Here are some pictures Becky and I took at the Tulsa Prophecy Conference. The meeting was at the Sheraton Hotel 5-7 April 2001. Half of my pictures didn't turn out very well, but between the two us, I had more than enough photos.

We drove over to Oral Roberts University. These are the praying hands you'll see as you enter the campus.

The infamous prayer tower Oral Roberts fled to after God's so-called death threat. It looks like something out of the Jetsons.

During the 70's Jesus gave OR a vision to build a medical healing center. After the center turned into a money pit, the Lord gave Roberts another vision to close the center down and turning it into an office building.

The people that weren't able to afford the ritzy $75 dollars a night cost at the Sheraton, stayed across the street at the La Quinta Inn for $60 per night.

Because there were no crosswalks on the street in front of the hotel I dubbed this street the "highway of death."

A window shot of the area in front of the hotel. There's a number of dinning facilities in the plaza you see the pictures. Yes, but you had to cross the "highway of death" to get to them.

A photo of the Sheraton itself. The sun was in an unfavorable location.