24 Jul 2023

China Prepares For War: A Timeline
Xi’s Inexorable March Toward War.” He’s fond of discussing, and he’s not shy about it, “The rejuvenation of the great Chinese race,” which he likens it to his life’s singular goal. – In October 2022, he mentioned his “laser-like focus on reacquiring the Taiwanese separatists.” He says that if he cannot achieve it, his entire set of lifetime achievements would amount to failure.

Rabbis urge IDF reservists to return to their ‘sacred duty’ over judicial reform protests
a group of military rabbis sent a letter to the IDF Chief of Staff, urging the recalcitrant reservists to not renege on their “sacred duty.” “Serving in the regular and reserve army is a great mitzvah, a national duty, and a rare privilege to serve the people of Israel.

Trump Warns Democrats About Sending Him to Prison
Former President Trump is warning Democrats that the implications of sending him to prison would be for the extremist party, saying it would be very dangerous. “I think it’s a very dangerous thing to even talk about,” Trump added, “because we do have a tremendously passionate group of voters, much more passion than they had in 2020 and much more passion than in 2016. I think it would be very dangerous.” “the USA, lawyers, and the legal system itself, are under siege… all a gift from crooked Joe Biden,

Idaho college town to pay $300,000 to Christians arrested for having an outdoor church service
In March 2021, a group of three Christians with Christ Church sued the city after they were arrested for singing outside their church in 2020 with no masks on.

2,000 people including tourists evacuated as a wildfire rages on the Greek island of Rhodes
A large wildfire burning on the Greek island of Rhodes for a fifth day has forced authorities to order an evacuation of four locations, including two seaside resorts.

Voice Actors Are Fighting Back Against Generative AI
Variety reports that Crabtree-Ireland joined voice actors at an intimate panel at San Diego Comic-Con, which spoke about the specifics of generative AI’s threat to artists and working actors. On the panel were voice actors who are a part of the National Association of Voice Actors .

UN Security council warns of ‘very serious consequences for global peace and security’
Britain’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, who chaired the meeting under Britain’s July presidency of the body, said AI will “fundamentally alter every aspect of human life.”

China intensifies military drills with Russia amid US sanctions
President Xi Jinping has resisted crossing Washington’s red lines over arming Russia’s war machine in Ukraine. But that hasn’t stopped China edging closer to Moscow’s military in another way: direct engagement.

Space Command leaders accused of ‘deliberate manipulation’ in headquarters fight
The Alabama chairman of the House Armed Services Committee has accused Air Force and U.S. Space Command leadership of “deliberate, taxpayer-funded manipulation of a competitive selection process” in the fight over a permanent location for the U.S. Space Command headquarters.

Simply medieval’: Russian soldiers held in pits and cellars for refusing to fight in Ukraine
A Russian soldier convicted of insubordination was among a group of conscripts who accused their superiors of locking them up in a cellar in eastern Ukraine after they refused to fight, subjecting them to unsanitary living conditions and an insufficient diet, according to a report by an independent Russian news outlet.

Passing reasonableness law on eve of Tisha B’Av is ‘very bad timing’, former US ambassador says
‘Given the striking parallel between the current rift and the internal battles that caused the ‘destruction of the Second Temple – why does the government continue?’

Elon Musk says Twitter’s blue bird to be replaced by an X
Twitter Inc owner Elon Musk on Sunday signaled he would do more to take the social media company in a new direction with a rebranding that will replace its well-known blue bird logo with an X after acknowledging advertisers have been slow to return.

‘Explosive’ $10 million bribery allegations against Biden, Republicans call to impeach
Republicans immediately began lashing out at President Joe Biden Thursday following the release of an unclassified FBI document detailing his alleged involvement in an international bribery scheme, with a number rallying for his impeachment,

‘We came to fight for democracy and against a military coup’: 200,000 pro-judicial reform protesters gather in Tel Aviv
Anti-reform protesters are “behaving like a little kid in a toy store, not getting what they want,” one demonstrator told World Israel News. Over 200,000 supporters of the proposed judicial reform gathered on Sunday evening in Tel Aviv’s Kaplan Street, until now the main location for the weekly anti-reform protests on Sunday evening.

Extreme rainfall triggers severe flash floods in Nova Scotia, Canada 
n the most significant downpour recorded in over 50 years, Nova Scotia, an Atlantic Canadian province, witnessed severe flash floods near Halifax on Friday, July 21, 2023. Up to 300 mm (4 – 12 inches) of rainfall fell on the region within just several hours, resulting in collapsed roads, compromised bridges, and inundated buildings. At least 4 people, including 2 children, are missing.

