1 May 2023

Vatican may release holy Jewish artifacts from its archives
A recent initiative may be bringing Rome and Jerusalem closer together as the Vatican has expressed willingness to advance a project releasing artifacts from their archives and allowing them to be placed in a museum. In a stunning example of religious largesse, Vatican officials have expressed a willingness to reveal artifacts from the Holy Land that have been in their possession for hundreds of years. To facilitate this, Moskoff established the Vatican Museum Exchange Program.

Hasidic rabbis rule: ChatGPT is ‘abomination, heresy, and heathenry without limits’
Their idols are silver and gold, the work of men’s hands.They have mouths, but cannot speak, eyes, but cannot see. More than a dozen rabbis of the ultra-Orthodox Skver Hasidic sect released a letter on Thursday banning the use of Open Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools including ChatGPT and other similar AI apps. “We must warn about the obstacle and the terrible danger of the new service ‘OpenAI’ and the like,” the letter stated, emphasizing that these forms of artificial intelligence can be used via “computers, telephones with SMS and even simple phones.” The letter warned that although not everyone has yet recognized the danger, the technology poses “a trap for all of us, young and old.”

Cash Use Rises As Households Struggle To Cope With High Inflation
Cash payments have made a comeback as households struggle to cope with high inflation, according to a new study. After decades of falling cash use, the impact of the rapid inflation growth has been reversing the trend toward digital. Roughly three in five cash users in both countries said using physical money makes them spend less.

On party-line vote, Minnesota House approves new gun control measures
The Minnesota Legislature moved one step closer to passing new gun control laws when the House advanced a bill Wednesday evening with expanded background checks and a red flag law to take weapons from people deemed dangerous. The new restrictions are a top priority for Democrats, who have narrow control of both chambers of the Legislature. They passed the House as part of a sprawling public safety funding and policy bill that was approved on a 69-60 party-line vote.

“Falsification Of History”: Egypt Goes Ballistic On Netflix Over Cleopatra’s Race
According to Egypt’s antiquities ministry, an upcoming four-part drama-documentary produced by Netflix has made a serious error regarding the race of one of Egypt’s pharaohs. It appears that ‘woke capital’ is distorting history. Waziri said nothing was racist about his comments, which were entirely motivated by “defending the history of Queen Cleopatra, an important part of the history of Egypt in antiquity.”

Epstein’s Private Calendar Emerges: Among Prominent Names Listed Are Biden’s CIA Chief, Goldman Top Lawyer
Burns and Epstein first met in Washington prior to Burns visiting Epstein and his Manhattan townhouse, according to a trove of leaked documents that include Epstein’s schedules which were not contained in Epstein’s “black book” of contacts or flight logs. Epstein also had dozens of meetings with then-Obama White House attorney Kathryn Ruemmler, who went on to become Goldman Sachs’ top lawyer in 2020. Epstein also planned for her to join him in 2015 on a trip to Paris, and in 2017 to visit his private island in the Caribbean. These leaders are meeting him years after his conviction and incarceration.

Islamic State leader killed in Syria by Turkish intelligence services, Erdogan says
Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Sunday that Turkish intelligence forces killed Islamic State leader Abu Hussein al-Qurashi in Syria. “This individual was neutralized as part of an operation by the Turkish national intelligence organization in Syria yesterday,” Erdogan said in an interview with TRT Turk broadcaster. Erdogan said the intelligence organization had pursued Qurashi for a long time.

Silence reveals insights in search for extraterrestrial life
A recent statistical analysis of the sixty-year silence suggests a simple, optimistic explanation and urges the SETI community to continue searching, but to stay patient, as the chances for detecting signals in the coming sixty years are slim.

Teacher Tells Children They Would Be ‘Dealt With Severely’ For Objecting To LGBT Lessons
Parents are in uproar after a recording was released on social media revealing a teacher telling pupils that they would be ‘dealt with severely’ if they dared to reject LGBT teaching. The incident took place at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy in south London with the recording subsequently going viral on social media.

