21 Apr 2023

Pentagon UFO Chief: ‘No Credible Evidence’ of Aliens, Yet
The Pentagon’s chief UFO expert told Senate lawmakers Wednesday that his new office—stood up last year to track a growing number of unidentified aerial phenomena—has not yet seen irrefutable evidence of alien activity or technology. “In our research, the [Defense Department’s All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office] has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology or objects that defy the known laws of physics,”

“Lawsuit Time”: Elon Musk Threatens To Sue Microsoft Over ‘Illegal Use’ Of Twitter Data
Twitter CEO Elon Musk has threatened to sue Microsoft after accusing the tech giant of illegally using the social media platform’s data for training.

Twitter Files: Dr. Anthony Fauci “Lied Under Oath”
“A lot of people are spouting out a lot of things about me and Twitter,” Fauci told Fox News. “I’ve never had a Twitter account. I don’t intend on having a Twitter account, and I’ve had nothing to do with Twitter. So I don’t know what they’re talking about when they say that.”Fauci made similar claims during an almost 7-hour deposition. While under oath, the then-medical advisor to President Biden denied using Twitter or even paying attention to social media. Twitter’s San Francisco HQ … shows Anthony Fauci…taking over the White House’s Twitter account. “Dr. Anthony Fauci did an account takeover for @WHCOVIDResponse,” reads a Twitter internal COVID-19 monthly update.

Testimony Reveals Blinken — As Adviser to Biden Campaign — Spurred Letter from 51 Intel Officials Discrediting Hunter Laptop Story
Former CIA Acting Director Michael Morell testified to the House Judiciary Committee on April 4 that now-Secretary of State Blinken called him about the laptop story just days after the New York Post published it and that the call “triggered” Morell to draft the statement. Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Michael Turner (R-OH), chairmen of the Judiciary and Intel Committees, respectively, made the revelation on Thursday in a letter to Blinken, obtained by Breitbart News, that included portions of Morell’s testimony.

Israeli companies develop bioprinted organs
Israel-based Stratasys – a 3D printing manufacturer, and CollPlant – a regenerative and aesthetic medicine company, announced a joint development of plant-based technologies for tissue regeneration and organ manufacturing.

Iran says its navy forced US submarine to surface as it enters the Gulf
Iran’s navy forced a US submarine to the surface as it entered the Gulf, Iranian navy commander Shahram Irani told state television on Thursday, in the latest report of an apparent confrontation between Iranian and US forces in the Gulf.

Israel increasing Syria attacks to prevent Iranian weapon deliveries – Gallant
Israel has been increasing attacks in Syria over the past few months to prevent Iranian deliveries of weapons to the country, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Thursday, Walla reported. “In the first quarter of 2023, we doubled the number of attacks in Syria,” he was quoted as saying. “We are systematically harming Iranian abilities and assets in the area. We will not allow Iran to set up a Syrian army that will turn the Golan Heights into Lebanon.”

Foreign ministers of Iran, Jordan agree to ‘meet as soon as possible’
The foreign minister of Iran and Jordan spoke on Thursday and agreed to meet “as soon as possible” in order to discuss relations between the two countries. This development comes after Tehran renewed its ties with Riyadh a little over a month ago.

Swiss banking giant served Nazi clients as recently as 2020
Banking giant Credit Suisse had dealings with and held accounts linked to Nazis from World War II until as recently as 2020, according to reports the U.S. Senate Budget Committee reports released on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. The reports released on Tuesday document an internal investigation conducted by a forensic research firm the Zurich-based bank hired in response to Nazi Asset findings made by investigators for the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The dealings included 70 Argentine accounts with links to Argentina-based Nazis that were opened with Credit Suisse after 1945. They also included 21 accounts of high-level Nazis,

Large swastika cut into autistic Jewish boy’s back in Nevada school
The FBI is currently investigating as a hate crime an incident where a large swastika was cut into an autistic boy’s back in a Nevada public school, Ynet reported Tuesday. The mother of the 17-year-old, who does not speak and attends the Clark High School in Las Vegas with both a service dog and a shadow, said that her son came home on March 9 with the marking. She also found that the dog’s equipment bag had been torn and resewn. “My son is the only student I know of who wears a kippah at the school,”

Netanyahu warns Saudi Arabia as kingdom renews ties with Tehran
“Those who partner with Iran, partner with misery. Look at Lebanon. Look at Yemen. Look at Syria. Look at Iraq,” Netanyahu cautioned amid the warming ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia, describing the above countries as near failed states.

Upcoming court date: Small Messianic elementary school in Tiberias vs. Israel’s Ministry of Education on April 20
Despite its good standing with local authorities, in late 2020 the PLC began to face opposition from the Ministry of Education (MOE). This resulted in the school being served a closure order in January 2021 for ‘operating without a license.’ An entire government ministry fighting against a small, private school with an average annual enrollment of 40 children total and a staff of six teachers. …another “David and Goliath”

Elon Musk warns of ‘serious danger with the global banking system’ in Tucker Carlson interview
“It’s not that the canary in the coal mine has died, but the miners are starting to die too,” Musk said. “Silicon Valley Bank collapsing overnight is one hell of a big canary. It’s more like a turkey. It’s not like some small fry thing.”

Pope Francis gives relics of Christ’s Cross to King Charles for Anglican coronation ceremony
Pope Francis has given the Protestant King Charles III two relics of the True Cross on which Our Lord died, which will be blessed and then used by Anglican ministers as part of the King’s upcoming coronation ceremony next month. Leading the procession for the much anticipated coronation of King Charles III on May 6 will be the Cross of Wales, which is now adorned with two relics from the true Cross of Christ thanks to a gift from Pope Francis to the English monarch.

