Nine In The Godhead

Benny Hinn: Man, I feel revelation knowledge already coming on me here. Lift your hands. Something new is going to happen here today. I felt it just as I walked down here. Holy Spirit, take over in the name of Jesus…God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person; and he is a triune being by himself separate from the Son and the Holy Ghost. Say, what did you say? Here it, hear it, hear it. See, God the Father is a person, God the Son is a person, God the Holy Ghost is a person. But each one of them is a triune being by himself. If I can shock you – and maybe I should – there’s nine of them. Huh, what did you say? Let me explain: God the Father, ladies and gentlemen, is a person with His own personal spirit, with His own personal soul, and His own personal spirit body. You say, Huh, I never heard that. Well, you think you’re in this church to hear things you’ve heard for the last 50 years? You can’t argue with the Word, can you? It’s all in the Word.

(Benny Hinn, Praise The Lord, October 3, 1990)

Gold Dust

Paul Crouch: When we got back off of the platform, and after Benny had prayed for another half an hour or more for the staff and the other pastors that came backstage, we sat down to get a little bite to eat – and I’m – okay, now are you listening? Gold dust was all over Benny’s face and I actually got down close and tried to get some of it and then I took a picture that – the picture didn’t turn out too well. It wasn’t in good focus – but it was just sparkling all over his face, and where that gold dust came from had to be from another dimension.

Benny Hinn: Well, you know what happened, is after I was done praying, somebody said, “Look at your hands,” and I looked and I saw this gold dust. I said, “I must be going crazy.” Now, you know, please forgive me, these are the kinds of things my wife believes in, not me”

(Praise the Lord, Trinity Broadcasting Network, September 10, 1999).