One of the most basic responsibilities of being a believer in Jesus Christ is the need to propagate the gospel message.

Most people seem to think evangelism is for people with reverend or pastor in front of their name. When we all stand before the King of Kings, each of us will be required to give an account of our earthly lives. 


This page is designed to provide an opportunity for people to become involve in the great commission. You don't need to stand on a soapbox on some street to preach the good news. You can write an article, submit it to this forum, and if published, it can reach thousands of people.

A Battle Cry for Israel Dan Payne

The Gay Guy Donna Wasson
Hold Your Positions  Don McReynolds

What Is Racism? Dan Payne
Daniel’s Seal Broken: 70 Weeks Prophecy Mayo
Weep for the Fall  Nuara

Persevere John Lysaught
People Are Watching You Sandy Howard
Stupid or Just Plain Evil? Donna Wasson

The Coming Police State Don McGee
Deception and Perception Patrick Wyett
The Awakening Dan Payne
On My Walk  Ryan Vanderstelt
What Does It Mean to Believe in Jesus?  Johnson
Not of This World  Camilla Smith
Sodomites and Brussels Sprouts Donna Wasson
Filth and Evil John Lysaught

Who’s Pulling Your Strings? Horner
Where Are the Christians? Sylvester
Christian Suffering Mike Taylor
Gog’s Power Play Steve Meehan

On the Road Part II: The End Is In Sight  Nuara
Signs From Above - An Update Ed Wood
Israel is an Embarrassment to Islam Don McGee
Getting Down to Brass Tacks Donna Wasson
Volcanic Eruption, Near in Middle East Mike Taylor
Humor: The Need for a Few New Words Ecklund
My Dream: A Visit from a Demon Sandy Howard
I’m a Sinner John Lysaught
What Are We to Do Then?  Mindy Silva

You Are Who Your Friends Are Rita Peck
A Blue Bride Donna Wasson
The Wondering  Mindy Silva
Wisdom to Hang on Till the Rapture Rodricks
Prelude to Persecution Patrick Wyett
Do Not Be Afraid John Lysaught
The Seriousness of Syria Steve Meehan
All Creation Groans Donna Wasson
The Plank in the “I”  Mindy Silva
How Long Will It Be Until the Rapture?  Carl Worline

The Sacrifice That No Longer Remains  Payne
I Will Go On  Camilla Smith
Anxious John Lysaught
Mournful History: Tammuz 17 to Tisha B’av Nuara
Are Aliens Real? Nah! Don McReynolds
The Night Is Almost Over Rita Peck
Professing to Be Wise They Became Fools Sylvester
Is There No Such Thing as a Gay Christian?  Payne
Standing Upon the Word of God or Not 1 Sylvester
Last Days Lamentations  Nuara
What Manner of Person Donna Wasson
Becoming Holy  Camilla Smith
The Unrepentant King Mike Taylor
Standing Upon the Word of God or Not 2 Sylvester
Holy Spirit, I Need You! John Lysaught
By Faith John Lysaught

Israel: The Key to End of the Age Mike Taylor
Do You Hear the Sirens? Tim Cameron
A Tale of Two Bosses Kevin Kitchens

Escalating Middle East Strife: Syria Explodes  Olsen
O America, Where Art Thou? Rita Peck
Death on Easter Island! Robert Mandel
Chill Out, Mikey! Donna Wasson
Sharing Grief: Memory of Those Recently Lost Ecklund
Liberals Unmasked JB Hall
All of the Positive Thinking In the World... Lloyd
On the Road to Heaven: Part 1  Cynthia Nuara

Cafeteria Christians Sylvester
Helping Words John Lysaught
Tribulation Now Mike Taylor
Scary, Isn’t It? Randy Nettles

Who or what are you waiting for? Patrick Wyett
Turn from Your Flesh John Lysaught
Why The Test When We Try To Do Our Best? Smith
Who Owns The Land Of Palestine?  Nuara
Warning: Tribulation Straight Ahead 2 Mike Taylor
Where Are You Going When You Die? Rita Peck
Greatest Commandment John Lysaught

What’s at Stake? Phyllis Keels
Who Are You Pointing To? Tim Cameron
For the Children Donna Wasson
It's Getting Dark Outside! Jenni Steinhauer
Need some encouragement? Marsha Mundy
The National Council of Churches Part 2 Sylvester
The National Council of Churches Part 1 Sylvester

