A Letter from Patricia

lettersBeloved brothers and sisters, I pray these words heal your heart. They come through the Biblical Gift of Prophecy, which is described in I Corinthians chapters 12 and 14. During the last half of the twentieth century, God poured out His Spirit upon millions of believers, as described in Joel 2:28 and Acts Chapter 2. In many church congregations people were used of God to impart words of edification, exhortation, and comfort to build up the Body of Christ in love (I Cor. 14:3). Jesus loves you!

Remember that even in this hour of gross darkness, I will be a Light unto thee, my dear children. Satan would consume your hearts with self-reproach because you did not respond to the Gospel in time to participate in the Rapture of the Church. But you were saved on the same basis as the Church Age saints, strictly through faith in the shed Blood of My Son Jesus. He will shortly return to earth to restore the Paradise environment which was forfeited by Adam and Eve through transgression.

Most assuredly you have been made clean through the precious Blood of the Lamb. It would be every bit as wrong for you to point the finger of condemnation at yourself as it would have been for Church Age believers to wallow in guilt. You have been forgiven of all sin and accepted in my family of faith. You are not in the Bridal Company, but you do have a high place of honor as gleanings of My Harvest. You are precious treasures saved from the terrible wrath of judgment which is coming upon this evil world.

You are called to be bright and shining lights, that you might even reflect the glory of the Spirit of My Holy Son, who dwells in your hearts by faith. Because I have called you to separate yourselves from the demon-driven economy of this present world, you shall have to depend on Me for every necessity of life. But I will be faithful to you, even as I was faithful to sustain the Children of Israel in the desolate wilderness. You absolutely must depend on Me for every single thing. The saints of the Church Age could buy and sell along with their unconverted neighbors. But when the Mark of the Beast System is instituted, you will not be able to do this at all. In My eyes any participation in buying and selling under the auspices of the Antichrist would amount to betrayal of the One Who redeemed you unto Himself.

However desperate your situation, NEVER allow anyone to insert the Antichrist’s compulsory microchip ID into your body, or you will suffer loss of eternal life! Receiving the Mark of the Beast is an act of betrayal toward Me. It is a defilement which can NEVER be washed away! It is an irreversible death sentence to every soul who receives it!

Remember to be kind to all My people whom you may encounter, whether converted Gentiles or Jews. Do not quarrel among yourselves, but be knit together in love for My sake. If you have food or other necessities on hand, share with the needy among you. In your distress, pray for the grace to love your brother or sister as well as yourself and to be unselfish with what you have. Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. To those of you who ask me I will clearly show you who you are to accept as a fellow believer. I will also caution you against those who are only wolves in sheep’s clothing, deceivers unworthy of your love and fellowship.

Know dear ones, that My unseen angels of provision will move in your midst. Even as I opened the eyes of Hagar the Egyptian woman to find a spring of water in the dry wilderness, so my angels will lead you to My provisions for your life necessities. My means of provision will take many different forms, but will NEVER involve compromise with satan’s economic system, which is doomed to perdition. Ask Me even for healing and strength for your mortal bodies. I am the Lord Who heals My people.

Some of you will be sacrificed as lambs for My sake. But fear no trial which you might face. No hardship or suffering will ever come upon you apart from My grace to endure it. If you are chosen for martyrdom, you, like Simon Peter, will receive a joyous, glorious entrance into heaven. You will be welcomed and blessed by myriads of saints and angels. You shall receive an incorruptible crown of life eternal. You will be clothed in shining white garments of pure light, then join in the unutterably beautiful anthems of the redeemed. When you look upon the lovely face of your Redeemer, you will forget all the sorrows of earth, even as a woman forgets the pains of labor once she sees the face of her newborn child.

Others of you will be chosen to enter as mortal saints into My Kingdom to repopulate a restored earth with generations of happy, healthy children. They will be the offspring of My blessed children who kept faith with Me in a dark, faithless world. He who perseveres to the end will be preserved in salvation. That one shall be rewarded with a place of honor in My everlasting Kingdom.

God be with you, my precious brothers and sisters in Christ. I am now in heaven, beseeching the Father to grant you the strength to be faithful, and to fortify your hearts with courage. The Spirit of the Living God is well able to do this. He is able to keep you from falling, as you depend solely upon His strength, not your own.

In Christ’s Love, Patricia Backora