29 Sep 2023

H&R Block, Meta, and Google Slapped With RICO Suit, Allegedly Schemed to Scrape Taxpayer Data
Anyone who has used H&R Block’s tax return preparation services in recent years may have unintentionally helped line Meta and Google’s pockets. That’s according to a new class action lawsuit which alleges the three companies “jointly schemed” to install trackers on the H&R Block site to scan and transmit tax data back to the tech companies which then used elements of the data to engage in targeted advertising.

Biden’s National Security Adviser: One of the ‘True Friends for the Chinese People’
After the latest round of Chinese attacks on America, Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser, met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Malta.

US, Japan warn of China-backed hackers lurking in networking gear
U.S. cybersecurity authorities joined Japanese law enforcement agencies to warn about China-backed threat group BlackTech’s exploitation of security loopholes in everyday networking equipment. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the National Security Agency and the FBI, along with Japan’s National Police Agency and its National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity, have observed BlackTech operators modifying router firmware to obtain access to entire networks.

Pentagon infiltrated by Iran
A report based on internal emails of senior Iranian Foreign Ministry officials involved in an influence operation known as the Iran Experts Initiative claims that a Pentagon staff member contributed to the initiative. Emails obtained by Semafor and Iran International suggest that Iranian Foreign Ministry officials conducted a secret influence operation, starting in 2014, to strengthen Iran’s position on global security matters, especially in relation to its nuclear program.

Murder Crisis Plagues DC As Mayor Begs For More Officers After ‘Defunding Police’
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, a former supporter of the ‘defund the police’ movement, urgently calls for increased policing as the nation’s capital faces an out-of-control murder crisis. Bowser, like many Democrat mayors, blames firearms as the issue, deflecting any possibility her disastrous social justice reforms only embolden criminals – while punishing law-abiding taxpayers

Major Cold Trend Set To Unleash ‘Frost-Freeze’ Threat Across Eastern US
We all survived the apparent ‘climate apocalypse’ corporate media warned about this summer with endless headlines about how the world would imminently erupt into a giant fireball. By late August, 1,600 scientists signed a declaration refuting the existence of a climate crisis, weather forecasters BAMWX said, “We have been talking about an October cold front for weeks in our videos to clients. Overnight data took a MAJOR turn to cool!”

“The American People Know The Fix Is In” – O’Reilly Warns Carlson “We Are In The Age Of Disorder Now”
America has entered the age of disorder, and it’s because of the progressive movement,” O’Reilly lamented. “President Biden, in my opinion, is diminished mentally, doesn’t know what he’s really doing from day-to-day. You can see that in his public statements,” O’Reilly said that Ron Klain and Susan Rice were the original string-pullers, but since their departure from The White House, their assistants took their place “basically telling Joe what to do and say.”

Trans daycare worker handed 25 years in prison for sexually exploiting kids
A woman, identifying as a man and working at a daycare center in San Francisco, has been handed 25 years in prison for sexually exploiting children in her care. She was accused of abusing children left in her care in order to “create and distribute child pornography,”

Israel Should Decline the Offer of an American Defense Treaty
As part of the trilateral negotiations between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States, talk of an American-Israeli defense treaty is in the air. The Saudis want such a treaty with the United States, and the Saudi-Israel peace treaty is in the interest of both nations. Contrary to what is commonly assumed, it is not in Israel’s interest to sign such a treaty with the United States. The security of both countries will be stronger without it.

White House announces Civil Rights Act applies to forms of antisemitism
“Eight federal agencies clarified—for the first time in writing—that Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits certain forms of antisemitic, Islamophobic, and related forms of discrimination in federally funded programs and activities,” the White House stated.

Top Biden aides interviewed in classified documents probe
Robert Hur, the special counsel investigating US President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents while serving as Vice President, has interviewed many of Biden’s closest aides and advisers, including from the upper levels of the White House and the cabinet,

Israel inks largest defense deal in its history
“Only 80 years since the end of the Second World War, yet Israel and Germany join hands today, in building a safer future, for both nations,” Gallant said. Yoav Gallant on Thursday in Berlin signed an agreement to provide Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defense system to Germany. At an estimated value of $3.5 billion, the deal is the largest of its kind in Israel’s history.

‘Together, we will succeed’: NATO military commander visits Israel
The chairman of the military committee of the NATO alliance, Admiral Rob Bauer of the Royal Netherlands Navy, arrived in Israel as the official guest of the IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi.

Beware of Christians! Mayor takes aim at ‘missionaries’ in Jerusalem March
where most Israelis today gratefully see a natural ally, if not a sibling in faith, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Aryeh King sees mortal danger in a clever new disguise. “I must also emphasize that there will be many Christians marching without a missionary agenda and without negative intentions, so do not take it as a bad thing to make contact with non-Jews during the march. But regarding the [participating] missionary organizations, please be vigilant

I’m a Muslim convert to Christ, but two Muslim preachers want me dead
The first guests invited on the show were two Muslim preachers from the United Kingdom representing an Islamic view.On the Christian side were Robert Spencer, an expert on radical Islamism, and me, a Muslim convert to Christianity from Morocco.tps://allarab.news/im-a-muslim-convert-to-christ-but-two-muslim-preachers-want-me-dead/

New York City in bull’s-eye for intense flood threat as Ophelia’s remnants batter eastern US coastline
Hundreds of miles of coastline from New England to the Southeast are on alert as flooding impacts coastal communities due to the effects of the remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia and king tides from the final Supermoon of 2023.

