28 Jun 2023

What Keeps The Majority Of Christians From Acknowledging The Obvious? Time Is Running Out
Author and commentator Jonathan Brentner wrote a provocative article titled, “How Can You Not See It?” He was asking the question, how can you not see the fulfilling of Bible prophecy wherever you look? Is it biblical illiteracy, indifference, or busyness, that keeps the majority from acknowledging the obvious? Time is running out. Predicted events are exploding. Things are in decline. Even nature is screaming that Jesus is coming soon! All of creation must be set free, not just humans.

Satanic Temple To Host ‘Let Us Burn’ Events At State Capitols To Mock God and Believers
It is both predictable and prophetic. The Satanic Temple (TST) is planning a tour to bring a band called Satanic Planet to different states to mock the one true God and to specifically counteract the “Let Us Worship” tour, which performed at several state capitols. The Satanic Temple is looking to send its band to the same cities for the purpose of exalting darkness

House Foreign Affairs Chairman Introduces Resolution Declaring Nuclear Iran ‘Not Acceptable’
House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) on Tuesday introduced a bipartisan resolution declaring that it is the policy of the United States that a nuclear Iran is “not acceptable” and that the US should use “all means necessary” to prevent the country from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Confirmed: Wagner Group head Prigozhin is in Belarus
The plane of the leader of the rebellion in Russia landed in Minsk; Putin tells Russian fighters they ‘stopped a civil war’ and that Wagner received a billion dollars from us over a year. Viktor Khrennikov, had told him he would not mind having a unit like Wagner in the Belarusian army. The Belarusian leader instructed Khrennikov to negotiate with Prigozhin on the matter. Putin … claimed that the Wagner Group was completely funded by the Russian authorities. According to him, in just one year, from May 2022 to May this year, Moscow transferred 86 billion rubles to the organization (an amount equal to one billion dollars).

Rubio: Recent UFO whistleblower isn’t the only one
Whistleblower David Grusch is not the only high-level government official to come forward with claims about UFOs, according to Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. Rubio told NewsNation on Monday that he has heard from firsthand witnesses in “high positions in our government” to some of the claims made by Grusch. We’re trying to gather as much of that information as we can … And frankly, a lot of them are very fearful of their jobs … fearful of harm coming to them,” Rubio added.

Poll shows most Americans wouldn’t want to live in Minnesota
The poll also discovered that most U.S. voters want to reside somewhere that enacts laws that are more conservative. A new poll has found that the majority of Americans would not want to live in Minnesota. “66% of voters — including a majority of all parties — say they would not want to live in a state that has increasing taxes, restricts legal gun ownership more strictly, allows abortion up to 9 months, allows minors to get gender surgery without parental permission, encourages undocumented immigrants, and allows felons to vote,” Harvard’s Center for American Political Studies in conjunction with the Harris Poll and HarrisX has found. The study was released on June 16.

3 Sure Signs of the Coming Antichrist
1. The destabilization of nations. As we observe the current state of the world, we can witness a growing destabilization of nations. The Bible clearly indicates that the Antichrist will rise during a time of global turmoil and panic. Governments and political systems promise solutions to the world’s problems, but often fall short.

Israel seizes millions in Iran Quds Force, Hezbollah crypto assets
The defense establishment seized millions of dollars in cryptocurrency belonging to the IRGC’s Quds Force and Hezbollah just days ago, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant announced Tuesday. He said this was the largest seizure of cryptocurrency from those groups to date.

Ford Lays Off Hundreds Of Engineers
Ford is now the latest U.S. company to announce sweeping layoffs, with Bloomberg reporting this week that the auto manufacturer plans to lay off “hundreds of salaried workers” that are primarily engineers. Monetary policy continues to work wonders. The layoffs are part of a plan to boost profits and lower operating costs as the company shifts toward EVs, the report says. And after all, who needs engineers when you can adopt Tesla’s technology, like Ford announced it would be doing with charging standards just weeks ago?

UBS To Slash Half Of Credit Suisse’s Workforce As Bank Layoff Tsunami Worsens
Earlier this month, UBS Group AG successfully “completed” the emergency takeover of Credit Suisse. With the merger completed, UBS plans to begin the first phase of a massive headcount reduction of Credit Suisse’s workforce in July.