Home Bible Fellowships Bobby Hayes 
Ides Of March Part IV: As the Crow Flies
Lawless (Part II) Pete Garcia 
Lawless (Part I)
Pete Garcia 
Quotes from the Quran  Ed Wood

The Rapture  Norman Manzon
A Famine of the Word Pete Garcia 
Jesus: The Standard for Character Rodricks
Finding Strength in Health Problems  John Lysaught
Religious Extremism Donna Wasson

Warning: Tribulation Straight Ahead 1  Mike Taylor
Fasten Your Seat Belt  Barbara Gardner
Peace and Joy  John Lysaught
Time to Bash the Christians Donna Wasson
The Fig Tree Has Budded 3 Douglas Hamp
The Fig Tree Has Budded 2 Douglas Hamp
The Fig Tree Has Budded 1 Douglas Hamp
Where We Miss the Mark in Life! Twobears
The Sequel to the Rapture Randy Nettles

The End Of Biblical Discernment? Jonathan Cahn
Is There Life After Death? Mike Taylor

Weekend in Hell  Kinsella
Where Is the Gospel? Tim Cameron
In the Light of Love  John Lysaught
Salt and Light
JB Hall
The Only True Purpose of Our Life on Earth
What Happens When We Die?  Kinsella
History Doesn't Repeat Itself - But It Rhymes Kinsella

In Memoriam: Jack Kinsella, 1952-2013
The World Loves Death  Janice Wilson
Ides Of March Part III: A Mystery Nevermore Nuara
Way Past Ready Donna Wasson
Rise of the One World Religion 
Mike Taylor

Time to Bash the Christians Donna Wasson
Contacting the Dead? Ed Wood
“Breaking News” for You Tim Cameron
Choose Eternity  John Lysaught
Riders of the Last Ark  Mindy Silva
Stuff Just Got Serious!
Donna Wasson

Does Jesus Christ Know You? Lea Sylvester
The Last Pope?  Mike Taylor
Behold the Dead Horse Pete Garcia
Children of God  John Lysaught
No Goodbye?
 Mindy Silva
Ides Of March Part II: Passover Exodus
Cynthia Nuara
The Creative Advantage  
Ryan Vanderstelt
The Jews Will Return to Temple Sacrifices  

A Second Letter To America  Dale Nobbman
Batten Down the Hatches! Donna Wasson
A Wisdom Check  Dale Nobbman

The World Council of Churches Lea Sylvester
What Do You Believe? Part II Lea Sylvester
Beware The Ides Of March
Cynthia Nuara
Apostate Food in Jesus’ Name
Tim Cameron
Noah’s Neighbors & the Moral Barometer
Well, I’ve Got News for You Donna Wasson

How's Your Ark Coming Along? David Nevin
We Really Are Sheeple Donna Wasson
Will Believers Rule and Reign with Christ? Olsen
Please Wake-Up, Please
Tim Cameron
The Chronicles of Life and Death
Pete Garcia

The Time Is Now Camilla Smith
Total Productive Maintenance and ...Mugwindiri
Blood Moon Rising - Day of the Lord  Mike Taylor
The Pope Belongs in the Pokey
Donna Wasson
For Heaven’s Sake! Sandy Howard
What Do You Believe? Lea Sylvester
Unusual Occurrences (PDF) Nuara
A review of Psalm 83: The Missing Prophecy Fletcher
It’s a Wonderful Life Sandy Howard
Age Of Accountability Kathy Overshiner
No Man Knoweth The Day Or Hour  Mike Taylor
Violence in the Land Don McGee
Depending Upon Ourselves Lea Sylvester
Looking For Love & The Meaning Of Life  Nobbman
Is That a Yes or a No? Donna Wasson
What is the Church? Donna Wasson
A Titanic Awakening Tim Cameron
Is the AC Looking Forward to the Rapture?  Howard
Prepare To Meet Thy God  Dale Nobbman
We Only Need 'One' Executive Action  Nobbman
Get Ready Donna Wasson
Depending Upon Ourselves Lea Sylvester
Finding 2013 Camilla Smith
U.S.A. and Blood Moon Rising  Mike Taylor
What Happens “in the Twinkling of an Eye?” Fowler
What Is Saturating Your Life Dale V. Nobbman
The Lost Church Lea Sylvester
Enjoy the Show Donna Wasson
NOT a Cheap Date Donna Wasson
What You Wish For Walter Diepeveen
Report on Future Congress 2013 Ecklund
"Man it sure looks Stormy" Tim Cameron
Dear Bible Skeptics Dale V. Nobbman
Parable of the Ten Virgins Pete Rose
Doomsday Revisited Pete Rose
Liberty To Do Evil  Mike Taylor
The 490 Years of Daniel 9 Don McGee
Angels Don McGee
Show Us Your Faith  Mike Taylor
Ready, Fire, Aim!
Pete Garcia
Out Of Many Pete Garcia
End-Of-The-World Scenarios Pete Rose
Biblical Discoveries: Old Testament (PDF) Nuara
Biblical Discoveries: New Testament (PDF) Nuara

