Meyer Blames Common Negative Experiences 0n The Devil

Meyer distorts the parameters in which God permits Satan and his angels to work, by attributing practically every negative experience to demonic activity.

For example, she recounts experiencing a close call while pulling into and out of a fast food restaurant parking lot. She shouts, “I rebuke the spirit of accidents, in the name of Jesus!”

Meyer asserts that God would never allow her to fall into error

“I am going to tell you something right now. I no more believe that my God is going to let me stand around and believe a lie than I believe that I am going to turn green in the next two minutes. God is my source and He loves me and I am after God with my whole heart. And if I am accidentally, or any other way, getting into error, I am going to have a bell go off on the inside of me that is going to be so loud that not only am I going to hear it, but so is everybody else.”