Pandemic Leaders Were Biodefense Puppets And Profiteers
Scandalous incompetence. Profound stupidity. Astounding errors. This is how many analysts – including Dr. Vinay Prasad, Dr. Scott Atlas, and popular Substack commentator eugyppius – explain how leading public health experts could prescribe so many terrible pandemic response policies. And it’s true: the so-called experts certainly have made themselves look foolish over the last three years: Public health leaders like Rochelle Walensky and Anthony Fauci make false claims, or contradict themselves repeatedly, on subjects related to the pandemic response,

New ‘AI-Generated Ouija Board’ Aims to Converse with the Dead
People around the world are starting to flock to “grief tech” for answers, much like Saul flocked to the medium of Endor when he wanted answers from the deceased prophet Samuel. But what is grief tech, and is it abominable as the Lord finds the practice of necromancy and sorcery? Séance AI, who chose that particular name on purpose, are trying to replicate an actual spiritual séance, like Saul did with the medium.

John Kerry Skewered By French TV Host After Condemning Putin Invasion: “Why Isn’t Bush Judged In The Same Way?”
John Kerry, tried to issue the usual invective and talking points on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Putin’s aggression while speaking on French television in Paris. But a French TV anchor wasn’t having it, and confronted Kerry over US hypocrisy, given Washington has mounted multiple invasions of sovereign countries in recent decades, especially since the 2003 invasion of Iraq. … “We have to judge Putin for crimes of aggression, of course. But you, the Americans, you committed the crime of aggression in Iraq.”

24 hours that shook Russia: Experts weigh in on the Wagner ‘mutiny’
The Prigozhin mutiny was an extraordinary event. Military coups and revolts are rare in modern Russian history (General Kornilov’s attempt to stop the country from slipping into chaos in August 1917 is what most often comes to mind), but Prigozhin’s was different even from those. June 23-24 saw a revolt not by an army unit or a royal guard, but by a well-armed private military company that has no legal status in the country and has been operating on some opaque and private understanding. While the conflict between Prigozhin and the Defense Ministry had been evolving for some time for everyone to see, the mutiny itself, curiously, appeared to have surprised the Kremlin, the MOD, and the security services. Prigozhin’s move into Rostov-on-Don and his march towards Moscow were neither prevented nor opposed.

Harassment by far-right, ultra-Orthodox against Messianic Jews and Christians on full display this month
Since the current coalition came into power, ‘we’ve definitely seen a rise in overt attacks,’ shares one Messianic Jewish leader.

‘There is no value in agreements with Iran’
The rebellion in Russia over the weekend caught Israeli officials by surprise; there was much discussion regarding how the crisis might affect the Jewish state. According to Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen, the consensus was that it wouldn’t. “This is an internal issue within Russia; we do not interfere in things that are happening within Russia”, Cohen told JNS. However, he added, there could be indirect effects.

Deadly floods ravage southern Ghana, claiming at least 8 lives
Heavy rainfall led to severe flooding across southern Ghana, particularly in the Western, Ashanti, and Greater Accra Regions, from June 21, 2023, resulting in widespread damage and at least 8 fatalities.

A Colossal “Heat Dome” Is Literally Baking Much Of The Country, And This Could Cause Widespread Crop Failures
…A massive “heat dome” has been sitting over the region for quite some time, and it doesn’t appear that it will be moving much for at least several more days.  There have been many areas where the heat index has already been up around 120 degrees.  In Rio Grande Village, the actual temperature was 119 degrees on Friday, and forecasters were warning that the same reading would be reached again on Tuesday.  This extreme heat has already caused several deaths, and it could potentially cause widespread crop failures.

Unprecedented flooding hits Arad County in Romania, leaving destruction in its wake 
A brief period of heavy rain on June 25, 2023, triggered severe flooding in Arad County, western Romania, resulting in significant damage, including flooded homes, swept-away vehicles, and blocked roads. The disaster led to the loss of at least one life.

Two rockets fired at Israel from West Bank for first time in 18 years
Palestinians launched two rockets toward sovereign Israel from the Jenin area on Monday morning, the IDF reported. They landed inside Palestinian Authority territory without hitting any Israelis or Israeli locations. It was the first time a rocket was fired at Israel from the West Bank in 18 years.

Colorado health officials launch new mpox vaccination campaign
Colorado health officials are launching a new vaccination campaign after a handful of cases of mpox, the viral disease formerly known monkeypox, have been identified in the state in recent weeks.

FDA creates path for psychedelic drug trials
Federal regulators are laying out guidance for psychedelic drug trials for the first time, in a move that could encourage the mainstreaming of substances like magic mushrooms and LSD as behavioral health treatments.

First Human Trials Begin for AI-Designed Drug
Biotech firm Insilico Medicine said Monday that it entered an “AI-discovered-and-designed” drug into Phase 2 clinical trials involving human subjects, a first for the industry. The robots: they may not be so bad after all.

Aborted pregnancies in England, Wales soars to new record | World News
The number of aborted pregnancies in the United Kingdom soared to a record high last year, according to government data.