Key radar antenna stuck on Europe’s Jupiter-bound spacecraft
The 52-foot (16-meter) radar antenna on Juice unfolded only one-third of the way following liftoff, according to the space agency. Engineers suspect a tiny pin may be protruding. Flight controllers in Germany plan to fire the spacecraft’s engine in hopes of shaking the pin loose. If that doesn’t work, they said they have plenty of time to solve the problem.

Even One American in Iraq Is Too Many, Iran Leader Tells Iraqi President
Iraq should not allow any US troops on its territory, Iran‘s Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told visiting Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid on Saturday. Iran, which has strong ties with Iraq, opposes the US military presence on its borders in Iraq and the Gulf, saying Western military intervention is the root of insecurity in the region.

Israeli far-right MK Avi Maoz ‘filled with shame’ over gay Knesset Speaker
“We will no longer agree to be silent about the blasphemy and dishonor of the State of Israel,” wrote Maoz. “I was filled with shame and pain, to the depth of my soul,” continued Maoz, “when the State of Israel and its official representatives, at the official ceremony in remembrance of those killed in the Holocaust, and at other government events and ceremonies on Remembrance Day and Independence Day, showed the whole world ‘Knesset Speaker Amir Ohana and his [male] partner’ as if it were an accepted and authentic Jewish norm.”

‘If Biden won’t invite Netanyahu to the White House, I’ll invite him to address Congress’: McCarthy
“I don’t know what the exact timing is, but if it happens, I will invite him to come and meet me at the House of Representatives,” the senior Republican said in an exclusive interview with Israel Hayom on Sunday in Jerusalem. “He (Netanyahu) is a dear friend, and as the prime minister of a country with which we have the best ties, I think the visit should happen soon,” McCarthy told the news outlet. McCarthy noted that he, too, has not met with President Biden since he took office 80 days ago, Israel Hayom reported.

Iran Trying to Put ‘Noose of Terror’ Around Israel’s Neck
Iran is trying to put a “noose of terror” around Israel’s neck, believing that the time is ripe to bring about the demise of the “Zionist entity,” warned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Speaking at the start of Sunday’s cabinet meeting, Netanyahu said his government is working tirelessly, “both offensively and defensively,” to thwart the schemes of the ayatollahs.

Senator says Navy engaged in ‘witch-hunt’ against Minnesota candidate
U.S. Sen. Kevin Cramer of North Dakota grilled Joe Biden’s secretary of the Navy, Carlos Del Toro, for allegedly obstructing a former Navy SEAL from running for Minnesota’s Third Congressional District last year. The case of Lt. Adam Schwarze is “a horrible vignette of how the Navy, I think, far too often treats its people,” Cramer said during a Senate Armed Services hearing earlier this month. “From my vantage point, Mr. Secretary,” this was “a witch-hunt.”

U.S. House Speaker McCarthy arrives Israel, calls Jewish state ‘blessed nation’
McCarthy replied, “It is an honor for us to join you in Jerusalem to celebrate Israel’s independence. In the next 75 years our important partnership promises to be even stronger than the first 75 years.”

Dr. Fauci Funded the Sudan Bio Lab Seized by Extremists
On Tuesday, the World Health Organization warned of a “huge biological risk” after rebels took control of Sudan’s National Public Health Laboratory. United States government records show that Dr. Fauci’s NIH significantly funded the National Public Health Laboratory in Sudan. Records show that Fauci’s National Institute of Health and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided 20 million dollars in grants to study cholera at the National Public Health Laboratory in Sudan. The study was titled “Dried Blood Spots for Measuring Vibrio Cholera-specific Immune Responses.” Cholera is one of the diseases the World Health Organization fears could escape from the Sudan bio lab.

