14 Oct 2023

Pastor Says End Time is Near
A local pastor says that the unprovoked attack on Israel by Hamas terrorists is a fulfillment of scripture, ushering in the end time. He did not want to be named since he says it is a sensitive topic for many denominations, not just in Solomon Islands but the World. The local pastor leads a sizeable congregation in Honiara, and is calling on Christians to pray for Israel, and to prepare their families spiritually. “This is a once in a generation war, and if you look at the scriptures this was predicted thousands of years ago.

Iran held planning meetings with terror groups to attack Israel, kill civilians: Report
A new report indicates that Hezbollah met with Iran-backed terrorist groups in March, urging them to prepare for a war with Israel that would include a ground invasion. According to a report by The New York Times based on Syrian and Iranian sources, in March, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, conducted an extended meeting online with Iran-backed strategists. Nasrallah reportedly told the Iran-backed groups to prepare for war with Israel that would include a ground invasion. According to two of the online participants from Syria and Iran, the Hezbollah leader said the anticipated war with Israel would “mark a new era.” The New York Times reported that a secret joint command center was established in Beirut.

IRS contractor who leaked Trump tax returns pleads guilty
In a striking breach of the public’s trust, 38-year-old Charles Littlejohn, an IRS contractor from Washington, D.C., who has been charged with leaking former President Donald Trump’s tax information, pleaded guilty Thursday to unlawfully disclosing confidential tax return details. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland highlighted the gravity of Littlejohn’s actions, stating, “By using his role as a government contractor to gain access to private tax information, steal that information, and disclose it publicly, Charles Littlejohn broke federal law and betrayed the public’s trust.”

Leftist Congressman Renounces Membership in Socialist Group Over Its Stance on Israel Terror Attacks
Democratic Rep. Shri Thanedar of Michigan has renounced his membership in the far-left DSA after the organization expressed its “solidarity” with the Palestinians following the horrific terrorist attacks on Israel over the weekend that left at least 1,200 people dead, including 22 Americans.

Hurricane center ups odds for Caribbean-bound system while Tropical Storm Sean churns
The National Hurricane Center increased the chances a system bound for the Caribbean will form into the season’s next tropical depression or storm while Tropical Storm Sean continues to swirl in the Atlantic.

Kunstler: All This & World War, Too…
It’s less than a week since the skies over the Negev Desert filled with something eerily like the flying monkeys of Oz upgraded to Hamas Road Warriors in motorized paragliders, kicking off that third world war we’ve been hearing about all our lives, and not at all the way we expected either, which was more Dr. Strangelove style, with the mushroom clouds billowing everywhere — though, who knows, it might come to that, too, before long. The big question is: can we carry on as before? And anyone with half a brain can see the answer is: probably not.

The Net Zero Ship Starting To Sink
Are we observing the early stages of worldwide resistance against the constraints of net zero policies? Investors are ditching renewable energy faster than any other funds on record. Australian Nationals Senator Matt Canavan said net zero has “absolutely carked it.” His position is that net zero is a “soundbite” and “totally insane.” It is unachievable because people will starve if it is enforced. “Almost everything we grow, we make, we do in our society relies on the use of fossil fuels,” he said.

Judge Admonishes DOJ For “Wasting the Court’s Time” In Trump Documents Case
Attorney David Harbach with the special counsel’s office threw out a new argument during the two Garcia hearings scheduled Thursday, drawing ire from the judge for “wasting the court’s time” by not filing the arguments and case citations the motions the government had already submitted.

Amir Tsarfati: Bare-Knuckle Brawl — Israel Will Not Stop Until These Terrorists Are Permanently Off The Threat List
We have put up with the terrorists surrounding us and picking off our people one-by-one. When we would respond, it would be with a method of retaliation commensurate to the murderous action taken against us. But then a terrorist army invaded from Gaza and horrifically slaughtered more than 1200 of our innocent babies, children, elderly, women, and men. They shot them, burned them, stabbed them, and decapitated them. At that point, it was no longer about retaliation against terrorists. We were at war.

Netanyahu says Israelis fighting to defend their home; rockets target Tel Aviv and surrounding areas
President of the European Parliament Roberta Metsola, and President of the EU Commission Ursula von der Leyen, visiting Tel Aviv were rushed into a bomb shelter on Friday, during a meeting with President Issac Herzog when Hamas rockets were fired at Tel Aviv. the IDF fired into South Lebanon in response to earlier rocket fire which Hamas claimed responsibility for.

