21 Jul 2023

Phoenix shatters heat record that has stood for almost 50 years
For the past 21 days, Phoenix has sweltered under temperatures at or above 110 degrees Fahrenheit amid an unrelenting heat wave, shattering a record that has stood for nearly 50 years. Around noon, local time, on Thursday, the mercury in The Valley of the Sun hit 111 degrees, and it didn’t stop there. The temperature in Phoenix had climbed to 118 F by 3 p.m., continuing the streak that started on June 30 in the city. The old record for the number of consecutive 110-degree days was 18 set from June 12-29, 1974.

Grassley Releases Bombshell FBI Doc Discussing $10MM Biden Bribe; Burisma Boss Said Hunter ‘Dumber Than His Dog’
Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) has released a bombshell FBI document dated July 30,2020, in which a respected confidential human source (CHS) alleged that then-presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden received $10 million in bribes. a Ukrainian energy firm which employed Hunter Biden to the tune of $80,000 per month, thought Hunter was a moron.

Europe battles heat and fires; sweltering temperatures scorch China, US
The heat wave has hit southern Europe during the peak summer tourist season, breaking records – including in Rome – and bringing warnings about an increased risk of deaths. Wildfires burned for a third day west of the Greek capital, Athens, and firefighters raced to keep flames away from coastal refineries. Fanned by erratic winds, the fires have gutted dozens of homes, forced hundreds of people to flee and blanketed the area in thick smoke. In China, which was hosting U.S. climate envoy John Kerry for talks, tourists defied the heat to visit a giant thermometer showing surface temperatures of 80 Celsius (176 Fahrenheit).

Russia bombs Ukraine ports, threatens ships, as Kyiv deploys cluster munitions
Russia jolted world grain markets with an escalation in the Black Sea, mounting a third straight night of air strikes on Ukrainian ports and issuing a threat against Ukraine-bound vessels to which Kyiv responded in kind. At least 27 civilians were reported hurt in the air strikes on the ports, which set buildings ablaze and damaged China’s consulate in Odesa.

North Korea threatens nuclear retaliation over US displays of military force
North Korea said on Thursday deployment of U.S. aircraft carriers, bombers or missile submarines in South Korea could meet criteria for its use of nuclear weapons, state media KCNA reported, citing the country’s defence minister, Kang Sun Nam. The comments raise the stakes as each side steps up displays of military force in a standoff over the isolated country’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes.

White House regrets Kissinger had better access in Beijing than current US officials
Kissinger — an architect of normalizing ties between Washington and Beijing in the 1970s as secretary of state and national security advisor in the administrations of Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford — was welcomed warmly as an “old friend” by Chinese President Xi Jinping on Thursday amid efforts by Beijing and Washington to mend frayed ties. Kissinger, 100, also met with China’s top diplomat Wang Yi and with defense minister Li Shangfu, who has declined direct talks with U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Worldview with Amir Tsarfati: Escalation Will Continue Until One Side Or The Other Goes All In
An attempt by Hezbollah to damage the security fence last Friday resulted in the wounding of several members of the terrorist organization when Israeli security employed non-lethal means to repel them. These incidents will continue to escalate until one side or the other goes all in. Prime Minister Netanyahu should be the one to make a preemptive first strike.

Russian influence campaign shares bogus articles by fake Israeli news websites
“We have uncovered a disinformation infrastructure linked to the Russian government in Israel, designed to influence decision-making in Jerusalem by imitating reputable Israeli news sites, Ilan Sokol, Cybereason CEO, said. “This campaign involved creating imposter websites that closely resembled legitimate and prominent news outlets.

An ‘eternal life’ pill may be closer than ever thanks to new research
Could genes from a jellyfish-like marine animal lead to the ultimate anti-aging treatment? Experts estimate that the “fountain of youth” pill may be on the horizon, thanks to a jellyfish-like marine creature called Hydractinia symbiolongicarpus, Their remarkable regenerative abilities are expected to have implications for healthcare and anti-aging treatments.

Islamic Jihad terrorists attack worshippers at Joseph’s Tomb
One person was reported dead and several wounded in clashes that erupted in Shechem (Nablus) on Wednesday night after Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists attacked Jewish worshippers and their military escort at Joseph’s Tomb. In addition to being fired upon, Israeli forces were attacked with explosives and stones, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

More than 100 million under heat advisories as deadly heat wave continues coast to coast
The broken records sound like a broken record, but triple digit or even 110-plus degree heat persists across the southern tier of the U.S. and the long-term outlook for the region shows the heat wave persisting into next week. … millions of people being urged to stay out of the sun and stay cool as record-breaking triple-digit temperatures continue to bake the southern U.S.

Michigan residents stunned by largest hailstorm they’ve ever witnessed in town of Davison
A severe thunderstorm that marched through a community east of Flint, Michigan, on Thursday produced some of the largest hailstones that locals ever recall seeing. The storm moved through about 2:30 p.m. and, according to estimates, produced hail that was likely upwards of the size of tennis balls and even baseballs. The ice chunks were large enough to damage homes, vehicles and any outdoor object that was not protected from the elements.

Walmart soaked as tennis-ball-sized hail blasts through roof of Wisconsin store
The National Weather Service received reports of tennis-bail size hail from inside the Walmart in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, Wednesday as the massive stones broke through the roof.

