4 Jun 2023

Trans Activists, Anti-Child Castration Groups Draw Battle Lines Around Definition Of ‘Child Abuse’
A new battle line has emerged between transgender activists and those who oppose sex change procedures for minors. The winner will get to decide what constitutes “child abuse.” Should the term become codified according to either side’s definitions, doctors could end up in jail and kids from parents on either side could end up in state care, some experts tell the Daily Caller.

Prigozhin says Kremlin factions are destroying the Russian state
Russian mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin said on Saturday that Kremlin factions were destroying the state by trying to sow discord between him and Chechen fighters. That row had now been settled but infighting in the Kremlin had opened a Pandora’s Box of rifts, he said. Prigozhin, a 62-year-old former restauranteur who founded the Wagner mercenary group and is a member of President Vladimir Putin’s wider circle, has gained widespread notoriety during the 15-month war in Ukraine.

Franklin Graham: The Gospel Must Be Preached Until The Very End
It is the power of God unto salvation. When the message is proclaimed and preached, the power of God works in the hearts of those who hear and believe. That power is the regenerating and saving work of the Holy Spirit, who is convicting people of sin and righteousness. The Holy Spirit opens the hearts and eyes of those who have been blind and dead in their sins, and gives them everlasting life through repentance and faith.

Bird flu outbreak more virulent than ever recorded
“We haven’t seen a virus quite like this one,” said corresponding author Richard Webby of St. Jude’s Department of Infectious Diseases in a press release. “In 24 years of tracing this particular H5N1 flu lineage, we haven’t seen this ability to cause disease but also be maintained in these wild bird populations.”

Three IDF soldiers killed in shooting at southern border by Egyptian policeman
A security incident on the Israel-Egypt border this morning led to the killing of two Israeli soldiers, while a third soldier died in a firefight with the assailant. The event triggered a joint investigation by the two countries to determine the circumstances surrounding the incident. Officials from the Israeli Defense Forces emphasized the need for cooperation, however, questions remain about whether the Egyptian policeman who carried out the shooting, acted independently or in connection with terror organizations.

Alabama gov. signs bill banning men from women’s college sports, blasts ESPN for promoting LGBT ideology
Alabama Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed legislation Tuesday limiting sex-specific college athletic competitions to actual members of the designated sex, declaring the issue a matter of simple fairness.

US Navy changes all social media graphics to LGBTQ+ images then removes them
The United States Navy changed its social media profile photos and header images on Thursday to reflect the first day of the LGBTQ+ community’s Pride Month before changing them back to generic logos and military images by Friday morning. While the Navy briefly focused on the start of Pride Month, other U.S. military branches turned their attention to issues like PTSD Awareness Month, recruitment and education.

Over 1,000-acre wildfire closes part of I-75 in Michigan, forces evacuations
GRAYLING, Mich. – A wildfire that quickly grew Saturday in northern Michigan is a direct result of a recent stretch of hot and dry weather across the region, officials said. At last report, the Crawford County wildfire had burned more than 1,000 acres, and its proximity to homes and businesses has forced some evacuations.

Target Marketing VP Holds Senior Position at Org Pushing Trans Policies in K-12 Schools
A major U.S. retailer targeted for boycott for carrying clothing for transgender children faces further backlash for association with GLSEN. The advocacy group GLSEN stated it has been “Championing LGBTQ issues in K-12 education since 1990,” according to its website.

Congressional Commission Nominates Chinese Democratic Activists for Nobel Peace Prize
On the 34th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre, a U.S. congressional panel nominated Chinese democratic activists for the 2023 Nobel Peace Prize.

Michigan Economics Professor: Boycotting Target is “Literal Terrorism”
In New York, a pro-life display was declared by a professor to be an act of “violence.” In Colorado, a university site warned that misgendering is violence. It is part of a national pattern on campuses where opposing views are declared “harmful” or “violent” as a justification for censorship or even violence. Now, University of Michigan economics professor Justin Wolfers has declared some of those boycotting the store Target over its line of LGBTQ+ “Pride” clothing are guilty of “literal terrorism.”

UN objects to Ugandan anti-LGBTQ law 
The United Nations has urged Uganda to rethink its new Anti-Homosexuality Act, which imposes harsh penalties for citizens who “promote” gay lifestyles, as well as capital punishment for certain offenses. The UN secretary-general pointed out that the measure conflicts with key international treaties and violates the rights of Ugandan citizens.

Elon Musk Lands in China to Hang Out with Communist Officials
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has touched down in Beijing, marking his first visit to China in three years, amidst intensifying competition in the electric vehicle market and speculation over Tesla’s expansion plans in the country.

The Taliban Is Fighting Iran With American Weapons
The Taliban clashed with Iranian border guards over the weekend, and it used American equipment to do it. The fight took place in the Nimroz province of Afghanistan, on its south western border with Iran. At least three people died, and others were wounded in a dispute about water rights in the region.

Germany Is Officially In A Recession 
Consumers in Germany are spending less. That means Europe’s largest economy is officially in a recession. Output in Germany dropped 0.3% in the first three months of the year, following a 0.5% contraction at the end of 2022, official data showed Thursday

WHO poses a bigger threat to the world than a pandemic of any disease
At a conference held in Norway, Swiss Attorney at Law Philipp Kruse spoke about the World Health Organisation’s (“WHO’s”) ambition to establish new rules for its own nefarious purposes. For his presentation, he selected critical aspects of WHO’s power grab through the amendments to International Health Regulations (“IHRs”) and the proposed new Pandemic Treaty.

Scary Truths 
Did you know that the IMF won’t give loans to African countries if they use fossil fuels?  Or that the BBC has suggested that planting trees can do more harm than good?

Walt Disney World employee arrested on child porn charge
A Walt Disney World employee arrested on a child pornography charge Thursday said he posted photos of his coworkers to a porn social networking website as well as their private contact information, according to court records.

Entire Disney World Land Will Remain Closed Indefinitely 
If you’ve been keeping up with the updates and construction happening at Disney World, you know that there are more than a handful of projects happening simultaneously, and these refurbishments and updates can lead to closures in the theme parks.

WEF Accelerates Plan To Engineer Global Famine: 13 Nations Agree To Abolish Farming 
13 WEF-infiltrated countries have recently announced plans to abolish farming as part of the ‘Great Reset’ agenda for humanity…The nations signing onto this pledge to transform their farm policies are the United States, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Chile, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Panama, Peru and Spain.

Hohmann: Death by Injection – Top insurance researcher provides data showing staggering numbers
Using data from the United Kingdom, a top insurance industry analyst estimates 600,000 Americans per year are dying from the Covid shots. The United States has become one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to medical transparency. But one smart analyst has found an end-run around the U.S. system that places a dark shroud of secrecy over common statistics.

Six Flags to Host ‘All-Ages’ Drag Shows at Parks All Over the Country Throughout June
Six Flags is hosting “all-ages” drag shows at theme parks across the country throughout June.