A Letter From Laura

lettersIf we have suddenly gone missing without warning along with many, many other people all over the world, then please read this ENTIRE letter carefully, even if it sounds like complete hogwash. If we are the ONLY ones missing, please look for us.

You may notice that some ‘good’ people, even those who attend church regularly are still around, including those who are or were known as religious leaders.  However, attending church, being a good person, reading from the bible to others, preaching, or being known as religious is not what was required.  The one thing ALL the missing people had in common was a total and complete FAITH in the saving blood of Jesus Christ, the resurrected and only Son of Almighty God.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: We were not abducted by aliens, we have not wandered off, we have not disintegrated from a horrible disease, and we have not been taken hostage.  We have been Raptured.  Any other scenario presented to you about our disappearance is a lie.

We wrote this letter in advance because we wanted you to know some very, VERY important things regarding what is about to come upon the world.

The most dangerous part of your life right now is that you will be uncertain whom you can trust.  There will be a lot of deception, uncertainty and chaos.  The people who are left in the world right now are going to be full of panic and fear.  They will be looking frantically for loved ones that have gone missing. Immediately after the Rapture there will be accidents involving all kinds of vehicles, including cars, trains, airplanes, boats… you name it.  People will begin to sound crazy.  They might even say they were talking to someone who just seemed to vanish.  They might say things like “one minute they were there and the next minute they weren’t”. They might say they were asleep and when they woke up, their loved ones were just gone. There may be piles of clothes and personal belongings lying around everywhere, all over the planet.

You are in for some extremely difficult times.  Along with this letter is a chart that will help to give you sort of a basic visual idea of what is coming for you.

There will soon be a 7-year period in which the things outlined in the paragraphs below will take place.  The 7 years might begin the very day we disappear, or there may be a gap in time before it begins. We believe that the order of the events will be similar to what is described below.  Since we are writing this ahead of time and are not perfect, the exact order of the events may be different.  But regardless of the order, the things described below WILL happen.

Two men will appear in Israel.  They are called “The Two Witnesses”. At the time of this writing, we do not know their names.  However, you will know they are the two witnesses because they will stand in an open area, they will tell everyone about God’s truth, and they will not be harmed in any way, although many may try.  Those that attempt to harm them will meet with very unfortunate circumstances!  They have supernatural powers that allow them toimmediately destroy whomever comes against them. The two witnesses will be there for a period of 3 1/2 years.  At the end of this time, they will be killed.  Their bodies will not be buried, and everyone will celebrate over their deaths.  After three days, they will come to life right in front of everyone and ascend into the sky.

There will be a man who sits in the Jewish Temple, and he will say he is god.  He is NOT!  This is the anti-christ.  There will be an image of him put up and he will demand that everyone worship him and his image.

Once the anti-christ appears on the scene, things will get very, very difficult in the world; more difficult than you could ever have imagined. He will institute a new way of things, including demanding that all people, everywhere, get a special mark on their right hand or forehead. This is the manifestation of the mark of the beast; 666.  At the time of this writing we do not know exactly what form this mark will take.  But you will know it is the mark of the beast because you will not be able to buy or sell ANYTHING without it; not food, water, clothes, shelter; nothing.



(A possible scenario regarding the Mark of the Beast is attached to these writings)

Once the two witnesses in Jerusalem are killed, resurrected, ascend to Heaven, and the anti-christ appears, the next 3 1/2 years will be EXTREME. You’ve heard the phrase “All Hell Broke Loose”… this is when it will happen. We mean literally. Satan will be in complete control over the entire world and the most horrible acts of evil will take place, and God will be sending His angry wrath upon the entire earth.  We realize that you will be cut off from society after this, but you must resist Satan and his mark. People will be against you. They may try to harm you. They may try to ‘turn you in’.  You may even lose your life because of your resistance to the mark.

Throughout the 7 years, people might tell you that they have seen Jesus Christ somewhere.  DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.  Jesus Christ willnot be walking around on the Earth at this time. He will not appear until the 7-year period has finished.  There may even be reports of more than one ‘jesus christ’.  These false christs will be able to perform miracles, may recite from the bible, and may be charming and tolerant.  None of this matters.  NONE OF THESE ARE THE TRUE JESUS CHRIST.  However, the false christs will unfortunately deceive many, many people.  Please do not be one of them!

After the 7 years, JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF will return to Jerusalem, standing for the entire world to see on the Mount of Olives, and causing the entire mountain to split right in half! His purpose at this time is to take with Him to Heaven all of the people who have turned to God and resisted Satan since the Rapture.  If you surrender to Satan, Jesus will not take you, and you will lose your soul and suffer the most horrible suffering, forever.

We know this all sounds very conspiratous (sp?). We know that even though we have left you this letter, you might still try to ‘find’ us. We know you will be hurting, maybe even angry! Please, let this letter sink in.  The things we have described in this letter are true, and they WILL HAPPEN. The most important thing to remember right at this moment is that it is not too late! God still wants you!  Along with this letter and the chart is a bible.  Please keep all of these things hidden at all times so that no one can take them from you.  They will be your most important possessions for the rest of the time you are on this planet.

Please, understand that God is REAL.  Believe it.  Tell Him you believe!  Say it out loud to Him.  Ask Him to forgive you for not believing before. Tell Him you believe that Jesus Christ is His only Son, that you believe He sent Jesus to earth, that you believe Jesus was crucified on the cross to save us, and was resurrected.  Tell Him you are sorry for your acts of sin. Tell Him that you realize you need Him, and ask Him to be with you and guide you through the next period of time on Earth.  HE WILL!  Do this, and believe it, and when Jesus Christ returns at the end of the 7 years, or if you should lose your life before then, you will be taken with Him, and the rest of eternity will be the most splendorous time you have ever known, and more amazing than anything you have ever imagined.

Please take care of yourselves, be frugal with your supplies, help others who resist Satan, and love each other.  Tell those who resist Satan about this letter.  Tell EVERYONE about the truth of God.  Read to each other from the bible for encouragement.

We so desperately want to see you again and we want you to live forever with us in absolute perfection, with our Lord Jesus Christ, and with God the Almighty Himself!

In His service we humbly submit this letter to anyone who finds it after the Rapture.