M6.1 earthquake hits Vanuatu at intermediate depth 
A strong earthquake registered by the USGS as M6.1 hit Vanuatu at 14:40 UTC on September 28, 2023. The agency is reporting a depth of 127.5 km (79 miles). EMSC is reporting M6.0 at a depth of 126 km (78 miles).

Storm Elias causes second wave of severe flooding in Central Greece 
On September 27, 2023, a powerful weather system named Storm Elias brought a second wave of severe flooding to central Greece, particularly affecting the city of Volos and the island of Evia. The storm came on the heels of the devastating Storm Daniel earlier this month.

It’s Happening: Homeless Camp Just Popped Up on a Beverly Hills Sidewalk
Fans of the show know folks like the Altmans have made careers selling luxury properties all across Los Angeles, so to have a homeless camp on display just steps from their business comes with some irony.

China’s Fighter Jets Aren’t Just Flying Around Taiwan. They’re Practicing.
Surge in activity shows Chinese honing ability to block U.S. military from responding to an invasion

Soldiers with 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions deploying to Europe
The Army is showing no signs of curtailing its deployments to Europe as the war in Ukraine continues to grind on. On Wednesday the Army announced that about 3,400 soldiers with the 101st Airborne Division’s 3rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team will head to Eastern Europe this fall, as will 200 soldiers from the 82nd Airborne Division Headquarters.

Biden’s EPA Has Spent Millions on Military Grade Equipment. A GOP Senator Wants to Know Why.
President Joe Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency has spent millions in taxpayer funds arming itself with military grade hardware, such as advanced combat and reconnaissance equipment.

Wuhan Institute of Virology Warns Another Coronavirus Outbreak Highly Likely
A study published by scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in July, and reportedly circulating widely on Chinese social media this week, concluded that as many as 20 species of coronavirus are “highly likely” to cause an outbreak among humans.

Arizona School Board Member Files First Amendment Lawsuit After Being Banned From Quoting Bible Verses at Meetings
An Arizona school board member has filed a lawsuit against the Peoria Unified School District for allegedly violating her First Amendment rights by banning her from quoting the Bible during meetings.

Federal Judge Strikes Down Texas Law Banning Minors From ‘Sexualized Performances’ Including Drag Shows
A federal judge has struck down a Texas law prohibiting “sexualized performances,” including drag shows, in the presence of a minor.

Sharia Advancing in America: Islamic Banking Comes to Maine
Islamic banking is achieving something for Islam that it could never accomplish independently: legitimizing Sharia law and integrating it into the fabric of Western society.

Who Will Be Affected by a Government Shutdown?
…this is really out of our hands, like so much lately. It’s all down to the folks who are tasked with “representing” us in Washington, DC. They’ve reached short-term stopgap that funds the government through the month of October and half of November (and offers 6 billion dollars to Ukraine), but the threat is far from over.

Siege of Eagle Pass Rages On as Thousands of Train Migrants Storm US Border
The siege of Eagle Pass, Texas, continues unabated as thousands of migrants ride trains to Piedras Negras, Mexico, and then storm the U.S. border.

Ulez ‘Blade Runners’ strike again: Mobile enforcement van is smashed up and left with flat tyres in ongoing war against Sadiq Khan’s crackdown on motorists
Anti-Ulez ‘Blade Runners’ have ramped up their campaign of vandalism trashing yet another one of Sadiq Khan’s mobile ‘spy’ vans used to enforce London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone.

“Fossil Fuel Treaty” activism is funded by a small group of global foundations
…In 2021, ahead of COP26 in Glasgow, the World Economic Forum promoted the initiative as: “A new wave of activists is calling for global action and cooperation to phase out fossil fuels.” But is it a “new wave of activists”?  To answer that, we need to find out who is hiding behind them.

CHANGE: San Francisco Mayor London Breed to Require Drug Testing for Homeless Who Want Government Services
How crazy have things become in San Francisco? So crazy that the Democrat Mayor London Breed now wants homeless people to submit to drug testing before they can receive government services.

Regulators ignore the safety and ethical issues of gene-edited crops and livestock
Not all genetic technologies used in veterinary medicine fall under the categories of “mRNA vaccines” or “mRNA gene therapies.” There are other terms to look out for…The required labelling for meat, dairy and egg products is not transparent about possible exposure to DNA or RNA-based veterinary biologics.

“You Have the UK’s Full Support” – Coffey To The UN General Assembly 
“The UK applauds the Secretary-General’s work to use Our Common Agenda to bring coherence to both the future of multilateralism and achieving the SDGs, claimed Thérèse Coffey at the Preparatory Ministerial Meeting of the Summit of the Future on 21st September 2023 at the United Nations General Assembly 78th Session held in New York. Did she even consider asking the people of the UK about such far-reaching, detrimental policies? asks UKCITIZEN.