28 Mar 2020

Trump Considers Coronavirus Quarantine in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
President Trump said he is considering an “enforceable quarantine” in New York, New Jersey and parts of Connecticut and may make a decision as soon as later Saturday, as the nation’s largest city quickly becomes an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

Not since the Black Plague have Jerusalem’s holy alleys fallen so still
“It was the year 1349, at the time of the Black Plague,” he said, holding the key that had shut things down a day earlier and back in the 14th century as well. They measure time differently here in the oldest section of one of the world’s oldest cities, the ancient, dispute-riddled and spiritually dense center of three major religions.

Demand for online ordering leaves grocery stores scrambling, customers waiting
A retired federal employee who lives in Arlington, Virginia, he’s 83 and has a heart condition. He doesn’t go outside for food and hasn’t left the house for two weeks. When Govan tried to order groceries online from Safeway, he found the store’s system would let him fill his virtual cart but wouldn’t let him schedule a delivery. All the slots were taken for several days, and a calendar for later dates wasn’t available.

Terror plot to blow up Missouri hospital…
A white nationalist’s plan to blow up a hospital was foiled after the FBI began investigating another bombing plot by a U.S. Army soldier who also planned to kill Beto O’Rourke. Timothy Wilson, 36, was killed during a gunfight when the FBI attempted to serve him a warrant in Belton, Missouri. Wilson was rushed to a nearby hospital when he died from his injuries.

Trump tells GM: Stop ‘wasting time’, build ventilators to address coronavirus
U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday invoked emergency powers to require General Motors Co to build much-needed ventilators for coronavirus patients after he accused the largest U.S. automaker of “wasting time” during negotiations. Trump, who has been on the defensive for not moving faster to compel the production of medical equipment, for the first time invoked the Defense Production Act…

Gaza rocket hits open field southern Israel
A rocket launched from Gaza on Friday night landed in open fields near border communities in southern Israel, the IDF said. No damage or injuries were reported. In response, IDF tanks and aircraft attacked three sites belonging to the Hamas terror group that rules Gaza. The military said the targets were “infrastructure used for underground activity,” without elaborating.

Turkey suspends all international flights, expands restrictions
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has imposed additional nationwide restrictions to contain the spread of coronavirus in the country. While stopping short of declaring a lockdown, Erdogan on Friday announced the suspension of all international flights to and from Turkey as well as strict monitoring of domestic travel.

Saudis not bowing to Trump admin pressure to end oil price war
Saudi Arabia said on Friday that it was not in talks with Russia to stablise crude prices despite overtures from Moscow and rising pressure from Washington to call a truce in an oil price war. A three-year supply pact between the Saudi-led Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its allies led by Russia fell apart earlier this month…

US-led coalition withdraws from Iraq airbase after rocket attacks
The US-led coalition has withdrawn from the Qayyarah airbase in northern Iraq after a string of recent rocket attacks on other bases. The move is designed to minimise the risk of troops getting hit as the coalition transfers them to just a few facilities.

Lebanon’s police clear protest camps in Beirut as coronavirus curfew takes effect
Lebanese riot police cleared dozens of protesters camps in Downtown Beirut on Friday evening as the country’s curfew measures came into effect, local media reported. Protestors told local media, The Daily Star, that police came at 6:30 p.m. without any warning and told them to leave immediately.

Series of severe weather events, including hailstorms, heavy rains and snow hit southwest China
A series of severe weather events, including hailstorms, heavy rains, and snow, has been battering parts of southwest China since March 22, 2020. The events caused widespread damage and disruption…in the provinces of Hubei, Jiangxi, Sichuan, and Guizhou. Large hailstones suddenly began pummeling many areas of southwest Guizhou, from the afternoon of March 22 into March 23, damaging homes, cars, and crops.

Ex British Prime Minister Calls on World Leaders to Form ‘One World Government’
The United Kingdom’s former Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called on world leaders to form a “temporary” global government to resolve both the medical and economic crises caused by the coronavirus pandemic reports the Guardian.

Nevada’s Democrat Governor Outlaws Antimalarial Drugs for Coronavirus Sufferers
Nevada’s Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak signed an order Tuesday outlawing the use of antimalarial drugs for sufferers of the coronavirus.

Rabbi: Three Elections are Preparation for the Resurrection of the Dead
A rabbi who has dedicated his life to acts of lovingkindness revealed an obscure teaching that links Israel’s current political impasse with Moses and the final divine Davidic dynasty that precedes the resurrection of the dead.

Israel strikes Gaza in retaliation for rocket fire
The IDF struck targets in the Gaza Strip on Friday night in response to the firing of a rocket sent into Israel earlier in the evening, breaking a lull of violence amid the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

Labor, Gesher consider joining Gantz in Netanyahu-led government
These are results of the election. There are circumstances that force us to come and realize that efforts must now be made to reach a compromise.”

‘As if God doesn’t want us,’ millions of Arabs face coronavirus impact
Shockingly, the mosque erected by the prophet of Islam and is the second holiest to Islam after the Kaaba in Mecca is nearly empty after Saudi authorities forbade mass prayers in an attempt to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus among the believers. The pictures of the holy sites without pilgrims honoring them aired across the Islamic world, leading a friend of Maariv reporter Jack Khoury to write to him that it is “as if God does not want us there.”

