24 Mar 2020

No Refunds: Costco Hoarders Discover They Can’t Return Toilet Paper
Those who have regrets after realizing that COVID-19 isn’t a ‘pooping disease’ were met with signs at various Costco locations informing them that they won’t be able to return all that toilet paper, paper towels, sanitizing wipes, water, rice and lysol they bought in anticipation of a societal collapse….

Archbishop Jan Lenga: Pope Francis is ‘Usurper and Heretic,’ ‘Leading the World Astray’
Catholic Archbishop Jan Lenga, the former head of the Diocese of Karaganda, Khazakhstan and now retired in Poland, was ordered to stop delivering sermons and speaking with the media because of his frequent statements that Pope Francis is a “heretic” spreading “untruths and sins” and “leading the world astray.” “What right do they have to recall what pertains to the church when they themselves have never upheld it?” he said. “Bergoglio [Pope Francis] has not confirmed himself in the faith and is not passing that faith to others, he is leading the world astray,” ‘the Antichrist is here.'”

Large Section of Yellowstone ‘Breathing Heavy’ from Magma Under the Surface
The most dangerous supervolcano on the planet is pulsating, rising and falling several inches every year, but scientists assure the public there is nothing to worry about. Prophecy says otherwise.

After Breaking Law, High Court Accused of Waging ‘Coup’ Against Legislative Branch
Israel’s Supreme Court is being accused of waging a judicial coup after telling the Knesset (Parliament) chairman, Likud MK Yuli Edelstein, to hold a vote on his own resignation. Their ruling added that if the Chairman refuses to hold the vote, the High Court will remove him. Following the decision, a wave of criticism was slewn at the Judicial Branch’s direction.

Large Section of Yellowstone ‘Breathing Heavy’ from Magma Under the Surface
The most dangerous supervolcano on the planet is pulsating, rising and falling several inches every year, but scientists assure the public there is nothing to worry about. Prophecy says otherwise.

Trump: The US wasn’t built to be shut down
US President Donald Trump said on Monday that his administration would work to allow local economies to “cautiously resume” activities at the appropriate time amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Marines getting rid of all tanks and completely restructuring to orient towards China
The Marine Corps plan to undergo the most significant changes in the past 20 years to focus on the rising Chinese threat while shifting its focus away from the Middle East. The plan over the next 10 years is to prepare the Marines for an island-to-island battle in the Western Pacific,

US Surgeon general warns coronavirus is ‘going to get bad’ this week
Adams delivered his warning during an interview Monday on NBC’s “Today” show. He said the spread of coronavirus is likely to get worse as a result of people not adhering to guidelines to stay home and practice social distancing. “I want America to understand this week, it’s going to get bad,” Adams said.

Clyburn Brazenly Admits What We Suspected: Dems Using COVID To Change America To Fit Their Vision
On Sunday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tossed a purely partisan grenade into the Senate and utterly destroyed a bipartisan legislative package intended to provide desperately needed economic relief to the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Report: China Hid Over 43,000 Confirmed Corona virus Cases
More than 43,000 people who tested positive in China for coronavirus by the end of February were not included in the nation’s official tally of confirmed cases, according to a report Sunday. The figure represents so-called silent carriers, people who tested positive for the virus but showed no symptoms, according to Chinese government data obtained by the South China Morning Post.

Likud to continue boycotting Knesset
The Likud and its satellite parties will continue to not participate in the proceedings of the Knesset and its committees on Tuesday, to protest Blue and White’s decision to form the committees without coordination with the Likud’s bloc. The Knesset Arrangements Committee, led by Blue and White faction chairman Avi Nissenkorn, approved the establishment of six interim committees late Monday night…

Spread of COVID-19 begins to show pattern of 4-8 week eruption cycle
…Most people are focused on the total number of patients, new patients and deaths worldwide. These numbers are ascending at a deadly pace, literally, and looking at the graphs gives a sense that they are climbing rapidly toward the end of the world. However, the specific data of each country, when examined separately, suggest otherwise. Although this is an early observation, it appears this disease has a periodicity of a classic Gaussian bell-curve shape wherever it appears.

A Mysterious Database Exposed 200 Million Americans’ Personal Info
Here’s a strange one: CyberNews reported Friday that a Google Cloud database exposed the personal information of roughly 200 million Americans. It’s not clear who owned the database, however, and it appeared to have been wiped on March 3. But that wasn’t actually the end of the saga; things only got weirder from there.

Italy records smaller increase in virus cases for 2nd day
Italy has recorded a smaller day-to-day increase in new coronavirus cases for the second straight day, officials said Monday while cautioning it was too soon to know if the worst is behind the country… Data released by Italy’s Civil Protection agency showed 4,789 new cases from a day earlier, nearly 700 fewer than the day-to-day increase of 5,560 new cases reported Sunday.

Unity talks stalled over High Court ruling to allow vote for Speaker
The prospect of a unity government was fading Tuesday after Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein refused to commit to a date for a vote on his replacement and after the High Court instructed him to bring the matter to a vote by Wednesday at the latest. Likud ministers fumed over Blue & White’s intention to replace the speaker with a member of their own party despite threats to discontinue unity talks.

