the European Community which will become the last empire on this earth. The True Christians had to be removed before this man could be revealed and although he will come bringing peace at first, a wave of pure evil will follow him in everything he pursues during his 7 years of controlling the EC.

Unfortunately because you missed the Rapture you will have to endure the 7 years of Judgments, although if you give your life to Christ, protection will be given to you by God during this time.

The only way to Heaven during the Judgment Period will be if you die as a True Born Again Christian, as there is only One Rapture for True Christians. Jesus and the people in Heaven will return to the earth at the end of the 7 year judgments for the battle of Armageddon, where Jesus will fight the massive army of the Antichrist by himself, and this is the timing of the True Second Coming of Christ. (Zechariah 14)

Jesus will of course win the battle and then set up his kingdom on earth for a period of 1 thousand years. If you are alive at the end of the Judgments, you will then go into the 1 thousand year period where peace will be restored under the wonderful reign of Jesus Christ.

One very important point which I must mention is that when an economic system for the purpose of buying or selling is introduced (during the 7 year Judgment Period), whereby all users must accept a mark,(Most likely a computer chip, inserted under the skin on the Forehead or Back of the Right Hand), never accept this mark, I repeat, never accept this mark. (Revelation 13 vs 16-18).

God has clearly stated that all who accept this mark will be doomed to Hell, as they have accepted the Mark of Satan.

In closing remember that you have not lost the opportunity to go to Heaven and be with us !!. Read the Bible and find a Good Church where the Truth according to the Bible is preached, and by asking Jesus into your life you can still have eternal life with us in God’s city, and avoid the eternal Fires of Hell.

We love you very much Dad, and it is this reason I have written this letter so we can all be together again under the wonderful peace that can only be found in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Please take these very simple steps to Jesus, and after what will seem like a long time of separation we will all be together in ever lasting Love, Peace and Happiness with Jesus as our King.

This is my very simplified version of the Judgment Period and you will find many books in my home which will help you to understand the events to come. They are on the book shelf in our office at home, and the ones talking about the Book of Revelation, (The Last Book of the Bible), will best describe the Seven Years of Judgments about to commence.

We love and miss you, but only you can make the necessary decision to come to Jesus, and we look forward to you being with us again.

Mal, Mum and Your Family in Heaven.