Dr. Fauci: Coronavirus death rate like very bad flu
Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, co-authored an article published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine predicting the fatality rate for the coronavirus will turn out to be like that of a “severe seasonal influenza.” In an exceptionally bad flu season, the case fatality rate is about one-tenth of 1 percent, the authors write.

Hubei Residents Riot After Quarantine Lifted; Police Beaten With Their Own Shield, Cop Cars Overturned
Residents of Hubei province in China teamed up with their local police force to battle the police from neighboring Jiangxi province – who set up a roadblock on the Yangtze River Bridge to prevent the people of Hubei from crossing and returning to work.

Baltimore Population Plunges To Lowest In Over A Century As Homicides Soar
Baltimore City’s population dipped below the 600,000 level, not see in more than a century, as record homicides, an opioid crisis, and now an economic depression risks sending the city deeper into chaos. The Baltimore Sun, citing new US Census data released on Thursday, estimates that the population in the city was 593,490 as of July 2019.

Bill Gates Is Quite Confident That He Can Leverage The Coronavirus To Make Every Person On Earth Receive A Vaccination With Digital ID
All you have to do is Google ‘bill gates digital id‘ and you will get a plethora of information regarding the very advanced work Bill Gates and his billions have been conducting with regard to getting every human being digitally identified. After you do that, then Google ‘bill gates digital vaccinations‘ and see what they returns for you. As you begin to do the research, it becomes clear pretty quickly that Bill Gates has a 3-pronged game plan consisting of Billions • Vaccinations • Digital IDs by which he is going to carry out his master plan. Is this the Mark of the Beast? No, but you should still be afraid of it anyway.

Strong eruption at Merapi volcano — ash to 7.8 km (25 500 feet) a.s.l., Aviation Color Code raised to Red, Indonesia
A moderately strong eruption took place at Indonesia’s most active volcano — Mount Merapi, on Friday, March 27, 2020, ejecting ash up to 7.8 km (25 500 feet) above sea level and forcing authorities to raise the Aviation Color Code from Green to Red. This is Merapi’s second major eruption this month.

Utah seismologists probe aftershocks following historic M5.7 earthquake in Salt Lake City, U.S.
Salt Lake City in Utah, U.S. was hit by an M5.7 earthquake on March 18, 2020– the largest since M5.9 near St. George in 1992. Following the event, seismologists from the University of Utah began closely examining hundreds of aftershocks to learn more about the tremor, investigate its ‘virtually unknown’ fault, and assess the severity of future jolts.

Coronavirus being used as justification to implement a total surveillance society
The changes occurring in our world due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic are many, as you’ve surely noticed. Restaurants are closed, people are standing very far apart from one another, and the globalists can’t stop talking about herding the “sheep” into even tighter and more heavily surveilled life prisons.

“If Getting Us Into $6 Trillion More Debt Doesn’t Matter, Then Why Not $350 Trillion?”
Shortly after 4pm, president Trump signed into law the $2 trillion fiscal stimulus also known as the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act), which gives the Fed the ammunition to issue up to $4.5 trillion in additional debt, a “Multitrillion Dollar Helicopter Credit Drop” as Bloomberg called it, and officially launches not only helicopter money but the biggest wealth transfer in US history, as not only will the Fed balance sheet double on short notice but will unleash an unprecedented spending spree the likes of which not even Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez could have ever imagined would take place.

Globalist Think Tank Laid Out Scenario Where Virus Outbreak Prompts Authoritarian Crackdown
A Rockefeller Foundation report produced 10 years ago imagined a viral pandemic as the perfect catalyst to implement “tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership,” eerily similar to what’s unfolding during the current coronavirus outbreak.

False Teacher Rodney Howard-Browne Tells Congregation To Shake Hands And Hug Because Coronavirus Has ‘No Power To Hurt Them’ Inside The Church
When I think of the term “snake oil salesman”, I think of end times Charismatic fakers like Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Jessie DuPlantis, and myriad others who ply the “gospel business” for profit. But Rodney Howard-Browne deserves a special place in this category for his jarringly false teacher of ‘Holy Ghost Laughter’ that he learned from Kenneth Hagin. The false doctrine of “holy laughter” is not just a bad teaching or a false teaching, it is one that literally mocks the Holy Spirit, and mocks Jesus Christ.

Chinese Distributed Faulty Coronavirus Test Kits Throughout Europe, Reports Indicate
Thousands of rapid test kits purchased from China by European countries have proven to be defective, according to local reports.

Gordon Brown calls for global government to tackle coronavirus
Gordon Brown has urged world leaders to create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

300 Die In Iran After Drinking Methanol As Fake Coronavirus Remedy
According to Fox News, an excess of 300 people have died while an additional 1,000 have been become sick from drinking methanol, an industrial alcohol that is highly poisonous when consumed by humans, thinking that it was a preventative vaccine against the coronavirus.