Hamas rocket targets northern Israel, as IDF and Hezbollah clash
Tehran threatened a “new front” against the “Zionist entity.” Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian warned on Friday that Tehran’s other terror proxies would join the war if Israel continues to attack Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Rashida Tlaib in Firing Line After Attacking Biden For Lack of Empathy Towards ‘Millions of Palestinian Civilians’
Tlaib’s statement did not mention Hamas. In her statement on Sunday in the immediate aftermath of Hamas’ massacre in southern Israel, Tlaib blamed Israel for the slaughter, saying that its “apartheid system” creates “conditions that can lead to resistance.” That statement also did not mention Hamas. Tlaib’s statements and actions since Saturday have drawn fierce criticism from fellow Democrats, Republicans, and Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Michael Herzog. “How much more blood needs to be spilled for you to overcome your prejudice and unequivocally condemn Hamas, a US-designated terror organization?” Herzog posted on X/Twitter on Sunday, quoting her statement.

British author Douglas Murray: Only Israelis are asked to respond proportionately
Britain-based author and journalist Douglas Murray appeared on Talk TV and was asked whether Israel’s strikes in the Gaza Strip constitute a “reasonable, proportionate and moral response”. Murray fired back, “There is some deep perversion in Britain whenever Israel is involved in a conflict, and it is the word you just used: Proportion, proportionate, proportionality. Only Britain is really obsessed with this. I’ve heard in for the last few days incessantly.”

We will destroy Hamas, this is only the beginning
Israel will destroy Hamas, no matter how long it takes, and will finish the war stronger, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in an unusual address on Friday night. “This is just the beginning,” he said. “Our enemies have only begun paying the price and I will not say more. This is just the beginning.”

Descent into barbarism
We are reaping the whirlwind of defying God’s Law. Not surprisingly, we are now rapidly descending into barbarism. For if we refuse to follow God’s Law, we make up our own and it becomes ‘dog eat dog’, caring only for ourselves and our personal appetites. We thought we knew better than God, so we legalised abortion, mercilessly killing ten million babies in the womb since the Act was passed in 1967. We have also legalised homosexuality, blasphemy, Sunday trading and easy divorce, with euthanasia possibly next. But as the Apostle John said, “sin is lawlessness” (1 John 3:4), and the Lord Jesus in his Sermon on the Mount made it clear:

Fighting an Ethical War Against an Unethical Enemy
It feels like a war because roads are comparatively empty. People are staying close to home, to be with family, and just in case of an air raid siren. Lost in the gruesomeness of the inhuman attacks and slaughter, Hamas continues to fire rockets by the thousands. Stores in malls are closed. Jerusalem’s central bus station is operating, but like “a ghost town” according to friends.

It’s not just Hamas – now CNN, MSNBC and other media are attacking Israel, accusing us of ‘war crimes’
In the first few days after Hamas began their barbaric and genocidal attacks on Israel, the American and international media mostly did a good job reporting on the atrocities committed by Hamas. To their credit, they reported that more than 1,000 Israeli Jews had been slaughtered just on Saturday, Oct. 7 alone. “As Israel starts to strike back, the first shocking days are sometimes forgotten by the international media,” Regev noted. “Then they focus on the Israeli response and they forget what led to this response. And they make this false analogy.” They say, “Israel and Hamas are fighting and, you know, there’s rights or wrongs on both sides of the argument.” “No, there is no moral equivalency,” Regev rightly insisted. “We are a democracy fighting to protect our people. They are a brutal terrorist organization that has no qualms about committing crimes

Norwegian gov’t agency publishes paper dispelling myth of man-made ‘climate change’
Research published by Statistics Norway has dispelled the myth that “climate change” is caused by man-made emissions. In September, Statistics Norway, the national statistical institute of Norway and the main producer of its official statistics, published a paper entitled “To what extent are temperature levels changing due to greenhouse gas emissions?” “Standard climate models are rejected by time series data on global temperatures,” the research’s abstract boldly states.

