13 May 2023

There’s A Greater-Than-50% Chance AI Wipes Out All Of Humanity By 2050, One Advisory Finds
In late March, no lesser mortal human beings than Goldman Sachs equity research took a deep dive into the implications of AI for the world (and beyond). The magnum opus led readers through the evolution of AI… Their shocking conclusion: AI will lead one-third of a billion layoffs (at least) in the US and Europe. Think of it as the robotization of the service sector. The safety risks around AI are huge, and we think there is a more than 50/50 chance AI will wipe out all of humanity by the middle of the century.

Anderson Cooper: ‘You Have Every Right Never To Watch CNN Again’ After Trump Town Hall
The chaos going on at CNN after Wednesday night’s town hall featuring former President Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. Plenty of attention was being paid Thursday to the audience at the town hall, which was highly supportive of Trump.

The Supreme Court Might Curb The ‘Deep State’ By Overruling The Chevron Case
The Supreme Court will not be announcing its decisions in most of this year’s big cases until June or early July. But the court recently agreed to consider a case that could trim the power of the “deep state.” The “deep state” is a web of federal administrative agencies, career politicians, lobbyists, and compliant mass media. It acts as a shadow government that largely sets the nation’s political agenda.

With Bakhmut Hanging In Balance, Will Putin Order Takedown Of Wagner Boss?
The bizarre spat between Wagner mercenary group and the regular Russian military chain of command has continued exploding into public view, now reaching a full-blown crisis for Moscow as the fate of the Bakhmut front hangs in the balance. Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed Friday that the Russian army is abandoning its positions near Bakhmut. “This is not called regrouping, this is fleeing,” he said in audio statement posted to Wagner’s social media channels. “The flanks are failing. The front is collapsing,” he added.

China Has ‘Supreme Access’ to TikTok, Former Exec Alleges
A former executive at TikTok parent company ByteDance says Chinese Communist Party officials have “supreme access” to the popular social media site and use it to spread pro-Beijing propaganda.

The Great Left-Wing Disinformation Operation Against the Supreme Court
The past five weeks has seen a flurry of media activity, clearly coordinated, against the right-of-center U.S. Supreme Court.

DHS to train citizens to spot radical conservatives
The government not only has slammed conservative parents attending school board meetings as domestic terrorists, it now is producing videos explaining how the general population can watch for – and be wary of – those “radicals.” A report from Reed. D. Rubinstein, of American First Legal, explains, “The Department of Homeland Security’s transformation into a domestic intelligence organization and a Stasi-like Deep State internal security apparatus is alarming. The agency is out of control.”

‘They’ll Have To Say Something’: Psaki Says Biden Admin Will Need To Answer For Hunter After Investigation Concludes
Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday on MSNBC that the White House will have to answer for Hunter Biden if Republicans prove he broke the law. The House Oversight Committee released a memo Wednesday that allegedly showed Hunter’s Chinese business partner tried to conceal a significant foreign payment to the Biden family via a complex laundering scheme. The committee also alleged the Biden family tried to hide more than $10 million in payments from foreign nationals through a network of privately-held companies.

Do They Actually Want World War 3? Now The West Has Decided To Give Ukraine Long-Range Cruise Missiles…
We are getting dangerously close to the “hot phase” of World War III, but most people in the western world don’t even realize what is going on. They simply trust our leaders when they tell us that we will never have to be directly involved in a conflict with Russia, but meanwhile those same leaders continue to push us ever closer to such a scenario. Earlier today, we learned that the UK has now delivered long-range “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles to Ukraine… “This will give Ukraine capability to make Crimea untenable for Russian forces,” and would force a Russian rethink of where to position its Black Sea fleet.

US military to bolster defensive posture in Gulf after Iran seizes tankers
“The Department of Defense will be making a series of moves to bolster our defensive posture in the Arabian Gulf,” White House spokesperson John Kirby told a news briefing. Kirby added that in the coming weeks there would be an attempt to “increase coordination and interoperability” with allies in the Strait of Hormuz.

Electric Cars Lose Value TWICE as Fast as Gas Vehicles
Contrary to the claims of left-wing media programming, electric vehicles (EVs) are not worth the money, especially compared to gas-powered cars that hold their value at twice the rate. Put another way, EVs depreciate in value at twice the rate of gas-powered cars, this according to a new study based on data from ChooseMyCar.com. Researchers found that EVs depreciate at double the rate of gas-powered cars, making them an expensive and really bad investment over the longer term.

Egypt presents Israel with new Gaza cease-fire outline as fighting drags on
Rocket fire toward border communities, Ashkelon, and Netivot continues following targeted killing of Islamic Jihad operations chief; IDF responds with strikes on terrorist group’s command centers, as well as 15 concealed rocket launchers; Jerusalem waits for response from Gaza on Egyptian truce proposal.

Dead terror chief: Our only role is Jihad, blowing up all Zionist entity cities
“We have no role in this blessed land other than Jihad.It is our honor, all the honor, that we are fighting against Israel, this thieving entity, and that we are educating our sons to hate this entity.It is our honor that we are continuing with all our days, efforts, and intentions to blow up all of this Zionist entity’s cities,”

Florida man forsakes neo-Nazism for Islam, murders his roommates for insulting his new religion
A neo-Nazi, you see, got tired of the whole goosestepping and Heil-Hitlering routine, and decided to take refuge in religion. He converted to Islam, but then two of his roommates had the poor judgment to question the wisdom of his decision. He shot them dead. On Monday, he pleaded guilty to double homicide.

Rockets fired on Jerusalem area, sirens sounded in Bet Shemesh and Judean towns, Iron Dome activates
Emergency warning sirens were sounded in the Jerusalem corridor west of the capital Friday afternoon, and in Israeli towns in Judea after multiple rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Jerusalem.