Dear Christianity Haters Dale V. Nobbman
Egypt – My People Walter Diepeveen
Focus on the United States of America Tom Frank
He Came and He Is Coming Again Lea Sylvester
What In The World? Camilla Smith
The Demise Of Islam & Seven Years Of Peace Hall
Just Imagine Donna Wasson
Election 2012 — Was God Concerned? McGee
Savior or Anti-Christ? Jeff Patty
All means All Peter Marks
The Rapture Pete Garcia
Come Undone Pete Garcia
Solomon and the United States of America Ecklund
Is Santa Claus A Christian? Dale V. Nobbman
Hey Everybody, Watch This! Donna Wasson

Be Thankful Or Be Guilty?  Mike Taylor
Are You Ashamed To Be A Christian? Horner
Yes Miracles Do Still Happen Today! Horner
Out Of Office…Raptured Sandy Howard
Evacuation Notice 2 Pete Rose
Precious Memories Of You Dale V. Nobbman
The Fourth Harbinger Cynthia Nuara
Worn Out Saints Sandee Lloyd
Down the Rabbit Hole Donna Wasson

Obsession with Twilight Jeff Patty
Life Is Like A Christmas Tree Dale V. Nobbman
So What Now? Donna Wasson
All Hail, the King?  Mike Taylor
Are You Marked? Donna Wasson
Fundamentally Changing America Duane Carley
The "Untied" States Of America Dale V. Nobbman
Tall Trees – Shallow Roots Lea Sylvester
Strange Fire Pete Garcia
The God Factor Ed Merrick
It’s Not Easy Being Green Donna Wasson
False Ideas About Salvation Pete Rose
Multiple Harbingers Adam Kerberg
The First Resurrection  Mike Taylor

I'm Tired Donna Wasson
Lesser of Two Evils Jeff Patty
They Chose Not To Listen Donna Wasson
Surrounded Alone Deborah Jackson
Nibiru, Sinkholes and Scare Talk Pete Rose
Disobeying God Is Obeying Satan Amanda McCary
Defenders Of Liberty Dale V. Nobbman
It Is Time, Church Ryan Vanderstelt
Demonic Delusion Chris Mangan
What Time Is It? Martin Irish

Public School Religion Donna Wasson
Numbers Jeff Patty
The Walking Dead Pete Garcia
Vote 2 Dale V. Nobbman
When Did Defense of Truth Become Unloving Lloyd
A Church Divided  Timothy Horner
Pray? For This Guy? Donna Wasson
Our Wedding Day  Mike Taylor

An October Surprise? Steve Meehan
Deception is also Real Jeff Patty
What is a Christian?  Timothy Horner
The Seven Churches Pete Garcia
2012 – It’s Not Just the Mayans  Carl Worline
IMAGINE…..  Sandy Howard
Jacob’s Troubles Steve Meehan
Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid! Donna Wasson
False Sense of Security Jeff Patty
Something Big Is Going On 3 Pete Rose
American Albatross Pete Garcia
Showdown With The ‘All Consuming Fire’ Diehl

Blessed? Very! Happy? Ehhhh, Maybe Not So Much! Lloyd
Beware the Dragon Steve Meehan
Catastrophic Failure of Human Government McGee

Spiritual Wickedness Jeff Patty
I Am Calling You Out, Church Ryan Vanderstelt
The Rise of the Remnant Church II Tucker Whitaker
The Rise of the Remnant Church I Tucker Whitaker