Whoopi Goldberg meets with Pope Francis, champions his acceptance of homosexuality
While the perennial teachings of the Catholic Church on human sexuality remain both unchanged and unchangeable, Francis has indeed undermined or obfuscated these truths through what many see as ambiguous or outright heretical statements. activist Whoopi Goldberg met with Pope Francis Thursday, the former taking the time to thank the latter for his “message” surrounding so-called climate change, and his stance on homosexual acts …

Washington Post journalist attacks DeSantis by claiming ‘Chinese Communist Party’ is a slur
The atrocities perpetrated by China’s Communist regime—still ongoing—are countless, including mass executions, hideous tortures, concentration camps, re-education centers, tens of millions of forced abortions, and the destruction of entire communities. There’s a joke in right-wing circles that you’ve probably seen: However much you hate the media, it isn’t enough. Usually, this joke is the caption of some newly egregious example of media malfeasance. In the wake of the Trump-less GOP debate, a story by Philip Bump featured this title: “The rise of ‘Chinese Communist Party’ as a pejorative.” The Chinese Communist Party—CCP—is in fact its actual name, not a pejorative. But according to Bump, using this factually correct title is a slur.

Third Florida county cuts ties with American Library Association over explicit books, Marxist president
Another Florida county has cut ties with the American Library Association (ALA) over its radical leftist president and support of making sexually explicit and ideologically controversial books available to children, three months ahead of the relationship’s scheduled expiration.

Hamas’ attack on Israel prompts South Korea to consider pausing military agreement with North Korea
South Korea’s defense minister said Tuesday he would push to suspend a 2018 inter-Korean military agreement in order to resume frontline surveillance on rival North Korea, as the surprise attack on Israel by Hamas militants raised concerns in South Korea about similar assaults by the North.

US says North Korea delivered 1,000 containers of equipment and munitions to Russia for Ukraine war
Speculation about a possible North Korean plan to refill Russia’s munition stores drained in its protracted war with Ukraine flared last month, when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un traveled to Russia to meet President Vladimir Putin and visit key military sites. White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that the U.S. believes Kim is seeking sophisticated Russian weapons technologies in return for the munitions to boost North Korea’s military and nuclear program.

Israeli Official Calls for ‘Doomsday’ Nuclear Missile Option
An Israeli lawmaker is calling for her nation’s military to use nuclear warfare in response to attacks by Hamas. Revital “Tally” Gotliv, an Israeli lawyer and member of the Knesset for the Likud, published multiple posts advocating for a forceful retaliation … “Jericho Missile! Jericho Missile! Strategic alert. before considering the introduction of forces. Doomsday weapon! This is my opinion. May God preserve all our strength,” Gotliv wrote on X,

IDF marks out Hamas leadership for elimination ahead of expected ground offensive
The Israel Defense Forces has marked Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar and the entire leadership of the Hamas terror regime as targets for elimination ahead of an expected Israeli ground offensive, five days after Israel suffered the worst massacre in its history, with some 1,300 people murdered in the south on Oct. 7 by Hamas death squads.

IDF warns northern Gaza residents to flee south ahead of imminent ground invasion
The Israel Defense Forces sent a warning to residents of Gaza City and other communities in the northern Gaza Strip to flee south within 24 hours as a ground campaign appears imminent.

Injured Hamas terrorists no longer to be treated in Israeli public hospitals
Israeli Health Minister Moshe Arbel informed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a letter on Wednesday evening that he had instructed public hospitals to cease admitting and treating Hamas terrorists who participated in Saturday’s massacre of Israeli civilians and soldiers on Israel’s border with Gaza. They will be directed to IDF or prison service medical facilities

‘This happened’ – British Daily Telegraph publishes picture of Israeli baby victim of Hamas terror
The British newspaper Daily Telegraph dedicated its Friday edition, in print and online, to a photograph proving that Hamas killed, burned and mutilated Israeli children, which was published by the Israeli Foreign Ministry on X. Following reports of atrocities carried out by Hamas terrorists in Israel last Saturday began to circulate on X … some of those reports were doubted or questioned, with many demanding concrete proof. Israel’s Foreign Ministry, therefore, decided to confront the world with the full scale of the Hamas atrocities and published three horrific, graphic photos of the bodies of dead Israeli babies.

Shallow M6.0 earthquake hits west of Macquarie Island 
A strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.0 hit west of Macquarie Island, western Indian-Antarctic Ridge at 03:44 UTC on October 13, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 4.9 km (3.1 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 10 km (6.2 miles).

What Does Strong El Niño Mean For Winter Activity Across US? 
NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center forecasts a 75% to 85% chance of a ‘strong El Nino’ between November and January. This weather phenomenon has led to more winter activity in parts of the US.

