21 Feb 2023

If You Call Yourself A Christian, Yet You Hate The Jewish People… You May Believe In A Different Bible
If you call yourself a Christian, yet you hate the Jewish people, you may believe in a different Bible. So let us remember, don’t ever separate the promise from the land, from the seed, from the blessing.

6.4-magnitude quake leaves several dead, hundreds injured in Turkey
Several people were killed and hundreds injured in Turkey on Monday by a 6.4-magnitude earthquake centered in the country’s Hatay province that was felt in Lebanon and Israel. The country is still reeling from a massive earthquake on Feb. 6 that, together with hundreds of aftershocks, left more than 40,000 people dead in what the World Health Organization has called the region’s worst natural disaster in a century.

Google responsible for online terrorism? SCOTUS hears Section 230 case
Arguments for Google’s liability in the publishing and algorithmic promotion of terrorist propaganda on its YouTube platform are set to be heard before the US Supreme Court on Tuesday, in a case that could fundamentally alter the Internet by challenging Section 230.

Russia’s Northern Fleet deploys with nukes in first since Cold War
Russia’s Northern Fleet is on the move, being deployed while armed with tactical nuclear weaponry for the first time since the Cold War, according to a Norwegian intelligence report. “A central part of the nuclear capabilities is located on the North Fleet’s submarines and surface vessels,” the report stated, adding that these tactical nuclear weapons represent a very significant threat to NATO member states.

US joins Security Council condemnation of Israeli settlements, violence from ‘all parties’
The United Nations Security Council unanimously approved a statement strongly opposing Israel’s construction and expansion of settlements Monday. “The statement should never have been made, and the United States should never have joined it,” the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office stated. the U.S. managed to convince both Israel and the Palestinians to agree in principle to a six-month freeze in any unilateral action they might take.

Levin: ‘Nothing will dissuade me’ from going through with judicial overhaul
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrates the coalition’s success passing the first bills in its judicial overhaul in their first Knesset reading. The bills need to return to committee for revisions, then go through two more Knesset readings before becoming law.

Temple Mount to be shut to Jews at Ramadan’s end, despite Ben Gvir dissent –
Despite combative rhetoric from firebrands in the government, Israel, as in previous years, is set to bar Jews from entering the Temple Mount holy site during the last 10 days of the Muslim month of Ramadan, according to a report Sunday.

UK wants to bring back food rationing to combat climate change
The next stage is coming. Ban log fires to keep us cold, ban cars to keep us imprisoned, digitalize banks to take our money, and now starvation rations… Academics propose the rationing to combat climate change!

Exclusive: McCarthy gives Tucker Carlson access to trove of Jan. 6 riot tape
House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has given Fox News’ Tucker Carlson exclusive access to 41,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage from the Jan. 6 riot, McCarthy sources tell me. Carlson TV producers were on Capitol Hill last week to begin digging through the trove, which includes multiple camera angles from all over Capitol grounds. Excerpts will begin airing in the coming weeks.

Putin’s address to the nation – “Unbelievable, – we are again threatened by German Leopard tanks, which have blood on their hands.“
“Unbelievable, but a fact – we are again threatened by German Leopard tanks, which have blood on their hands. And again they are going to fight with Russia on the land of Ukraine by the hands of Hitler’s followers”.

EU To Hold Emergency Meeting On Mar 6-7, May Send ALL OF NATO’s Remaining Ammunition To Kiev
The disarmament of Europe is almost finished, just as the WEF wants. If Europe has no ammo or heavy weapons, they can’t resist when the WEF takes over. 🇪🇺”Ukraine receives enough weapons, but not enough ammunition, the EU should solve this problem within a week”- Josep Borrell.

US teachers peddling same ‘woke ideologies’ taught in North Korea, defector says
A defector from North Korea said Tuesday “woke ideologies” taught in American classrooms are no different from those taught in the classrooms in her home country.

‘White supremacist’: St. Paul school board director criticizes return of officers
A director on the St. Paul Public Schools Board of Education is criticizing the district’s decision to temporarily put police officers back in high schools after a fatal stabbing last week, calling it a “status quo white [supremacist] solution.”

Victim sounds alarm on ‘epidemic’ of catalytic converter thefts
“While kids are getting stabbed in school, there are carjackings and robberies, our brilliant legislators are wasting time passing laws to put tampons in boys’ bathrooms. You can’t make it up,” the victim said. According to the Pioneer Press, there were … 1,811 and through October 2022 there were 2,156 reports.

Massive winter storm to affect much of the U.S. this week, extremely disruptive impact on travel and livestock 
A massive winter storm is expected to impact much of the U.S. this week with a variety of hazards. The storm will spread a large swath of heavy snow from the West Coast to the Northeast from Monday, February 20 to Thursday, February 23, 2023.

Extremely heavy rains hit Brazil, leaving at least 36 people dead
Brazil’s southeastern coastal areas were hit with exceptionally heavy rainfall on February 18 and 19, 2023, causing floods and landslides that killed 36 people and displaced hundreds more. The region experienced some of the country’s highest recorded rainfall totals for a 24-hour period, with Bertioga registering 694 mm (27.32 inches) and São Sebastião recording 649 mm (25.55 inches) during the same timeframe.

Extensive flooding hits northern Romania
Heavy flooding in northern Romania caused severe damage to roads and disrupted rail services in Bistrita and Maramures counties. The deluge left homes and farmland flooded and triggered landslides.