As Close As I Wanna Get Donna Wasson
Politics, Morality, and Your Vote Mariah Morrisy
Night Visitors Jeff Patty
Vote Dale V. Nobbman

The Holocaust Revisited Steve Meehan
Prophecy: Right- or Wrong-Headed? Part 3 Hahn
How Did I Get Here? Camilla Smith
Truth, Grace And Mercy Lea Sylvester
Watchman On The Wall 2  Mike Taylor
Pins and Needles Donna Wasson
Watchman On The Wall 1  Mike Taylor
Forgiven Sandee Lloyd
Prepare To Eject! Steve Meehan
Something Big Is Going On 2 Pete Rose
Gee, Ya Think? Donna Wasson
Clear And Concise Deceit
Lea Sylvester
The Early Church Believed in the Restoration
What Does Sin Gotta Do With It?
Forgive to be Forgiven
Jeremiah Diehl
God’s Mercy Donna Wasson
Connecting the Dots─Backwards Steve Meehan
Something Big Is Going On 1 Pete Rose
Neglected Atheists
Donna Wasson
Why Earthly things cannot save you?
Who is This Guy? Part II
Donna Wasson
Who is This Guy? Part I
Donna Wasson
In Defense of Rome
D. G. Alley
Whaaah! Donna Wasson
Do As Your Told Steven Dobbs
And Knowledge Shall Increase... Steven Dobbs
Christian Youth of America Dale V. Nobbman
God is Great Donna Wasson
Stormy Rich
Donna Wasson
The King Who Honors Our Prayers Cartwright
The Sun or the SON! Steven Dobbs
Losing Liberty Part 1
Steven Dobbs
When They Say Peace and Safety
Steven Dobbs
Mansions in Heaven?
Sandee Lloyd
The True Religion of Peace
Brad Roberts
Jonathan Cahn Answers Dr. Ice
Jonathan Cahn
A People Prepared For Antichrist
Chris Mangan
Rest John F. Lysaught
Batter Up Jeff Van Hatten
Our Black Swan Donna Wasson

The Reality of Apostasy Dale V. Nobbman
One Statue, Four Beasts D. G. Alley
Conditioning Paul Simon

No Power  Jason Lovelace
Upcoming Prophesy Events Barry Madosky
“I Got It” David Miller