Critics Call Out Gates Foundation’s $40 Million ‘Gift’ to Build mRNA Vaccine Factories in Africa
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will invest $40 million in a Belgian company’s technology designed to ramp up mRNA vaccine production in Africa and other low-income countries to tackle a variety of infectious diseases and “be available on standby in case of a future pandemic.”

America Is Rapidly Moving Towards A Dictatorship Of Psychopaths
…the New Left in today’s America traded Marx’s ideas about protection of the proletariat from exploitation, for the protection of any “oppressed” class from its “oppressors.” Although the New Left’s ideologues don’t say it openly, based on their commitment to Marx’s teachings one can logically conclude that they are trying to impose on America a dictatorship of the “oppressed” with their newest mantra, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE), as one of the main tools for such an imposition.

Animal Contraceptive And Antibiotics Detected In Top 10 Popular Fast Foods:
Two types of animal antibiotics and an animal contraceptive have been detected in food samples from America’s top 10 most popular fast-food chains, according to a laboratory report.

Israel Delays All-Out Assault On Gaza Amid Growing International Pressure, As Civilians Flee To South
International pressure, including from the United States, for Israel to allow more time for Palestinian civilian evacuations of the northern half of Gaza Strip has grown. There appears to be some level of delay at this moment on the part of Israel’s military. Currently, there’s widespread expectation that Al Awda Hospital is about to be bombed, but Israel has extended an earlier 2-hour evacuation warning and deadline, it appears:

Senator Ravier Slams French Government For Flooding Their Country With Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas Collaborators
“I have been denouncing for years the consequences of your immigrationism, the activities of Islamists in my city, from those mosques affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to the secondary schools financed by Saudi Arabia. What have you done, Mr. Minister? Nothing!”

New York City on High Alert: : NYPD Orders All Officers to Report in Uniform After Ex-Hamas Leader Calls for ‘Jihad’ Worldwide
The New York Police Department (NYPD) has ordered all its officers to report for duty in uniform starting this Friday. The directive comes in response to a call for global demonstrations in support of Palestinians by Khaled Meshaal, the former leader of Hamas.

UCLA students offered extra credit to attend anti-Israel ‘Emergency Teach-In’ hosted by gender studies professor
On Wednesday, some UCLA students were offered the opportunity to get extra credit for attending a pro-Palestinian “anti-Israel, antisemitic lecture.”

‘Fasten your seatbelts’: California pastor suggests Hamas terror attack on Israel was predicted 2,500 YEARS AGO in Scripture – with the ‘End Time events’ circling around Jerusalem
A California pastor has suggested that the Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel which killed more than 1,000 people, including 14 Americans, were predicted by scripture.

Bill Gates’ New Plan: Cut Down 70 Million Acres of Trees to “Combat Global Warming”
Bill Gates and other globalist billionaires are now investing in newly established climate companies like Kodama Systems to harvest and bury one billion tons of “biomass” to “save the planet.” Millions of trees, which provide us with oxygen and could have been valuable timber, will be buried instead.

Costco Reports Massive Price Hikes On Essential Items Are About To Hit Thousands Of Stores
It’s official: Price hikes are about to hit thousands of Costco warehouses across the country, according to CFO Richard Galanti. The new increases are likely to cause a stir among shoppers who have been complaining about inflated prices at the retailer’s stores in recent weeks and months.

EU Threatens to Block X, Musk Demands Concrete Examples of Alleged ‘Disinformation’ 
EU commissioner Thierry Breton has warned Elon Musk in a letter that his platform X, formally known as Twitter, is spreading “illegal content and disinformation” The letter said concerns had heightened after the Hamas attack against Israel, and demanded Musk respond to the complaint and contact “relevant law enforcement authorities” within 24 hours.

50 misinformation, disinformation and outright covid lies told by the Australian government and regulators
When it was confirmed that governments around the world released covid-19 “vaccines” which were made in a different way to clinical trial “vaccines” and that the commercial batches were contaminated with toxic DNA and endotoxins, Dr. Phillip Altman added it to his growing list of misinformation, disinformation and lies the public have been told.

“Died Suddenly” reports have increased by 82% and 1,400 athletes have died since the rollout of covid injections
Tragically, since the mass covid injection campaign began to the end of September, 2,003 athletes have had serious health issues post-vaccination.  Of those, 1,400 have died. It’s not only athletes that are dying suddenly.  In 2023, there has been an 82% increase compared to 2020 in online news content citing “died suddenly.”