One of the most reliable ways to determine if a ministry is worthy of your financial support is to examine its fruits. 


With a very limited budget Rapture Ready has managed to become one of the largest Christian resources on the internet. Each month over 270,000 people visit the site, accessing 24,000 pages located on 8 main servers.

The popularity of RR has now become its main hindrance to further growth. The creation of new material has been greatly slowed by the general task of managing of the site. To save time RR has plans to employ the services of people that specialize in web design, graphics, and editing.

Because of the IRS's focus on Christian Ministries with political commentary, we decided against seeking (501) C tax free status.

When it comes to providing a reason for people to support Rapture Ready, I simply let productivity to speak for the site. It should be plain to the most casual observer that we are dedicate to providing information to the public. If you go to search engines like Yahoo or Google and type in words like "rapture"; "final warning"; "Second Chance for Salvation"; "Understanding Truth"; and "lazy people", you would find RR ranked near the top of the search results.

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You can also use the debit or credit card features offered below. You have the option of making a one time offer or if you feel God is leading you to support Rapture Ready on a regular basis, you can sign-up with a monthly gift. Please give as the Lord has blessed you.

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