The Increasing Abhorrence for God Don McGee
A Land in Denial: Part II Donna Wasson
Over Deborah Jackson
Retraction Re: Dearborn Donna Wasson
A Land in Denial: Part I Donna Wasson
Bullies Donna Wasson
Is All Faith in God the Same? Mike Ecklund
What Do I Do With The Body? Mike Ecklund
What God is That? Donna Wasson
Satan Donna Wasson
Signs of the Last Days Carl Worline
Sons of God! Mike Taylor    
A Lesson on Forgiveness Donna Wasson
The Harbinger: The Author Responds To McMahon
In the Eye of the Storm Ben G.
Tattoos and the Rapture Thomas Tillman
Ignore the Waves Donna Wasson
What Holds Your Attention? Donna Wasson
Love to You All, Part II Jim Fletcher
The Feast Of Pentecost Jack Kelley
They Call Us Haters Ron Graham
A Glimpse of Hell: Part II Donna Wasson
A Glimpse of Hell: Part I Donna Wasson
Pandora’s Box Donna Wasson
The British Are Coming, The Biritish... Skeeters
A Follow Up to Shades of Gray Donna Wasson
Not Many Of You Should Presume To Teach Broadstone
Change is Coming Timothy Horner
Rapture Prayer Deborah Jackson
Has Obama Has Done That Which Is Evil.. Rahal
What would you do? Now honestly.. Sandy Howard
Oh, Barry Donna Wasson
Shades of Gray Donna Wasson
What Can I Do? Ed Wood
She Wolves Donna Wasson
The Call Home Timothy Horner
The Matrix is Real: Part V Donna Wasson
What’s He Waiting For?  D. G. Alley
The Matrix is Real: Part IV Donna Wasson
The Matrix is Real: Part III Donna Wasson
The Bride of Christ & The Jewish Wedding Models
The Matrix is Real: Part II Donna Wasson
The Matrix is Real: Part I Donna Wasson
Freedom From… Donna Wasson
Manly Men Donna Wasson
The 'Other Ship' that Never Sank Chris Mangan
They’re At It Again! Donna Wasson
Coming Soon to a Town Near You! Donna Wasson
Repent! The End Is Near! Donna Wasson
Who Killed Jesus? Pete Rose
Judgment Day for the USA? Mike Ecklund
Ready or Not! Donna Wasson
Love to You All Jim Fletcher
Would the Real Pontius Pilate Please Stand Up?Wasson
Why So Weak? Donna Wasson
Too Cool For Christ Donna Wasson
What is the “Prayer That Availeth Much” Lloyd
The United States of Religion Donna Wasson
Don’t Confuse Me with Facts Donna Wasson
Meteors and Biblical Prophecy Mike Ecklund
For Shame! Donna Wasson
Global March to Jerusalem Donna Wasson
Jesus Is Coming Again: Are You Ready?  Lovelace
Where Is The ACLU? Donna Wasson
Must You?! Donna Wasson
Rick Warren’s Folly: Part 2 Donna Wasson
Treatment of Christians by the Palestinians  Curtis
Big Differences: The Koran and Bible Ed Wood
Islam: Obama’s Religion of Love & Peace Stephen Rahal
Rick Warren’s Folly Donna Wasson
A Mere Inconvenience Donna Wasson
The 6 Words that Sunk the Titanic!” Robert Mandel
Which Thief Are You? By Sandee Lloyd
Five Minutes After The Rapture Deborah Jackson
Knock It Off! Donna Wasson
The Biggest Mistake Donna Wasson
You Don’t Mess With Israel! Donna Wasson
The Church and Beyond  Timothy Horner
King Solomon's error in A.A. John Lanagan
Genetic Armageddon John McTernan
Mormonism, Christianity, and Civility Carr
"I am become Death" Tom Baker
That Dirty Word Donna Wasson
It’s Not Too Late Donna Wasson
The Consequences Of 18 Inches By Doug Hethcox
The King In Combat By Matt Leasher
Are You Ready? By Doug Hethcox
Random thoughts about the end... Pete Rose
Today's Church - Fulfilling Prophecy Ed Wood
Chrislam: The Insider Movement Lie Donna Wasson
Christian Wimps Donna Wasson
A P.C. Update Regarding Gay Couples Wasson
Higher Criticism and Lower Standards McGee

I Hate Grocery Shopping! Donna Wasson
Christian Cosmology Mike Ecklund
Be Very Sure Donna Wasson
A Falling World Timothy Horner
The Cost of Unpreparedness?  By Jack Kinsella
Classical, But Wrong  By Jack Kinsella

The Osteen Dance Donna Wasson
The “I’m A Good Person” Test Donna Wasson
Can You Trust the Bible? Donna Wasson
Insist on the Truth Donna Wasson
The Mayan Calendar and Doomsday Ed Wood
Smoke In Heaven Pete Rose
What Do You Worship? Donna Wasson
Soul Survivor By Timothy Horner
Black Friday & The Dec. 21, 2012 Event McGee
Look Around Donna Wasson
This Jesus Doesn’t Exist Donna Wasson
The Source of Political Correctness Donna Wasson
Is The "Arab Spring Cause For Hope... Ed Wood 
Answering The Call By Matt Leasher 

Soon, Very Soon! by Thomas Tillman
On Course for Destruction John McTernan
The Temple Mount  By Don McGee

Judge Not  By Donna Wasson
Endtime Behavior, Part II By Chris Mangan
The Promised Reunion By Matt Leasher

Turning Point: June 17, 1963  By Ed Wood  
I Am Outraged: Christophobia  By Donna Wasson
In Love With Israel By Jim Fletcher
The End Of The Last Days By Matt Leasher
After The Rapture (PDF) Daymond Duck
Christ is Coming --Time is Short! Bill Keller
The Failure of God's "Watchmen" Bill Keller
Wannsee -- Deja Vu? Don Mcgee
Something To Smile About  Dale Nobbman
America’s Moral Cancer  Dale Nobbman         
“Tetelestai” By Matt Leasher
Singularity and The Image of the Beast McTernan
The Simple Truth By Matt Leasher
Evacuation Notice  Pete Rose
The Coming Prince Jack Kinsella
Restarting Daniel’s 70th Week Carl Worline
Young Or Old?  Edward Wood
Is Judgment Falling?  Bill Keller
Through The Veil Matt Leasher
Looking for The Blessed Hope John McTernan
God's Athletes Bill Keller

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