A Letter From Heather

lettersDear Friend:

I’m sure you’re terrified and confused by all of the terrible events that have occurred. I’m sure you have heard the Rapture theories by now, and you may wonder why I’m gone and you’re here.
You truly are a good person. I know that, and you know that. You’ve tried to be a nice person and help out your fellow man. Maybe you give to the United Way or help out at the homeless soup kitchen.

The Bible says that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and it’s so true. You’ve heard the old joke: “God, today I haven’t cursed, cheated, lied, or hurt my fellow man. I haven’t become impatient, greedy, or selfish. But I’m about to get up today, and I’m going to need your help!”

I know you as well as I know myself. I grew up in a terrible family, where I was physically and emotionally abused by people who claimed to be Christians. It took me years to understand that people can say they are anything, but the proof is in their actions. Look around you. Are the phonies still around? Of course!

I understand the doubts and reservations that have kept you from getting “saved”. I always wanted proof that God “really existed” — have you ever told God you would turn your life over to him if only he would show you “real proof” that he existed and cared for you? Well, he has, and you know that or you wouldn’t be here.

God loves you so much, he wants to take care of you, if only you’ll let him! My life has gotten so much better since I turned my life over to God. It’s been difficult at times but God always is there for me. I’ve never been hungry, or homeless, or hopeless once I put my faith in him. Please! Read the page on getting saved, and what you need to do now. Ask God to show you his love, and he will.

Your friend in Christ,

PS – Look out for the guy who wants to bring peace!