Rare, powerful thunderstorm in Croatia, likened to Texas-style weather, claims four lives, leaves over 2 000 injured
A powerful, fast-moving thunderstorm swept over northern Croatia on July 19, 2023, bringing winds up to 180 km/h and leaving massive damage in its wake. According to preliminary analyses, this event was one of the most severe thunderstorms in Zagreb’s recorded history. Unfortunately, the storm claimed the lives of 4 people and left over 2 000 others injured.

Record rainfall, massive flooding in Kentucky prompts evacuation and state of emergency
On July 19, 2023, slow-moving thunderstorms dumped over 254 mm (10 inches) of rain in western Kentucky, prompting a state of emergency declaration due to severe flooding that instigated multiple evacuations and led to extensive road damage.

16 injured as North Carolina experiences rare July EF-3 tornado 
A devastating EF-3 tornado ravaged central North Carolina, severely damaging a Pfizer plant and other structures, injuring 16 people, and halting traffic on a major interstate on July 19, 2023. This is the first event of its kind recorded in this region in the month of July.

Deadly heat claims first life in Italy and Spain faces 44C as heatwave hits tourist hotspots
A deadly heatwave hitting Europe has claimed its first life in Italy as British tourists across the Mediterranean brace themselves for temperatures as high as 45 degrees Celsius.

Russia Terminates Black Sea Grain Deal, Wheat Prices Spike, As Extent Of Crimea Bridge Terrorist Attack Revealed
Wheat prices jumped as news broke Monday that Russia let the UN-brokered grain deal lapse at midnight, Istanbul time, marking the end of the Turkey-administered humanitarian corridor which let Ukrainian grains get exported to global markets. Russia since confirmed the deal has been “terminated”. According to the latest from Moscow, as well as the US reaction:

Pig Beans — The Latest GMO Frankenfood. “Transgenic Foods” 
One of the latest GMO Frankenfoods is Piggy Sooy, a soybean genetically engineered to contain pig protein. One or more undisclosed pig genes are spliced into conventional soya to create a soybean with 26.6% animal protein

Rulers Push For mRNA Vaccine Patches To Be Mailed Directly To Homes 
The World Health Organization, along with Bill Gates and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are pushing for vaccine patches to be mailed directly to people’s homes. The rulers will stop at nothing to ensure as many humans as possible are injected with mRNA technology and use Big Pharma and its drugs.

Proposed CCP-controlled battery plant in Michigan constitutes a significant THREAT to the environment and national security 
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is constructing a battery plant in Michigan, raising concerns about environmental degradation and possible threats to national security.

The Stunning Connection Between New ‘Oppenheimer’ Movie And The Soon-Coming Completion Of Daniel 4:12
After the Trinity Project concluded, bomb architect Oppenheimer quoted the Bhagavad-Gita and said ‘now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds’. How right he was, and didn’t even know it.

China’s Saboteurs Are Coming to America
…Chinese migrants are entering the United States in unprecedented numbers. Once here, the military fighters can link up with China’s agents already in place or Chinese diplomats.

Dr. Malone: Why the US gov’t wants to reduce the natural-born population and import more immigrants
Worldwide birthrate per 1000 people follows a very predictable trend. In “developed” and/or wealthy nations, the birthrate is low and in nations at the lower end of the economic development scale, the birthrate is high. Nothing new there.

Health Department released thousands of illegal immigrant kids with latent tuberculosis infections
Nearly 2,500 children with latent infections were released into 44 states over the past year, according to a court-ordered report on how the Health and Human Services Department is treating the children.

NYC to pay $13M, or $10K each, to arrested BLM protesters
New York City has agreed to pay more than $13 million — or nearly $10,000 each — to demonstrators who were arrested or beaten by cops during the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Google Is Testing An AI Tool Named ‘Genesis’ That Will Create News Stories Using Artificial Intelligence And Be Disseminated Through The Legacy Media
Of course, the old joke about the legacy news media has long been that the stories are written with artificial intelligence because it’s not real news, going all the way back to the original fake news known as ‘Yellow Journalism’. But all that is about to change. The global dominators at Google are working on a new project, codenamed ‘Genesis’, that will use AI technology like ChatGPT to write news stories and articles for all the main fake news merchants. And the fact they’ve named it ‘Genesis’? Don’t get me started.

‘We Have No More Room’: NYC Announces New Shelter Limits for Illegal Immigrants
New York City will provide adult illegal immigrants seeking asylum in the United States with 60 days’ notice to find alternative housing and move out of the shelters they’d been provided with.

House Republicans to Investigate UC-Berkeley’s Ties to China
House Republicans on the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party are planning to investigate ties between the University of California at Berkeley and China.

Department of Defense Memo Says Trans Soldiers on Hormone Therapy Can Skip Deployments
Transgender soldiers in the U.S. Military who are on hormone therapy can skip deployments, according to a Department of Defense memo.

Top economist: Central bankers are planning CBDC currency implants ‘under your skin’
A central banker reportedly told economist Richard Werner there are plans to issue CBDCs that ‘look like a small grain of rice,’ to be implanted under the skin.

CDC confirms COVID Vaccination caused shocking 338x increase in Cancers & AIDS-Associated Diseases
Official data made available by the U.S. Government and Centers for Disease Control strongly suggests that fully vaccinated Americans may be developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or a similar disease that is decimating the innate immune system.

John Kerry crumbles when confronted with FACTS on Co2: “This is not a serious conversation” 
In 2019, climate alarmist John Kerry testified during a House Oversight hearing on the national security risks of climate change. Rep. Thomas Massie questioned him about the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  When Kerry was unable to argue with the facts, he did what all climate alarmists do; shut down the conversation the only way he knew how by exclaiming it was not a “serious conversation.”