Shallow M5.5 earthquake, series of aftershocks hit Lake Almanor, Northern California 
A shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M5.5 hit Lake Almanor, Northern California at 23:19 UTC on May 11, 2023. The quake was followed by a series of aftershocks, including M5.2 at 10:18 UTC on May 12.

Superbolide lights up the night sky over Algeria, potential meteorite dropper
On the night of May 7, 2023, a huge superbolide turned the sky into a natural light show over Algeria.

UT Austin tells students to use ‘wimmin’ instead of the word ‘women’
The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) recommended using “wimmin” in place of the word “women,” since the latter contains the word “men.”

Globalists Are Murdering Children To Double Down On Depopulation
The stories over at Substack the last several days from numerous different authors are absolutely alarming and tell a story that must be told considering the mainstream media won’t touch these with a 50-foot pole and instead, are helping the anti-America terrorists/squatters sitting in the White House, Congress and the Pentagon wage a deadly war upon the American people, now aimed at your children and mine.

5 Shocking Facts About WHO Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus
The director-general of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-influenced World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is not a medical doctor and is a member of a Marxist-Leninist Ethiopian political party that analysts have listed as a perpetrator of terrorism.

It’s happening: AI chatbot to replace human order-takers at Wendy’s drive-thru
In a nutshell: Your next interaction at the drive-thru could be with an AI chatbot instead of a human order-taker, and you might not even know it. Fast-food giant Wendy’s has partnered with Google to trial an artificial intelligence chatbot at one of its restaurants in its home state of Ohio. The chatbot will be trained to understand how customers typically order items from the menu and interact in a natural way.

Abortion Champion: The Biden Admin Has Secured Its Place As The Most Forceful Defender Of Murder In The Nation’s History
The president, once a centrist on the issue, has become a pro-abortion zealot.

World Bank Sent Funds to Sanctioned Chinese Companies Linked to Military, Human Rights Abuse
The World Bank sent $25 million in 2021 to Chinese companies that are on U.S. sanctions lists for military and human rights abuses, according to a federal review of the contracts.

Is Banning Meat Part of the Global Cabal’s Plan to Control the Food Supply? 
Meat has been a celebrated food staple since the dawn of mankind. Never has anyone needed to justify the eating of animal protein — until now.

Biden DHS Coordinating Illegal Immigration In-Flows with Mexico
In recent days, large crowds of immigrants have formed on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande fully prepared to swim over well-worn crossing spots to Brownsville – but seemingly held back by unarmed Mexican immigration officials.

Major American Retailer Puts Wokeness on Full Display: Pride Books for Kids, Rainbow Items for Babies
One would think that multi-billion dollar conglomerates could take one look at the ongoing malaise of Bud Light and parent company Anheuser-Busch and notice the perils of overt LGBT advertising.

Digital ID: The “Mark” & Strong Delusion 
…I want to present you powerful evidence (primarily publicly available through the federal government’s own archives) of the decades old development of “Moral” Bio- enhancement, the Covid-19  vaccine’s proprietary ingredients and the coming Digital ID: and how these developments will result in the Mark of the Beast and the strong delusion our Lord warned us was coming.

We Are Witnessing A Nationwide Campaign Of Harassment And Persecution Against Christians Because Of What They Believe
Christianity is rapidly becoming synonymous with “hate”, and that puts us in very dangerous territory.  Because once a certain class of people becomes classified as a “hate group”, they become targets.  Unfortunately, Christians are already being systematically targeted right now.

As America Convulses In It’s Closing Moments
Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein returned to the Senate in an allegedly confused state Wednesday as she entered the Capitol in a wheelchair. “Where am I going?” she asked, according to the outlet. “I’ve got something in my eye.” Feinstein is confused and bound to a wheelchair, but give up her grasp on power? Never. In 2023, America is a nation run by power-mad individuals who are concerned with their own personal ambitions, and have no desire to ‘do the people’s business’. America is going down, but have you stopped to wonder what will rise up in its place?

It would be healthier and safer for humanity to sign an agreement with the Columbian drug cartel than with WHO, says MEP
The third International Covid Summit was held at the European Parliament last week, on 3 May.  The Members of the European Parliament (“MEPs”) who attended said it was a historic event. The Summit covered all aspects of the pandemic.  It also covered the documentation of the increasing power grab by the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) and increased control by organised global entities.

Videos: CDC propaganda during 2021 and propaganda on Australian TV “then and now”
Below are two videos which remind us of the covid propaganda we’ve been subjected to for the past few years.  One is an excellent collection of CDC propaganda and the other is a “then and now” exposé of the hypocrisy of corporate media.

No vaccine, ever, has been established to be “safe” in the USA 
The whole “vaccines are safe” narrative for the past 200 years is based on an assumption that all vaccines are safe. There is no credible large-scale post-marketing study that backs up this claim for any vaccine used in the US today. It’s all based on faith in seriously flawed studies.

Do They Actually Want World War 3? Now The West Has Decided To Give Ukraine Long-Range Cruise Missiles…
We are getting dangerously close to the “hot phase” of World War III, but most people in the western world don’t even realize what is going on.  They simply trust our leaders when they tell us that we will never have to be directly involved in a conflict with Russia, but meanwhile those same leaders continue to push us ever closer to such a scenario.  Earlier today, we learned that the UK has now delivered long-range “Storm Shadow” cruise missiles to Ukraine…

Unveiling the Dark Side of Nanotechnology: The Perils of Nanobots and Graphene
In the realm of scientific advancements, nanotechnology has emerged as a groundbreaking field with immense potential. One of the key areas within nanotechnology is the development of nanobots, microscopic machines that have the ability to interact with biological systems at a molecular level.