28 Jul 2019

Iran nuclear deal parties meet for ’emergency talks’ after month of friction
Parties to Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal met in Vienna on Sunday for emergency talks called in response to an escalation in tensions between Iran and the West that included confrontations at sea and Tehran’s breaches of the accord. Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and Iran have been trying to salvage the pact since the United States withdrew from it in May 2018 and re-imposed and toughened sanctions on Iran, crippling an already weak economy.

Israel, US carry out successful test of Arrow-3 missile over Alaska
In face of Iran’s continued development of long-range missiles, Israel and the United States completed a series of tests of the new long-range Arrow-3 ballistic missile defense system in Alaska, including the successful interception of an “enemy” target. The series of experiments over the course of 10 days saw three successful interceptions. It was the first time that such a test took place outside of Israeli territory…

Israeli satellite ‘Amos-17’ to be launched into space next week from Florida
Israeli satellite “Amos-17” is scheduled to be mounted on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and launched to space from Cape Canaveral, Florida next Sunday or Monday, Ynet reported. The satellite is owned by the Israeli communication company Spacecom, built by Boeing and will be mounted on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Amos-17’s objective would be to provide TV, cellular and internet services to Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Bernie Sanders would use foreign aid as leverage on Israel
US Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) said on Friday that he would “absolutely” consider using foreign aid as leverage to get the Israeli government to act differently. “We are giving large sums of money,” Sanders said in an interview with the liberal podcast “Pod Save America,” but then asked to take a step back to clarify his point of view: “Let me back it up before the tweets start flowing,” said the Democratic hopeful.

At least 30 killed and 15 missing after China landslide
At least 36 people are now known to have died in a landslide that struck a village in southern China on Tuesday. State-run local media also report that 15 people have been missing since a wave of mud buried more than 20 houses in the province of Guizhou. Chinese authorities told Xinhua news agency that another 40 people had been rescued from the landslide in Shuicheng county.

GOP lawmaker says he’s ‘concerned’ over reported UFO sightings by Navy pilots
Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., told Fox News Friday that he is “concerned” about recent reports by U.S. Navy pilots of encounters with unidentified aircraft that some have speculated could be otherworldly. “We are concerned about it,” Walker, a member of the House Homeland Security Committee, said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “As the ranking member of terrorism and counterintelligence, we have questions.

An Evangelical Megachurch Is Sued for More Than $1 Million in Child Sexual Abuse Case
The case against the Village Church — which is based in Flower Mound, Tex., outside Dallas, and is led by Matt Chandler — is perhaps the most high-profile current lawsuit alleging child sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention. It comes as the largest Protestant denomination in the United States has vowed to address widespread sexual abuse in its congregations.

Putin leads Russian naval parade after crackdown in Moscow
Russian President Vladimir Putin led Russia’s first major naval parade in years on Sunday, the day after a violent police crackdown on anti-government protesters in Moscow. Putin on Sunday morning went aboard one of the vessels in the Navy Day parade in St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland. The parade, the biggest in years, included 43 ships and submarines and 4,000 troops.

Ebola outbreak unstoppable as victims REFUSE treatment fearing Govt ‘behind disease’
Ebola is sweeping through central Africa with the current outbreak becoming the second worst in history. Experts even believe it could equal or surpass the worst on record, where 11,323 people died from December 2013 to January 2016. WHO has called for the world’s superpowers to do more to help combat the disease, with 1,743 people killed.

Russia detains more than 1,000 people in opposition crackdown
Russian police rounded up more than 1,000 people in Moscow on Saturday in one of the biggest crackdowns of recent years against an increasingly defiant opposition decrying President Vladimir Putin’s tight grip on power. The detentions came around a protest to demand that opposition members be allowed to run in a local election.

Magnitude 6.3 earthquake hits near Japan
An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 has struck near the south coast of Japan’s island of Honshu, the European earthquake monitoring service EMSC reported. The estimated population of the area where the earthquake was felt is 30 million inhabitants, EMSC said.

