The Rapture Ready table was a huge success. Several people just pitched in and produced one of the best recourse tables one could ever find at prophecy conference. All the money we raised from dominations was give to Thy Kingdom Come to help pay for the conference. Several people were surprise by our actions. Dr. Pack said we were the only prophecy table in the history of the conferences to give the money it raised to the ministry.

Opening day and our table is fully stocked with toffee from Germany, a free candy bowl, soap, pens, pencils, pamphlets, printouts from the site, books, book marks, and T-shirts.

Dan checking inventory

A close-up of the Toffee made by Proudmommy. If you think about it Proudmommy sounds like a great brand name for a product.

A wider view of the first table

Everyone with their EMC hats on

Most everything quickly vanished like the rapture had taken place.

By the end of the second day we were down to spiritual crumbs.

As a joke, someone came up with the idea of selling the tin foil hats.Sadly, they were slow sellers.