Lebanon to stop paying back all debt in foreign currencies
Lebanon will stop paying all maturing Eurobonds in foreign currencies amid a crippling economic and financial crisis and as foreign currency reserves continue to drop… The decision to stop paying the Eurobonds — …worth about $30 billion and which mature in the coming years until 2037 — comes more than a week after Lebanon’s government suspended the payment of $1.2 billion in loans that matured on March 9.

Trump order makes it crime to stockpile supplies
President Donald Trump has signed an executive order making it a crime to excessively stockpile personal protective equipment that is needed by medical personnel fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Attorney General William Barr says the Justice Department has already launched investigations into people who are hoarding supplies and price gouging.

Clyburn On Democrats’ Coronavirus Bill Agenda: ‘Tremendous Opportunity To Restructure Things To Fit Our Vision’
House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) told colleagues late last week that the need for a massive stimulus bill to protect the economy and American families provided the Democrats a “tremendous opportunity” to “restructure” the bill to get them things that they want to advance their partisan agenda.

The Betrayal Of America We Told You Was Coming Back In 2010 Has Finally Arrived As Democrats seek To Finish Obama’s ‘Fundamental Transformation’ Of United States
Let me direct your attention to the image at the top of this article, it is the original Now The End Begins banner from 2010. Take a moment to review all the text and imagry I designed into it. On the banner, I said that America was being ‘betrayed by the very people’ who had sworn an oath to protect it. At that time, it was directed at the policies of globalist Barack Obama who did his very best to, as he had promised, ‘fundamentally transform‘ the United States of America. Had Hillary Clinton won in 2016, the torch would have been passed to her to finish the job. She was all set and eager to pull the trigger.

Days of intense, record rains trigger deadly floods in Ohio and Indiana, U.S.
Days of torrential rain triggered flash flooding in parts of Ohio and Indiana on March 20, 2020, resulting in damage to properties and at least eight fatalities. Rescue operations conducted by emergency responders, volunteer fire departments, as well as the victims’ relatives and friends, lasted until Sunday, March 22.

At least 5 dead, hundreds of homes severely damaged as major floods hit Iraq
Days of torrential rains caused massive floods in parts of Iraq on March 18, 2020, causing major damage and claiming the lives of at least 5 people. The Kurdistan region’s Duhok governorate was among the worst-hit, with more than 300 homes damaged, as well as dozens of cars piled up across muddy streets. In the Niniveh governorate, the city of Mosul recorded about 124 mm (4.9 inches) of rain in 24 hours, which is more than its average for the entire month of March.

In Stunning Reversal, Pope Francis Tells Coronavirus Quarantined Catholics They Don’t Really Need A Priest To Confess Their Sins To God
How well I remember my years as a Catholic, starting as an altar boy and then spending 12 years in the Catholic school system, I can still recall how confusing it all was and how much the priests would constantly contradict themselves. Pope Francis’ statement over the weekend urging Catholics under coronavirus quarantine who cannot get to the confessional with a priest to simply confess their sins to God directly is a great example of that. What the…?? Has the pope become a temporary Protestant? Sure sounds like it.

During Reddit AMA On COVID-19 Coronavirus, Eugenicist Bill Gates Calls For A ‘National Tracking System’ And ‘Billions Of Vaccinations’ To ‘Protect The World’
Every time I write an article on eugenicist Bill Gates and his desire to control the global population, I always get a visit from the folks over at NewsGuard, the Liberal “fact checking” group financed by Microsoft and embedded in their Edge web browser. The entire agenda of NewsGuard is to promote the Liberal position seen over at fake news MSNBC, while at the same time preventing Christians and Conservatives from having a voice online. Sorry, NewsGuard, we won’t be silenced by you or anyone else. We are in the publishing business, take a look.

California Police Will Use State-Of-The-Art Chinese Patrol Drones Equipped With Night Vision Cameras To Enforce Coronavirus Lockdown Order
Just as we experienced in 9/11, the day finally came when the craziness subsided, we will one day hopefully watch our current coronavirus craziness subside also. But just as when 9/11 ended we didn’t go back to the same world we had previously known, neither will we this time return to life as we once knew it. Regardless of the true origin of the coronavirus, it matters not from whence it truly came, the current panic is being used to push us forward into a world of the future. The world we’ve been warning you about.

Evangelist Nick Hall’s ‘The Bible Quarantine’ Social Media Series Allows People to Stay Spiritually Connected
While families across the nation cope with quarantines and closures, one man has created a new social media series to help people stay connected with Christ.

Pelosi Celebrates Obamacare Anniversary Amid Coronavirus Market Meltdown
On the brink of an economic and social collapse from the coronavirus pandemic Republicans in Congress are scrambling to address, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi decided instead to defend Obamacare in a bizarre televised speech to the American people.

Democrats Block Senate Coronavirus Package
Democrats blocked a coronavirus package on Sunday that would provide economic relief to businesses and Americans suffering from the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Congratulations on Epidemic in the US!” – Banner at China Restaurant Cheers Spread of Coronavirus in US and Japan
US liberals and the WHO have been crying about how racist the US and Trump are for calling COVID-19 the “Chinese Coronavirus” or “Wuhan Flu.”