A Letter From Lee

lettersDear friends and family,

I am writing this note in case you find me missing and you are Left Behind.

As you know I have been a Christian for 23 years and have depended on Jesus Christ as a truly live and active God in my life. The Bible has said that Jesus would come again and claim those who believe and take them to heaven to escape the Tribulation on earth.

God the Father has allowed this coming tribulation for 7 years from the signing of the Israeli peace treaty to show mankind that only Jesus can save them not only from the horrors on earth but from their sins and eternal damnation.

All of you that know me, realize that God can provide for YOU, as He has for me and my family. I have many Bibles please take the time to read at lease the New Testament and through prayer ask the Holy Spirit to guide your understanding in the Name of Jesus.

It is only through the blood of Christ that we can obtain forgiveness and ask for ANYTHING in Jesus’ name, as He rose from the dead and intercedes with the Father on our behalf.

I have laid aside provisions as Joseph did during the Egyptian famine. If you pray over these meager supplies, I know Jesus can perform a Loaves and Fishes miracle to fill your needs and those whom you love and are in your household.

May God Bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand until we meet again during the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord Of Lords.