The Simple Truth—The 144,000 :: By Camilla Smith

The Truth of the Identity of the 144,000 was revealed to my dear friend and spiritual mentor, Tom Blackmon, back in the 1980s. He held onto it, studied it, talked to the Father endlessly about it, and he received much revelation about it through the indwelling Ruach ha’Qodesh (Holy Spirit) over a period of many years. Tom is Home with His King now, and I’m writing this simple Truth in article form, prompted by the Father’s Spirit, because of the great, great deal of confusion that I have seen recently about this topic. I believe this to be 100% Truth, according to the Father’s Word.

I urge you to pray first, ask the Father to reveal His Truth, and read this testimony of Tom’s with no preconceived notions. I’ll begin with a quote from Tom that is most appropriate for this revelation.

It goes to show that it can be, and always has been right before our eyes, but does not come to Light until Yahshua reveals it.” –Tom Blackmon, March 2017

Tom was given much in-depth detail as to who these “sealed singers,” as he liked to call them, are. Tom was a talented musician, a devoted student of the Father’s Word, and a man with a deep, unwavering love for the Jewish people and for our King, Jesus the Christ–Yahshua ha’Mashiach. One of the most spiritual men I’ve ever known, the Father gave Tom numerous “Mind-to-mind” details of the 144,000 over a period of many years. I’m going to try, with the Father’s help, to keep it as simple as I can, using mostly emails that Tom sent me over the 10+ years I had the privilege of knowing him.

Tom reached out to me through Rapture Ready a decade ago when I was submitting my own amateur and novice articles. His first words to me were, “I just want to bear some fruit before I die.” That definitely caught my attention, and I can assure you, he DID bear much fruit for the Kingdom! He was a fisher of men!! I am also forever grateful to my wonderful and dedicated brother in Christ, Terry James, for being a committed leader in the prophetic details of Scripture and for helping me grow in my walk over the years.

First—let’s identify some of the most important Scriptural characteristics of the 144,000.

  1. They are sealed from all of the 12 Tribes of the children of Israel.
  2. They are redeemed from the earth.
  3. They are redeemed from among men.
  4. They are maidens—undefiled by “women” (which can also simply refer to “wickedness” or a “wicked spirit”).
  5. They are firstfruits to YHWH and to the Lamb.
  6. There is no lie or falsehood in their mouths.
  7. They sing a new song that no one else can learn.
  8. They will have YHWH’s Name written on their foreheads.
  9. They will follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
  10. They are BLAMELESS before the Throne of Elohim (God).

Those are some of the key details that we need to keep in mind. Now let’s look at Revelation Chapters 7 and 14, which talk about the 144,000, and which is where we get these characteristics.

Next, in verse 2, we see another messenger ASCENDING or COMING UP FROM the rising of the sun, holding the Seal of the Living God. This messenger cries with a LOUD VOICE to the four messengers who are holding the wind (spirits) back that will harm the earth and the sea. This messenger cries back to them (in a loud voice) not to harm the earth, sea, or trees “until we have SEALED the servants of our Elohim on their foreheads.” The next few verses detail the 144,000 that are sealed from all of the Tribes of the children of Yisra’el, 12,000 from each Tribe.

I have emphasized a couple of key things here. We see the messenger is ASCENDING with the seal. Why is he ascending? There’s a simple answer!! Because the 144,000 are IN HEAVEN!

The Resurrected saints in Messiah AND the Raptured saints are now in Heaven, and the 144,000 are waiting to be sealed!! Yes—many of the 144,000—perhaps MOST of them, will come from the dead in Mashiach of ALL TIME! They have now become changed—transformed—united with our King and are classified with all the attributes given to them in Revelation Chapter 14! There is no possible way for any living human being to have the qualifications of the 144,000 without being resurrected/translated—they HAVE to have been transformed into new beings—there is simply no other way to be undefiled, without lie and without blame, unless they are joined to our Savior, Who will lead them in their coming mission back on earth.

Let’s examine how these “classifications” fit now that they are ONE (Echad) with Messiah. John mentions the sealing of these men—the firstfruits to YHWH and the Lamb! They have been taken to the Shamayim/Heavens to be sealed. Tom believed this would be a very special ceremony, by the way. They have their immortal bodies—their glorified, uncorrupted and incorruptible bodies, and are ONE with Yahshua.

I can’t emphasize this enough–No longer is there any defilement or any lie in their mouth. No longer are they with blame—they are completely BLAMELESS—washed by the Blood of the Lamb and joined with Him!! They have been REDEEMED from the earth (Resurrected), REDEEMED from among men (Raptured), and are ready to follow the Lamb wherever He goes–which, by the way–they will NEED these anointed, sealed immortal bodies to fulfill their great purpose throughout the rest of the tribulation while the Wrath of YHWH is about to be poured out on the earth. How else could they follow Yahshua wherever He goes during such a horrendous time of judgment and coming destruction?

Men’s hearts will be failing them, but not THESE men’s hearts! They are sealed (and marked) with the Name of YHWH on their foreheads—they are anointed and given the supernatural instructions of their duties that are to come. And they are getting ready to learn a NEW song—just for them! What a Set Apart/Dedicated and POWERFUL ministry they will have!!

Regarding their Jewish lineage—here is a direct quote from Tom regarding the 12 Tribes and their designation as the 144,000:

“YHWH reemphasized that HE knows our DNA and exactly which of the 12 Tribes the “sealed singers” are affiliated with. He revealed to me (Mind to mind) that this was more of a subject of Israel (spiritual) than tradition (Jewish). He implied that, unfortunately, most of the ones who called themselves ‘Jews’ were, in fact, a mirror image of ‘carnal Christians.’ They have a knowledge of Him but don’t ‘know’ Him. The 144,000 will know Him intimately as they are now ONE with their Master, and they will carry out their ministering of the Gospel as per the direct Instructions of Yahshua ha’Mashiach. He will show them exactly where to go!”

I’ll close the “revelation” of this amazing Truth by quoting what my beloved friend and brother, Tom Blackmon, said to me years ago. He began to have this information revealed to him in the 1980s, with more forthcoming over the years.

When I met him through Rapture Ready years ago, I was a prophecy buff but not a very learned one–and bless his heart–Tom spent most every email to me, leading me along to learn the deeper things—encouraging me to learn some of the Father’s Language, prompting me to wash in the Father’s Word daily, and guiding me to learn to listen for the Father’s Voice.

He talked often about the 144,000, and most times, it sailed right over my head. Then, one day, Tom’s revelation about the 144,000 finally CLICKED with me, and I got it! Obviously, this was the Father’s doing—I had nothing to do with it. I emailed Tom and told him that very moment that I understood! Here was his reply to me, and I will finish with this:

“My dear sister–You’ll never know what the Father confirming to you about His revealing to me, the beautiful Truth of the 144,000, means to me. Can you imagine having had this understanding since the 1980s and basically no one to share it with, and moreover, to wait, wait, wait? Then to have an additional understanding that many of the 144,000 will come from all eras of the church history—that part of the 144,000 are indeed the dead in Messiah Yahshua!! Imagine how much practice they’ve had (with their singing)!!

Also, it just makes sense that Yahshua/Jesus would fill the earth with immortal singing servants to reel in all that would come to Him. The devil is going to be unrestrained at that time. Why not YHWH? YHWH will not hold one thing back in bringing Home EVERY LAST SHEEP!”