Asia experiences unprecedented April heatwave 
Asia is experiencing a record-breaking April heatwave this year, causing numerous fatalities and shattering all-time temperature records across several countries. In most of Asia, the heat in March and April has been unprecedented. It is worth noting, however, that April and May are typically the hottest months in South and Southeast Asia before the monsoon rains arrive and provide relief.

Record-breaking rice shortage in 2023 threatens global food security 
Rice production for 2023 is set to log its largest shortfall in two decades, according to Fitch Solutions. This severe global deficit is primarily driven by the ongoing war in Ukraine, and weather-related challenges in major rice-producing countries like China and Pakistan.

Very bright fireball explodes over Kyiv, Ukraine 
A very bright fireball exploded over Kyiv, Ukraine at about 19:00 UTC (22:00 LT) on April 19, 2023, sparking confusion among residents and prompting authorities to declare an air raid alert.

Large tornado devastates Cole, Oklahoma, claims at least two lives
At least two people have been killed after a large tornado hit Cole, Oklahoma, on April 19, 2023, amid severe weather spawning 15 tornadoes across three states.

Florida Bans Instruction on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation in K-12 Classrooms
Today, the State Board of Education approved a new rule that prohibits teachers in grades K-12 from “intentionally” teaching students about gender identity or sexual orientation. Teachers who violate the rule would be suspended and could have their licenses revoked.

Xi warns armed forces to prepare for ‘actual combat’
President Xi Jinping has urged the Chinese military to prepare for real combat, national media reported on Wednesday. The remarks came days after Beijing held massive military drills around Taiwan which reportedly involved the simulation of precision strikes on the self-governing island.

Walmart, Target, Other Retailers Shutter Stores Due to Thefts
Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and other mega-retailers have shuttered stores throughout the U.S. due to an overwhelming uptick in thefts.

Wonder Where All These Illegal Immigrants Are Going To Live? Your Spare Bedroom Apparently
Most Americans have probably wondered ever since Joe Biden erased our southern border where all these illegal immigrants were going to go. Sure Joe flies them at taxpayer expense all over the country in the dead of night, but what then? Where are they all going to live?

China reveals new details of Raytheon, Lockheed sanctions
…China imposed trade and investment sanctions in February on Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Technologies Corp.’s Raytheon Missiles & Defense for supplying weapons to Taiwan, the self-governed island claimed by China.

VERY URGENT: the FDA is raising the white flag on the mRNA Covid shots.
The Food and Drug Administration just all-but-gave up on mRNA Covid jabs. This afternoon, under the guise of “simplify(ing)” the Covid vaccination schedule, the FDA ended the two-dose mRNA vaccination regimen for unvaccinated people.

China may have up to six more illegal police stations in the US
After the FBI arrested two men in connection with a Chinese ‘secret police station’ in New York, activists say there may be as many as six other similar illegal outposts across the US.

The Left’s New Religion Is The LGBTQ Lifestyle And Their Churches Are Our Public Schools
he woke, liberal, Marxist left has started a new religion. They preach it daily and with the backing of a mesmerized MSM, a GOP party that is sleepwalking, and an inept sock puppet administration, they are running rampant over every value that has made our country great.

IRS Pays $23 Billion Less in Tax Refunds for 2023 Filing Season, Worrying Americans
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is paying $23 billion less in tax refunds for the 2023 filing season—with the average refund amount found to be lower by nearly $300.

Disneyland In Florida Hosting First-Ever Transgender ‘Pride Nite’ Protesting DeSantis Move To Stop Grooming And Recruiting Of School Children 
Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that recently the radical Left in America has gone from defending themselves against the charges of grooming and recruiting children to the LGBTQIA+P for Pedophile Movement, to defending their right to be able to legally groom and recruit children.

Eugenics, Propaganda, and Censorship: How the Lessons of the Holocaust Apply Today 
Against President Truman’s orders, more than 1,600 prominent Nazi scientists and engineers were brought to the U.S. through Operation Paperclip, but in doing so, their ideology was also imported into U.S. medical and scientific institutions.

“Genetic chaos” leads to rapidly developing cancers 
…Moderna recently announced it will extend the use of its mRNA injections as a vaccine against all sorts of conditions, including cancer, which are now known to be caused or complicated by mRNA covid “vaccines.”  Worse still, as if they are playing some sick joke on the public, they expect you to believe their mRNA cancer vaccine – which will cause genetic chaos – will prevent cancer.  Why are there no alarm bells ringing in the halls of power?

ChatGPT is scraping people’s personal data without their consent – it could become banned in the EU 
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and released in November 2022.  In the past few weeks, several Western data protection authorities have started investigations into how OpenAI collects and processes the data powering ChatGPT. They believe it has scraped people’s personal data, such as names or email addresses, and used it without their consent.

Colorado becomes first state to OK teen transgender treatment tourism
Colorado will become the first state to legally protect teen transgender treatment ‘tourism’ as part of a trio of bills signed by its Democratic governor.

MPs debate Pandemic Treaty: It gives a massive extension of powers to unelected WHO officials but Labour and SNP fully support it 
Andrew Bridgen MP gave an informative speech during a Westminster Hall debate on Monday warning of the dangers of handing more powers over to the World Health Organisation by way of the UK signing up to the proposed changes to the International Health Regulations and the Pandemic Treaty.

2 NY residents allegedly ran secret Chinese police station: ‘Significant national security matter’
The FBI and federal prosecutors announced Monday the arrests of two New York residents who allegedly ran an undisclosed Chinese government police station in Manhattan’s Chinatown neighborhood.

Suicides jump 4% to become one of top 10 leading causes of death in US, CDC report shows
Rates of suicides in the US rose in 2021 after enjoying a dip for two years, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report.