A Letter From Lynn

lettersTo all who are left to read this letter,

I write this now feeling your pain. You are probably wondering what happened to those nice people you used to know, your nieces and nephews sons and daughters; well Praise the Lord, He has saved us as He promised He would and taken us from this earth before the tribulation begins. Thank the Lord we are not here to live through that terrible time to come.

But please do not despair, God has not forsaken you either, only postponed your arrival to the life that will be full of peace and joy when you will live with Jesus as we are.

Read Revelation, pray and ask to be forgiven for your sins, Jesus loves you and wants to help you if You’ll only let Him. Open your hearts to Him and let Jesus fill you as only He can and you will be saved and Jesus will look after you until it is your time. Take comfort that He has not abandoned you during these terrible times and will come back for you if you let Him.

Praise the Lord and put your trust in Him.

Yours with the love and hope of our Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the saved,