Paraguay communities cut off by flooded rivers in Amambay Department 
The Aquidabán River in Amambay Department, Paraguay, overflowed on February 16, 2023, leading to extensive flooding that has caused damage to roads and bridges, affected 700 indigenous families, and displaced many residents. The flooding has caused significant material damage, with many residents losing all their belongings, and has left multiple communities isolated due to the destruction of numerous bridges and roads.

North Queensland communities bracing for weeks of isolation after widespread floods, Australia
Remote communities in North Queensland are facing weeks of isolation as a “massive” logistical operation is underway to deliver supplies after heavy rainfall over the weekend. Despite being cut-off, graziers and locals have welcomed the rain, describing it as a “good flood.”

From heatwave to frost in less than a week: Historic cold engulfs parts of South America
A sudden and unexpected surge of cold Arctic air has engulfed several regions of South America, shattering numerous cold records in its wake. Although it is currently summer in the southern hemisphere, including parts of South America such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and parts of Brazil, some areas have experienced a drastic and rapid shift in weather, going from a heat wave to frost in less than a week.

END OF AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY: Biden Regime Negotiates “Legally Binding” Deal To Give Chinese-Backed World Health Organization Full Authority Over US Pandemic Policies – No Senate Approval Needed
The Biden Regime never fails to orchestrate an avenue to circumvent the U.S. Constitution and betray the American people. A bombshell report from the Epoch Times Saturday reveals the Regime is about to surrender America’s sovereignty to the World Health Organization (WHO) and give them full control over future pandemic policy.

18-inch pipe bomb discovered near train tracks behind Philadelphia church
According to local Fox News, “an 18-inch pipe bomb was found Sunday behind St. Dominic’s Catholic Church, on Frankford Avenue, in Philadelphia’s Holmesburg section.” The device was discovered near Conrail train tracks behind the church.

Asbury University President Kevin J. Brown Says It’s Time To ‘End The Revival’ As It Has Caused Many To Feel ‘Unsettled And Alienated’ On Campus, Huh? 
From the start, the revival at Asbury University had all the hallmarks of a work started in the flesh, and the way it’s ending, by the decree of the school’s president Kevin Brown, proves that to be true. If anyone over there would have bothered to open up their Bibles, they would have seen that biblical revival is started by the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, and continues until He brings it to a close. Why, the very idea of saying ‘the revival will come to a close at 2:00 PM today’ is proof it’s man-made!

New street drug is surfacing, threatening to make California’s overdose crisis worse
Traces of xylazine, commonly known as “tranq,” have been found to have contributed to a small number of overdose deaths in San Francisco and Los Angeles, indicating the drug commonly used by veterinarians to tranquilize animals has already started to make its way into illegal street drugs here.

Biden Secretary of State Blinken Announces $185 Million in Aid to Turkey Following Earthquake – But Administration Ignores East Palestine
Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced on Sunday the United States allocated another $100 million to Turkey following the devastating earthquakes earlier this month.

UPDATED: Walkthrough In Sacramento After 2020 Election Showed Dominion Boxes Labeled “Made in China”, a Pallet of Ballots Unsealed, Passwords and Flashdrives Laying Around Tabulation Room
UPDATE: This story is developing. We are working to collect more background information on this report. There is much more to this report.  We will have more updates after speaking with one of the local officials.

Astronomers Intrigued by 25 Mysterious Repeating Radio Signals From Deep Space
A team of astronomers has discovered 25 fast radio bursts (FRBs), which are mysterious and extremely powerful pulses of radio waves that repeat in complex patterns, Universe Today reports.

Cincinnati Shuts Off Ohio River Intake, Switches To Water Reserves – National File
A major metropolitan area in Ohio has made moves to shut off its Ohio River water intake following the East Palestine train derailment. Local officials from Cincinnati announced they would temporarily be cutting off the city’s water intake from the Ohio River and are switching to water reserves.

While propagandists wage war on eggs, two studies reveal egg yolks mitigate vaccine-induced spike proteinsTwo studies reveal egg yolks mitigate the vaccine-induced spike protein.  In the USA, several food processing plants and egg-laying facilities have mysteriously exploded or caught fire over the past year and farmers are saying chicken feed is stopping their hens from laying. Propagandists are blaming “bird flu” for the egg shortage and the subsequent soaring egg prices while at the same time nudging people to stop eating eggs.

Is The World Experiencing Revival, Or Is It The Rising Spirit Of Antichrist Leading People Astray? Your King James Bible Has All The Answers You Need
The president of Asbury University closed down the school to the revival which according to all reports is moving elsewhere right now. For the past 15 or so days, the so-called Asbury Revival has gone viral on social media, for reasons good and bad. Christians are called to judge the spiritual things we encounter, including things like a movement of revival in our midst, to see if it is from God or from Satan. Would Satan send an end time revival? He sure would, in fact, the Bible says it will last for exactly 3.5 years, when it comes in the days after the true Church is caught up and away. Paul calls it the ‘strong delusion‘.

Dr. John Campbell: Covid ‘Vaccine’ Causes Brain and Heart Injury, Not the Infection 
Both the U.S. and the U.K. are refusing to investigate anomalous deaths. “Now, why are autopsies not being done in the United States?

Australia Still Promoting 5th Covid ‘Vaccine’ and Insisting they are ‘Safe and Effective’  
Despite the overwhelming evidence that the mRNA gene therapy shots have a negative efficacy for Covid and pose many dangers, Australia’s far-left government and media are pushing people to get even a fifth Covid “vaccine” injection.