Thou shalt not take the Lord’s name in vain: Italian town to issue €400 blasphemy fines
A northern Italian town has had enough of people taking the Lord’s name in vain and those who do will be fined up to €400 (£360) for blasphemy.

India Investigating Female Feticide In 132 Villages Without Girl Births
Indian authorities are investigating if illegal abortions and illicit sex-selection methods led to a lack of female births over the last three months in 132 villages, several outlets reported this week.

Australia weather The one in 120 year super drought weather news
We are in a super drought. How did we get here and just how did it get so bad? These were just some of the questions tackled in a recent webinar hosted by the Bureau of Meteorology.

At least 8 people killed, dozens injured after series of strong earthquakes hit Batanes Islands, Philippines
Series of strong earthquakes hit Batanes, the Philippines on July 26 and 27, 2019, leaving at least 8 people dead and dozens injured.

NGO: Over 7,000 Venezuelans Have Died in Prison Under Socialism
Over 7,000 people have died in Venezuelan prisons since the socialist regime seized power in 1999, according to a studypublished Thursday by the Venezuelan Prison Observatory (OVP).

Coast Guard Seizes 26,000 Pounds Of Cocaine In The Pacific Ocean
The U.S. Coast Guard seized over 26,000 pounds of cocaine worth more than $350 million from several drug busts throughout the Pacific Ocean, which it unloaded in San Diego Friday.

South Dakota law requiring ‘In God We Trust’ to hang in all schools goes into effect
Schools across South Dakota will soon have the national motto, “In God We Trust,” displayed prominently in every school of the state’s 149 school districts.

Official Jesuit Magazine ‘America’ Makes The ‘Catholic Case For Communism’ In Outrageous Article Defending The Murderous Ideology Of Marxism
All Bible believers know that in the time of Jacob’s trouble, the Roman Catholic harlot seen in Revelation 17 and 18 rises to have world domination under the leadership of Antichrist. One sure sign that we are getting very, very close to that time period is on full display in the latest edition of ‘America‘, the official magazine of the Jesuits. They have become so bold that they are actually beginning to tell the truth, little do they realize that the King James Bible they hate so much is already light-years ahead of them.

Euthanasia Activist’s New 3D-Printed ‘Suicide Pod’ Promises ‘Almost Euphoric’ Death
A new 3D-printed “suicide pod” with a detachable casket will soon be available to terminally ill people who want to end their own lives.

Former Mexican police officer indicted for trafficking enough fentanyl to kill 10 million
A federal grand jury in Amarillo has indicted a former Mexican municipal police officer for fentanyl trafficking, U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas Erin Nealy Cox announced Friday.

America is Surrounded by Its Enemies and Nobody Is Paying Attention
America is approaching our Valley Forge moment. The only problem is lies in the undisputable fact that our country does not have the character or awareness of the patriots from that time. We are soft, lazy, self-indulgent and immoral. The following analysis looks at the real and imminent threat posed by Russia and China’s allies in Central and South America as well as in Canada. I lose sleep over this story and even thought the Russians and Chinese are practicing to go to war with the United States, we simply sleep through the entire movie.

Naturalized U.S. citizen charged with becoming ISIS sniper and weapons instructor
A 42-year-old Brooklyn man has been charged with providing and attempting to provide material support – including training, services and personnel – to ISIS in Syria, the Department of Justice announced Friday after unsealing a criminal complaint in Brooklyn federal court.

Colorado public school forces girls to follow Islamic dress code on a school field trip to a mosque
A school district in colorado is coming under the wrath of the community for telling school girls that they may have to submit to sharia-compliant rules regarding covering their heads and ankles on a field trip to a Muslim mosque.

Trans Activist Jessica Yaniv Applies For Permit to Host Semi-Nude Pool Party with Children – Parents Excluded
Because of Yaniv’s lawsuit spree demanding females touch his genitals, many critics called him a sexual predator — and the critics may be right. Yaniv this week applied for a permit to hold “topless” pool parties for children aged 12+ and he wants to bar parents and guardians from attending so they can be in a “safe and inclusive” environment.