"In the Beginning God created"

Why? Why did this place we call home come into existence? and Why did He chose to make you and I??

Jesus answered that question for us in John 17:3
"And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."

Do you realize that YOU were NOT created to know about a god, but rather you were fearfully and wonderfully made by a loving Creator who when crafting you and designing you was speaking over your life desiring that you would open your eyes and see all that is in front of you and ask "who put this here?" "who put me here" having those two questions ignite a glorious and thankful pursuit to know the answer.

Stop and Think

It's alot like this....

Ya get up in the middle of night...You walk into Your Living Room....there is brand new furniture ...Tv, love seat, couch, end tables, carpet, paint ...all stylishly set in place..way beyond your skills

would it not be logical to ask "Who did this?" Did all that EVOLVE in the room?

So you start to inquire...Who Put this here?

And so should it be that each and every day as you wake up and see this world, the sunrise, the grass the trees ..the many many gazillion things that are lined up shouting to You that SOMEONE put all those things Here AND shouts for You to ask this following question.

who Put You and I here?

If you honestly ask that question? It will lead to want to Know The Answer. This is what Life is suppose to be all about and we were given TIME to find THE ANSWER ...

Here's the deal, Time for you and I is ticking and it's running out. There is coming a time that Our Creator warned about ...that He said unless He shortened the days No Flesh would survive and said we would know when that time was close by it's similarity to a previous time

Mathew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.

In the days of Noah, God's Creation had forsaken the knowledge of God to worship themselves and the things he had created and had fallen into a godless existence. Instead of seeking to Know God they had turned their back on Him and began to follow hard after sin and things The Creator had warned them to steer clear of for their own sake. Violence and perversion were forefront and mankind was living as if their was no God and inflicting great harm upon themselves...so much so that God regretted that He had given them life after witnessing what they had done with it. There was a man who was living right in God's sight and found favor. His Name was Noah. What was Noah doing that no one else was doing? He was living his life under submission to the knowledge that it was a gift and therefore living it in reverence to The One who had given him such a gift. He was living life knowing there was a God and therefore God came to Noah and told Him to PREPARE an Ark or Ship of Safety for what was coming.

What was coming? A storm of biblical proportions of rain and flood sent by God to give unto man what they had earned for their rebellious lives and this storm would deal a deathly blow to ALL who were not prepared. Only 8 people including Noah were saved...Only those who had responded to the gift of Life by seeking the GIVER of Life were saved from destruction. You might say that was unfair ...did they know what was coming? YES sir or madam..in God's Mercy He Spoke through Noah for over a hundred years as he was building the ark, for people to repent of their wrong and to find safety but again only 8 people heeded that warning.

Today we find our society and time looking very much like it did in Noah's day. Sadly we are being deluded with messages of perversion on every side and violence fills the streets. Same sex marriage trumpeted while the traditional God instituted family is under assault. We have organizations such as one called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) which glorify the sin of pedophilia as a normal way of thinking, we kills millions of unborn babies, we ignore the Creator at every turn. His Word of Protection has told us that "Righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any people" yet we sin all the more. We all have sinned. There is not one of us he has found righteous. We all are guilty in His sight by the acts of vile and evil whether by deed or by silence... we have been scaled and found wanting.

He has loved us anyway. In fact before we were even born He had decided to make away of escape. But this time it wasn't an ark built of human hands, God so loved us that He sent His Only Flesh and Blood to represent Himself preaching a way of escape..We Killed Him for telling us what was wrong with us. We loved the darkness and hated the Light because our deeds were evil. He prayed "Father forgive them for they know what they do" He rose from the grave and overcame all that would hold us in bondage and darkness. He sent this message across the globe. "Goodnews" "Your sins are forgiven You" "Repent and Believe" "Be reconciled to the Father"

Few have listened or are listening and many are going the way of a prior time. They are turning a deaf ear to the many warnings that have been sent. Tsunami's, earthquakes ..rumor's of war screaming to us all that we are but like grass that withers in comparison to the storms of this life, highlighting our desperate need to be anchored into something much greater and stronger. There is another storm a coming, this one is bigger and it's Final. There is Only One name given under heaven by which man can be saved!!!

God in Mercy has told us all that "today is the day to be saved" HOW? Like I said earlier, He has built something Himself this time...it's called A Relation "SHIP" He has called us unto Himself to Hide ourselves in Him through what His Son Jesus Christ has done. 2,000 years ago Jesus came and lived the perfect life that we all have failed to live, He performed countless miracles and showed us the way ...telling us to "follow Him" He loved, he healed, he forgave and he demonstrated the Father's great love to us in that while we were yet sinners He then DIED FOR US...and through His Death, He reconciled lost and sinful man back into a One on One relationship through the Glorious Cross of Christ.

Just as it was in Noah's Day, there is a call "ALL ABOARD"..."PLEASE"

First you must believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God ..that He did die, and the reason He died was a willful act taking YOUR Place for YOUR sins. You must believe that He rose from the grave and realize He paid a debt you could never pay and trust Only in Him and Confess Him Publicly as Your Lord and Savior.

If you will do this, you will have entered into an eternal relation"ship" with Almighty God as Your Heavenly Father and will forever be secure in the Palm of His Right Hand. You can't earn this or even pay Him back. It's a Free Gift. What He desires is that You would be thankful and live Your life KNOWING He will never leave You and He will never forsake You...that He is with You always and that You through growing in that knowledge of His presence and grace would fall deeply in love with The One who gave You Life...that is why "In the Beginning God Created"

Again, Please "all aboard this Eternal Relation SHIP" "Wheover Calls upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved"

Tim Cameron