Tropical Cyclone “Doksuri” (Egay) intensifies near the Philippines, forecast track takes it toward Taiwan and mainland China 
Tropical Cyclone “Doksuri” — known as Egay in the Philippines — formed on July 21, 2023, as the 5th named storm of the 2023 Pacific typhoon season. The storm is currently located east of the Philippines, heading WNW toward Taiwan while intensifying. Landfall in Taiwan is expected on July 27 and in China on July 28 (UTC).

Thought Crimes on Trial: Ireland’s Controversial Bill Threatens Prison Time for Wrong Speech
American lawyer Jonathan Turley predicts that other countries might pass similar laws as part of a broader movement in Europe, particularly within the European Union, aiming to restrict freedom of expression.

Military Notes a Spike in Myocarditis Cases — Wonder Why? 
A top Pentagon official has confirmed what many of us have  known all along; myocarditis cases in the military have soared since service members were forced to take the shot.

At least 6 dead and 26 injured after violent weekend of shootings in Chicago
At least six people died and as many as 26 others were injured in gun violence that sprawled across Chicago over the last 48 hours.

Random violent crime skyrockets in DC, robberies up 59%, violent crime up 36%
Washington DC has experienced a surge of random street robberies in recent weeks, with criminals ambushing their victims outside of bars, libraries, and on busy sidewalks across the city.

Biden official calls providing abortion to military members a ‘sacred obligation’ 
The National Security Council, under the Biden administration, apparently thinks it is necessary to facilitate the killing of children in the womb to keep America’s fighting females in fine form.

Russian Attack Hits Chinese Consulate in Ukraine’s Odesa
Russian missile and drone strikes on Ukraine on July 19 damaged the Chinese consulate building in the port city of Odesa and the port itself, which had a million tons of grain to be shipped to Asia and Africa, including about 60,000 tons to China.

Russia: 15 Leopards, 20 Bradleys Destroyed in 24 Hours, Large Number of Western Mercenaries Eliminated
Russia has destroyed 15 Leopard II tanks and 20 Bradley Fighting Vehicles in 24 hours, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed. Russia also claims to have eliminated a large number of Western PMCs fighting in Ukraine.

The Total Number of Illegal Aliens Who Entered US Under Joe Biden Is More than the Population of 35 States
Back in October 2022, the Federation of American Immigration Reform, or FAIR Organization, released their fiscal year 2022 immigration numbers.

Act of God? Tornado Rips Through Pfizer Plant, Destroys 50,000 Pallets of Product
A Pfizer manufacturing plant in Rocky Mount, North Carolina was severely damaged by a tornado on Wednesday, damaging around 50,000 pallets stocked with Big Pharma products.

Wheat Prices Jump Higher As Ukraine Threatens Retaliation Against Ships Going To Russian Ports
With as of Monday the Black Sea Initiative grain deal effectively having collapsed, Russia has been warning that ships traveling to Ukraine’s Black Sea ports will be seen as potential military targets.  The dire warning came after Ukraine’s government said it would persist in its grain and food exports via a temporary shipping route. A Wednesday statement from the Russian defense ministry (MoD) had announced “the flag countries of such ships will be considered parties to the Ukrainian conflict.”

Covid Related News: The death cult delusions infecting our times
…Last week a tranche of documents relating to Moderna covid injection trials was released which, similar to Pfizer’s trial documents, raise several questions about the safety and liability of Moderna’s “vaccine.” Yet, without investigating any of these harms and offences, the push for vaccines for anthrax and RSV begins.

Dutch economist let the cat out of the bag about “carbon emission rights”
In August 2022, Dutch economist Barbara Baarsma appeared on BNR Newsradio to explain her plan for the carbon dioxide wallet.  In doing so, Baarsma, who was CEO of Rabo Carbon Bank until February 2023, revealed a lot of their plans regarding the carbon emissions scam.

We Need To Talk About Midazolam: Homicide Detectives are investigating Nicola Sturgeon over Cruel Deaths in Care Homes during the Pandemic
Scotland’s covid-era First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is being criminally investigated by homicide police for over 5,500 deaths in care homes during Covid. This would be Scotland’s largest-ever mass-death investigation in its history.

CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation confirmed as architects of Deagel .com 2025 Depopulation Forecast & current Mortality Rates imply Covid Vaccination has made it a target that could be hit
In a world where reality often seems stranger than fiction, the machinations behind global events can be an enigma wrapped in mystery. One such intrigue revolves around Deagel.com, an obscure online entity known for its exhaustive data on military capabilities and eyebrow-raising depopulation forecasts for 2025.