Dramatic video shows car tossed into the air like toy during tornado in Florida
The National Weather Service in Miami said the EF-2 tornado had winds of at least 130 mph and touched down east of Interstate 95 just south of Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. It traveled northeast near the intersection of PGA Boulevard and U.S. Highway 1.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula braces for ‘extremely dangerous’ conditions due to potentially record-breaking snow
A low-pressure system associated with a weather pattern known as an ‘Omega block’ is expected to bring a potentially record-breaking May snow event across Michigan’s Upper Peninsula Monday, and the storm’s effects could wallop the region and bring extremely dangerous conditions.

TikTok Lookalike Guides Illegal Chinese Immigrants to Swarm Into US Through Southern Border
Numbers of Chinese nationals illegally crossing the U.S. southern border are rising—and faster than any other group. Many of them are getting travel tips from social media. One of the most popular platforms is Douyin, the Chinese counterpart to TikTok.

As Hillsong Falls Into The Abyss, It’s Dragging The Rest Of The Laodicean Church Down With It And They Don’t Even Know It
The church that has been the ‘standard bearer’ for the past 20 years, Hillsong Church from Australia, now known as Hellsong Church, has been revealed to be a snake pit of greedy con men and sexual predators. It’s founder, Brian Houston, is right now facing criminal charges of concealing the sexual abuse of children, and has been ordered to appear in court in Australia on June 15th. But as bad as all this is, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Over 200 Migrant Bodies Wash Up on Tunisian Coast in Past Two Weeks
Tunisia’s coast guard says it has recovered around 210 bodies of migrants under two weeks that have washed up on the North African country’s central coastline amid an ongoing increase in migration.

Now world’s no. 1 opioid consumer per capita, Israel faces addiction epidemic 
Israel has a serious opioid problem, according to a recent report published by the Taub Center for Social Policy Studies in Israel. The report warns that Israel is on the verge of an opioid epidemic, based on several peer-reviewed studies indicating that in 2020, Israel led the world per capita in prescriptions for the potent and addictive drugs.

The U.S. Military Relies on One Louisiana Factory. It Blew Up.
Decades of consolidation have left the Pentagon vulnerable to mishaps—including when the sole maker of a crucial type of gunpowder went offline

U.S. Forced to Close Bridge to Mexico After Illegal Migrants Attempt to Cross En Masse
As a group of around 1,000 migrants attempted a mass entrance on Thursday, the U.S. authorities were forced to shut down a bridge to Mexico, according to a new report.

Severe Weather Leads to Wild Night in South Florida, Area Remains Under Severe Weather Watch
South Florida is under a severe weather alert with tornados spotted last night across the area. A man stuck inside his car saw a tornado touch down in North Palm Beach, Florida, flipping and throwing the car in front of him.

DOCTORS WARN: Occurrences Of Rare Brain Infection In Children Have TRIPLED After Covid-19 Lockdowns
During the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, public health officials scrambled to lock down countries by shuttering businesses and schools in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus.

IMF publishes multi-year plan to implement CBDCs; it may spell the end of our financial freedom and autonomy
“And they shall build houses, and inhabit them; and they shall plant vineyards, and eat the fruit of them. They shall not build, and another inhabit; they shall not plant, and another eat: for as the days of a tree are the days of my people, and mine elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.” Isaiah 65:21-22

No-one except the Globalists Will be allowed to Grow Old
The well-documented global slaughter of the elderly has shocked millions. In care homes, nursing homes and hospitals, the elderly were deliberately and cold-bloodedly murdered by doctors and nurses acting under “orders” from above.

WEF wants to accelerate the commercialisation of nature or, if you prefer their alternative, depopulation 
World leaders will be gathering together later this year to “accelerate the implementation of Agenda 2030,” according to an announcement made by the unaccountable, unelected, corporate-led World Economic Forum (“WEF”) earlier this week.

The Ultimate Betrayal: Your Government gave Pfizer $75 Billion of your hard-earned money to harm & kill your Friends, Family & Hundreds of Thousands more with its Covid-19 Vaccine
As Governments around the world raced to coerce every man, woman and child they could to get the Covid-19 vaccine, they gave away an astounding $75 billion of taxes collected from your hard-earned money to Pfizer, a company with a dark history of offences and fines, for its experimental mRNA injection.