30 Mar 2019

IDF tank strikes Hamas post in response to explosive devices thrown
An IDF tank struck a Hamas position in the northern Gaza Strip Friday night in retaliation for explosive devices thrown across the security fence during violent riots. The strike came after violent night time riots broke out across the Gaza border which saw several Palestinians wounded by IDF gunfire. Loud explosions were also heard through the night in communities in southern Israel after explosive devices went off in the Strip.

30,000 protesters gather along Gaza fence, attacks reported
30,000 protesters gathered along the Gaza border on Saturday afternoon as a part of the March of Return protests, inciting violence with stone-throwing and tire-burning. Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh joined the riots along with members of the Egyptian intelligence, Palestinian media reported. The demonstrations, which Palestinian reports claimed will be peaceful, are part of the March of Return protests along the Gaza border.

Germany’s Ambassador to U.N. compares Israel to Hamas
New York. The German Bild paper published on Wednesday a scathing editorial accusing the country’s UN Ambassador Christoph Heusgen of betraying Chancellor Angela Merkel’s security pledge to Israel by comparing the Jewish state to the terrorist organization Hamas. The editorial authored by Filipp Piatov…took Heusgen to task for comparing Israel’s security measures against Palestinian terrorists with Hamas rocket attacks.

Thirty men sentenced for Egyptian church attack plot
Thirty men were sentenced to between 10 years to life imprisonment on Saturday for planning a suicide bombing on a church in the Egyptian city of Alexandria and other charges, court official said. Authorities said at the time of their arrest that the defendants had embraced the ideas of the Islamic State group and received training abroad and in Egypt.

Afghanistan flood death toll at 17, worsening already desperate situation
Heavy rains caused flash floods in western Afghanistan that killed at least 17 people, destroying homes and sweeping through makeshift shelters that housed displaced families, a government official said on Saturday. Two days of flooding that started on Thursday killed 12 people in Jawzjan and two in Badghis, provinces that border Turkmenistan, said Hasibullah Shir Khani, a spokesman for Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority.

Trump threatens to shut Mexico border amid migration surge
President Donald Trump has said he is likely to close the US border if Mexico does not do more to stop migrants reaching the United States. The closure would disrupt border crossings, threatening trade worth billions of dollars. Mr Trump’s threat follows a surge in migrants travelling through Mexico to seek asylum in the US.

DEA Never Checked If Its Massive Surveillance Operations Are Legal, Watchdog Says
The Drug Enforcement Administration skirted numerous legal checks on a trio of bulk data collection programs dating back to the early 1990s, according to an internal watchdog. In a heavily redacted, 144-page report…the Justice Department Inspector General revealed the administration failed to fully assess the legal basis for three massive international surveillance operations that ran largely unchecked from 1992 to 2013.

Magnitude 6.1 earthquake hits Papua New Guinea: USGS
A magnitude 6.4 earthquake hit Papua New Guinea’s New Britain island, 186 km (115 miles) east of Kandrian, on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey said. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries from the quake which, USGS said struck at 1120 GMT, the Center added. Earlier reports measured the magnitude at 6.4.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Posts Shock Video Implying United States May Also Support The Building Of A Third Jewish Temple In Israel
From a Bible prophecy perspective, Donald Trump is the greatest president since Harry S. Truman recognized the regathered nation of Israel back on May 14th, 1948. And in many respects, I would dare say that President Trump has outdone his predecessor regarding Israel. So now the question is, just how far is he planning to go? Could it be that part of Jared Kushner’s secret Middle East Peace Plan contains a Third Jewish Temple to be constructed in Jerusalem?

China Develops Cruise Missile that Launches from Cargo Ships
According to U.S. defense officials quoted by the Washington Free Beacon on Wednesday, China is developing a long-range cruise missile that can be hidden inside shipping containers and launched from civilian freighters, a type of ship China happens to own in abundance.

Dozens of actors pledge to resist filming in Georgia if the state passes its anti-abortion “heartbeat bill”
…And so stars—led by actress Alyssa Milano, whose Insatiable is currently filming its second season in the state—have now started signing their names to a public letter demanding that governor Brian Kemp veto the bill if it comes across his desk.

1,100 dead dolphins reportedly discovered on French coast this year: ‘There’s never been a number this high’
A staggering number of deceased, maimed dolphins have reportedly been found on the shores of France this year.

After Cyclone Idai, bodies litter Mozambique’s fields, and the true death toll may never be known
The flooding is estimated to have affected nearly 2 million people in Mozambique, where the official number of dead stands at 468. But the actual death toll from Cyclone Idai may never be known.

Fury at German band Rammstein’s ‘repulsive’ Holocaust clip
German hardrock band Rammstein sparked protests from politicians, historians and Jewish groups Thursday with a video showing band members dressed as concentration camp prisoners with nooses around their necks.

An Outbreak Spreads Fear: Of Measles, of Ultra-Orthodox Jews, of Anti-Semitism
A measles outbreak in a New York suburb has sickened scores of people and stoked long-smoldering tensions between the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and the secular world at large.

Presidents #25 and #35 Were Assassinated, Will #45 Be Next?
Trump has shown renewed resolve when it comes to taking on the Deep State since the Mueller nothing burger was delivered. This, in my opinion, has made him a marked man.

Minnesota Attempts to Subvert Electoral College by Slipping Nat’l Popular Vote into Omnibus Bill
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again—or just hide your idea in a giant piece of legislation, where you hope it won’t get noticed.

CLINTON BODY COUNT: Former Clinton And Obama Advisor Alan Krueger Found Dead Of Apparent Suicide Ahead Of New Book Release In June
Professor Alan Krueger, a man who had a new book coming out in June and everything to live for, suddenly decided to commit suicide for no apparent reason, stunning his colleagues and associates. But I could tell you two people not stunned by this news, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Why? Because they have long since grown accustomed to the people they used to work with dying under sudden and suspicious circumstances. This profoundly unlucky group of people, nearly 60 in total, are members of what we like to call The Clinton Dead Pool. Since they can no longer speak, we shall speak for them.