Charles Spurgeon

Rev. Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-92) was born in Kelvedon, Essex, England, on June 19, 1834. He was educated at Colchester, but much of his religious training came from his father and grandfather, both of whom were preachers. Rev. Spurgeon preached at Metropolitan Tabernacle, and the church audiences frequently numbered more than 10,000. This was in the days before microphones. Charles Spurgeon wrote more than 3,560 sermons.


1. “Jacob Have I Loved, But Esau Have I Hated”
2. The Best Sermon
3. Walk Closely With God
4. Preaching Christ And Him Crucified
5. A Lesson About Faith
6. The Simplicity Of The Gospel
7. Excerpts From Spurgeon’s Last Sermon
8. Judge Every Preacher
9. Stupid Sinners
10. The Restoration Of The Jews
11. The Rest Of The Story
12. Is It Bigotry To Preach The Truth?
13. “Avoid Foolish Questions”
14. “Ask and it shall be given you”
15. An Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness