2 Aug 2023

Never-before-seen footage of Nazi death train liberation unearthed 78 years later
Seventy-eight years after the 30th Division of the U.S. Army saved 2,500 Jews from the so-called Nazi death train which was transporting them from Bergen-Belsen concentration camp to Theresienstadt, moving never-before-seen footage taken by U.S. Army soldiers on the day of the train’s liberation on April 13, 1945, was discovered. The Germans on the train were ordered to blow up the train over the Elbe River if they could not deliver it to Theresienstadt concentration camp, killing all 2,500 Jewish passengers from Bergen-Belsen. (watch)

High-speed rail to bring pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to Third Temple by 2040
This week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a $27 billion plan to link the north and south of the country by rail. When complete, the proposed high-speed rail line will run about 400 kilometers (250 miles) from the northern city of Kiryat Shmona to the southern city of Eilat. “It [the rail line] will also be able to link Israel by train to Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula. We’re working on that too,” said Netanyahu.

Staggering Degree Of Biblical Illiteracy: Poll Finds Fewer and Fewer Americans Believe in Hell and the Devil
It may not be surprising fewer and fewer people believe in God, angels, heaven, hell, and the devil. The recent poll finds they are down to new lows. These drops in percentage may not seem significant or dramatic, but the outright darkness, deception, delusion, and depravity in America coincides with the declining numbers.

‘The Middle East is a Powder Keg’: Israel’s UN Ambassador Warns of Hezbollah Provocations Along Lebanon Border
“The Middle East is a powder keg on the cusp of being ignited,” the letter says. “Tensions along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon are higher than they have been in years as a result of Hezbollah’s violent escalations, blatant violations of Security Council resolutions, and dangerous military advancements.

Fitch downgrades US credit rating to AA+
Fitch cites factors like an “erosion of governance”. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says she “strongly” disagrees. “The rating downgrade of the United States reflects the expected fiscal deterioration over the next three years, a high and growing general government debt burden, and the erosion of governance” relative to peers, said Fitch in a statement.

Trump campaign likens Jan. 6 indictment to Nazi Germany
The campaign also made claims that the “Biden Crime Family” and the Justice Department are interfering in the 2024 election and that Trump is the frontrunner. “The persecution of President Trump and his supporters is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, the former Soviet Union, and other dictatorial and authoritarian regimes,” the campaign said, with a spokesperson of the former president saying that the investigation into Trump is “un-American,”

Ramaswamy: ‘I want to go even further than Trump on the Abraham Accords’
If elected in 2024, Vivek Ramaswamy, an entrepreneur vying for the Republican presidential nomination, would combat antisemitism as part of a broad campaign against what he believes is a far-left ideology dividing the country into victim groups. “Antisemitism is a symptom of something that is broken in our society,” Ramaswamy told JNS. He added that Jew-hatred points to a “void in our heart as a nation.”

Ex-State Department officials admit they were wrong
On his way out the door, the retiring U.S. ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides, has belatedly acknowledged that he “screwed up” in one of his last major actions. He’s just the latest in a growing line of U.S. diplomats who have admitted—when it was too late—that they made significant errors in their treatment of Israel. So why does anybody still listen to them when they offer advice on the Arab-Israeli conflict?

At least five wounded in terror attack in Ma’ale Adumim
A man shot and wounded five people near the Maale Adumim mall in a terror attack on Tuesday, according to Israeli media reports. One of the wounded was in serious condition, while the four others were moderately injured.

‘Barbaric pseudoscience’: Detransitioner makes powerful plea to end child ‘sex changes’
Chloe Cole pleaded with lawmakers to put a stop to sex “transitions” for kids, testifying to the “lifelong, irreversible harm” caused by her own attempts to transition. “I hope that you will have the courage to bring this scandal to an end so that other vulnerable teenagers, children and young adults don’t go through what I went through,” Cole told legislators.

NBA ref from St. Paul on suing over vax mandate: ‘I think the NBA wants to break me’
Kenny Mauer’s medical and religious exemptions were both denied by the NBA, and he was subsequently fired after 35 years of refereeing. …when the NBA began mandating that referees, but not players, be vaccinated against COVID-19, naturally, Mauer asked why.

July 2023 marks Japan’s highest recorded temperature, surpassing 1978’s record 
An analysis by the Asahi Shimbun, based on data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), indicates that July 2023 was the hottest month in Japan since modern records began in the late 19th century. The previous record was set in 1978, making this the first time in 45 years that it has been surpassed.

At least 11 dead, 27 missing as remnants of Typhoon “Doksuri” drop record-breaking rain on Beijing, China
The remnants of Typhoon “Doksuri” dropped extremely heavy rains over Beijing and neighboring regions from July 29 to August 1, 2023, leaving at least 11 people dead and another 27 missing. Doksuri made landfall in Jinjiang, Fujian province around 02:00 UTC on July 28 as the strongest typhoon to hit Fujian since 2016. Before hitting China, Doksuri left at least 52 people dead in the Philippines.

10 Signs That We Really Are Living In Apocalyptic Times
Time is running out for humanity…On a very basic level, most people can feel that global events are starting to spiral out of control.  Evil is growing all around us, and just about everything that our leaders do to solve our rapidly growing problems seems to make them even worse.  The pace of change just keeps getting faster and faster, and many fear that this will soon lead to widespread chaos all over the globe.  The following are 10 signs that we really are living in apocalyptic times…

MILITARY: “Bless The LORD Oh My Soul”
This is so good! A lot of top people in our Government and Military are corrupt, but the literal boots on the ground are GOOD people. You already know that, but this video will send it over the edge. This just makes you want to stand up and sing with them. Watch as these soldiers band together and sing Matt Redman’s 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord).

Many people fully vaccinated for covid are now going BLIND
We have heard all about the many cases of myocarditis and pericarditis post-injection, as well as recipients repeatedly testing “positive” for the virus even after doing the deed. But there is another concerning side effect occurring in the “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) that is rarely mentioned: blindness.

If You’re A WEF-Branded ‘Conspiracy Theorist’, You Must Be Anti-Semitic
Yet it is Jesus Christ—and only Jesus Christ—Who can save the world from unelected world “elites” and their evil, ongoing and fundamentally SICK depopulation program…“Harari condemned the theory that a shadowy elite of billionaires and globalists control the world, he called it “anti-Semitic” and “dangerous.” “Anti-Semitic”? Just a minute, brainiac Harari. Does that mean that the Great Reset, all the globalists and New World Order pushers are Jewish? What kind of anti-semitism is that?

Zelensky uses martial law to avoid election
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky on Wednesday proposed to extend the state of emergency, thereby effectively canceling parliamentary elections scheduled for October.

FDA Approves New Anthrax Vaccine for Adults Despite Lack of Publicly Available Information on Testing, Ingredients
…“The fact that there is no label available, there is no information on how it was tested, what placebo was used, et cetera — that all adds to the consternation and concern people should have about the value of this product,” Nass added.

Salmonella from ground beef sold at ShopRite hospitalizes six people
A salmonella outbreak linked to ground beef resulted in at least six hospitalizations across four states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“It’s Time” – OpenAI’s Sam Altman Launches Iris-Scanning Crypto Plan To ‘Verify’ Every Human Online
…Last week we presciently discussed the somewhat dystopian outlook for an iris-scanning ‘World ID’ project to identify every human online: “Something like World ID will eventually exist, meaning that you will need to verify [you are human] on the internet, whether you like it or not,” WorldCoin CEO Alex Blania said.

Scientists To Sideline Women With Eggs Made From Male Cells
The campaign to erase women has officially escalated to leaving them out of the sacred act of reproduction.

Costa Coffee Chain In The UK Draws Outrage After Advert Featuring A Transgender Man With Scars From Elective Double Mastectomy Surgery 
All over the world, there is a movement on to normalize some of the very same things that Josef Mengele did to his victims at places like the Auschwitz and Ravensbrück concentration camps during WWII. The very idea of encouraging kids to willingly undergo surgery that for women cuts off their breasts and removes their reproductive systems, and for men castrates them either chemically or surgically is an appalling dystopian nightmare that should be prosecuted, and not celebrated. Mengele would be thrilled if he could look up from where he is now to see what’s going on.

Chino Valley School District Votes to Inform Parents of Gender Confused Kids. Death & Mutilation Threats Follow 
…The new Chino Valley (California) Unified School District Board of Education policy states that school officials will notify parents in writing within three days if a child seeks to “identify” as a gender “other than the student’s biological sex,” use different pronouns, adopt a different name, or use the restroom or join a sports team of the opposite sex.

US Creates Permanent New Pandemic Agency For Decade Of Vaccines 
The US has created a permanent new pandemic agency called the Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy in anticipation of future pandemics and the Decade of Vaccines. President Joe Biden has appointed a retired Air Force general to take charge of spearheading the project.

Fact Check Team: 200 school districts suing social media giants over student mental health 
Schools are taking on social media giants including Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube, asserting that the platforms have caused their students harm – particularly regarding issues like cyberbullying and mental health issues linked to social media usage.

Editor of The Irish Light: “Journalism is not a crime”
The editor of The Irish Light, multi-award-winning journalist Gemma O’Doherty, has been accused of using an image of a young man who has died without the permission of his mother.  The image, previously widely published online, is included as one of many in a collage within one of the newspaper’s articles. “Gemma has been falsely accused of harassment in a kangaroo court for writing a piece of journalism asking why so many young people are dying.

FOI response proves Australian government is actively censoring citizens on social media 
Yesterday, a response was received to a Freedom of Information Act (“FOI”) request which includes evidence that the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care (“DHAC”) were colluding with Facebook to censor posts about covid vaccine injuries. The FOI response is heavily redacted but the evidence is clear.

‘Their Terrifying Plan’: Unmasking the Globalists 
“For over a year I’ve known I had to write a book exploring and explaining how the conspirators planned their takeover of the world, how they conceived the idea of using fake scares (such as covid-19 and climate change) and how American banks (using the IMF, the World Bank and the BIS) have taken over one country after another. My new book explains everything. It’s very, very scary and packed with facts.” – Dr. Vernon Coleman

The Rise Of The “Superbugs” Is A Catastrophic Long-Term Health Crisis That Threatens To Kill Hundreds Of Millions Of People
The rise of the “superbugs” is here.  The death toll is already in the millions each year, and it won’t be too long before “superbugs” are killing tens of millions of people each year.  In my last book I identified a number of long-term trends that threaten to collapse our society, and now you can add this one to the list.  The clock really is ticking for humanity, but most people in the general population simply do not understand what we are facing.  They just assume that life will go on as it always has, but that is simply not going to be possible.