CHILLING MESSAGE: Simpleton Kamala Harris to Teens: ‘Counting on You’ to Push Abortion Agenda Forward 
Vice President Simpleton Kamala Harris charged up-and-coming young voters with pushing Democrats’ abortion-on-demand agenda in an exclusive interview with Teen Vogue.

Abbott calls out Adams for sending migrants to Florida, Texas, China
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is calling out New York City Mayor Eric Adams for his “hypocrisy” for continuing to advocate the city’s so-called sanctuary city status for illegal foreign nationals while also sending them to 34 states and four countries.

Macron’s Priorities: Wants to Tax the World – Crack Down on Hefty Fines For Drug Use – Delay Retirements and Push for Assisted Suicide, But Plenty of Money to Fund Ukraine
Welcome to Macron’s world. But hold on to your wallet, because the Globalist poster boy has a plan for your money. It doesn’t matter if you are not French, because he now has plans for all the planet.

Canadian Imam Younus Kathrada: ‘Allah Commands Us to Hate, Reject, and Detest the Disbelievers’
Justin Trudeau’s allowance of a dangerous Imam promoting violence against unbelievers poses a severe threat to national security.

Nearly 1 in 5 adults say they’ve been diagnosed with depression, CDC says
Nearly one in five adults have been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lifetimes, according to a study released Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

‘We Could Eat Malignant Chicken Tumors by the Bucket Load’ – Lab Grown Meat’s Impending CANCER Problem
Lab-grown meat, touted as the “cruelty-free” food of the future by everyone from the World Economic Forum to Hollywood mega-celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, may have a fatal problem, according to a new Bloomberg story.

Middle-class shoppers turn to discount supermarkets as soaring inflation hits household budgets
Middle-class shoppers pinched by decades’ high inflation have turned to discount supermarkets, boosting sales at Walmart and Dollar General.
Michigan House passes “Hate Speech” bill to FINE AND JAIL parents, teachers, pastors, and politicians who speak the truth 
This means that parents, teachers, pastors, activists, and politicians can be charged with “hate crimes” if their speech upsets someone who is weak-minded and vindictive. For example, the victims of these new “hate crimes” can claim that a pastor caused “severe mental anguish” because the pastor spoke a basic truth from the Bible.

“A Global Digital Compact” – UN promoting censorship, social credit & much more
Late last month the office of the United Nation’s Secretary General published a policy document on aims for the future of the internet. A follow-up to the 2021 report “Our Common Agenda”, the new report’s title says it all really, “A Global Digital Compact”. That’s the goal, international legislation that would seek to control and enforce the use of digital technology.

 The weatherman says:
The weatherman says: “that’s not snow and that’s not rain, that’s actually military airplanes dropping aluminum, sometimes plastic and even metallic paper products for ‘ANTI-RADAR’ – Now they won’t tell you that’s what it is BUT I was in the MARINES for many years and I’m telling you right now, that’s what it is!!”

Operation Coronavirus is Working Hand-in-Hand with the Nanotech Agenda | The Wall Will Fall
The nanotech agenda –.involving the placement of tiny sensors, devices and machines measured in nanometers inside the human body – is receiving a boost from the current fake pandemic which I have labeled Operation Coronavirus.

Is the WHO the Terrorist Wing of the UN? 
The United Nations is quite possibly the most evil organisation devised by man and the World Health Organisation is its terrorist wing.  As such, the WHO is planning to bring a dangerous and unnecessary programme of compulsory vaccinations – all untested and dangerous.

Clinic for kids with autism, other special needs hosted ‘drag queen story hour’ event: report 
A health clinic that works with autistic children and other special needs kids hosted a “Drag Story Hour” earlier this year featuring book readings and “performances by five drag artists,” The Daily Signal reported.

French President Macron Calls for International Tax to Finance Climate Scam
The globalists need more cash. It’s not cheap to fearmonger and control the entire global population. It takes real cash to fund such an effort. French President Emanual Macron wants a new international tax to fund global climate efforts and for the elites to pocket their fair share.

We have less than two years before AI becomes a security problem we can no longer control, MP says
Writing in The House last week, Member of Parliament for Bournemouth East Tobias Ellwood said: “When an AI-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle ‘killed’ its human handler in a simulated test, eliminating the operator for daring to interfere with its mission objectives, we should worry. “But when security minister Tom Tugendhat (a rare round peg in a round hole) warns us that AI is moving too fast for even the ‘finest clerks’ in Parliament to regulate – Westminster, we have a problem.”

Video: Biden Trans ‘Health’ Official Claims Gender Surgery On Kids Is “Literally Suicide-prevention Care”
‘Admiral’ Rachel Levine, The Biden administration’s transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, has declared that “gender-affirming care” (blocking puberty, removing genitals, or adding fake genitals) is necessary to keep people, including children, mentally healthy and to stop them from killing themselves. Yes, really.