Signs That You Just Might Have A Bad Apartment

It’s the same bedroom you had as a kid, but now your parents are charging you two grand a month.

Your buildings security system is a cardboard cutout of Clint Eastwood.

Rent must be paid in small, non-sequential bills.

Every time you pass the doorman, he’s wearing another article of your clothing.

You can’t get through your bedroom door because of the yellow police tape.

Save The Seeds

A young father took his 4-year-old son, Josh, out to McDonald’s for dinner one evening for a “guy night.”

As they were eating their hamburgers, Josh asked, “Daddy, what are these little things on the hamburger buns?”

The dad responded that they were tiny seeds and were O.K. to eat.

Josh was quiet for a couple of minutes and it was apparent he was in deep thought.

Finally, he looked up and said, “Dad, if we go home and plant these seeds in our backyard, we will have enough hamburgers to last forever.”